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Product Review – Torabika Tora Cafe Volcano Chocomelt 


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Now I’m gonna review one of my favorite topic. Coffee. 

So… I went shopping and tried to find me a new coffee. Just trying to get new taste than the one I’ve always take. I laid eyes on this… 

Eye catching right? The color is so me. Red. It’s a really good packaging design wise. So I was intrigued. I got a packet of 10. Was tempted to get more, but I’m an adult, I control myself 😁

And I was right! Yesterday I tried one and end up throwing it away in the sink. I used my coffee mug and it tasted awful. Taste like water with a hint of chocolate flavor and coffee at all 😦 

If you’re a coffee person, you’ll want some coffee in a (supposed to be) coffee pack right? And I didn’t get any from this. Like none 😕

This morning, I decided to try again. Smaller cup. Better CHOCOLATE taste and still NO COFFEE 😠 

Let see what’s in it as they say was in 😒

0.38% of coffee and 8.5% chocolate… Yet they said “instant coffee with chocolate” 😒

When you said coffee with chocolate, it should means a coffee based with a bit of chocolate. The coffee should’ve been the dominant here. Not the chocolate. 

Unless it said, chocolate with coffee. The chocolate is the dominant. I make sense right? But I guess I should’ve read the ingredients more careful 🙄 

It’s a no no from me. Yet I’m not gonna waste. I’m gonna keep them for company. Not gonna give my kids, coz still it has a hint of coffee in it (says them) 😪 

If you don’t drink coffee but wanted a hot drink, it should do. It has a nice chocolate flavor, though the ‘real’ chocolate drink would do a better job. 

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Product Review – Kapal Api Grande White Coffee


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I’m a coffee addict 😉 I can’t function when I don’t have coffee. I take 2-3 cups a day. Morning, noon, and night when I do my computer works. I do sometimes takes tea at night, but mostly coffee 😁

I don’t take coffee with coarse powder in it (kopi tubruk). I’d love to have a coffee machine, but it has to be for later after we have the budget for it 👌 One day… 

Since I take coffee like at all times. I’m gonna start reviewing one by one. Start with this… 

I don’t normally drink Kapal Api coffee, but since I kinda bored with what I have now (I’ll do reviews on them), I bought this to try. See if I like it and into my coffee bin. 

When we open the sachet… 

Let’s add the chocolate granules…

It’ll be like this… 

Let’s take a sip… 


Blah 😨

It’s blunt. Coffee less. I taste water and sugar. That’s all 😫

If you don’t fond of drinking coffee or just wanted a blunt one, you can have this. This should be okay. But, I don’t drink coffee that don’t have coffee in it. Well… It’s not my favorite 😌

Would I buy it again? NO! 

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Product Review – Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System


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Now I wanna review my all-time favorite product… Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System.

I’ve been using it and loving it still after 8 years 😍

In 8 years, I’ve just been changing the batteries for only 5 times, and I’m using it for almost every night for the last 8 years.

2 AA batteries last very long 👌

In 8 years, I’ve bought 4 packets of puffs reffils.

This is what you get in the refill packet. 24 puffs + 1 attachment head.

Stick the puff to the head, put a lil water on it. That simple.

As you can see. There are some kind of crystal scrubs on the puff. That’s what exfoliate your skin. And there’s some kind of cleanser in the puff. It’ll be foamy once you scrub it onto your wet skin. Don’t get too wet tho, coz you’ll make a mess all over your face, and not able to scrub it properly.

The cleanser only be effective after once or twice, then no more cleanser, only the scrubs on the puff. It says the puff is for 1 time used only, but I use it for like 1-2 weeks. As long as the crystals are there, I don’t change the puff. What about the cleanser? I use whatever cleanser I have. Put a little on the puff, use as usual.

The tool itself will vibrate when you put it on. You’re supposed to use the tool in circle motions. It has 2 speeds option, right here…

So far… I’m happy with it. Everything last quite a long time. For the price of IDR400k (8 years ago). It’s worth every dime. The refill puffs was about IDR250k, last time I bought a year ago, when my friend was coming back from New York.

Should you buy it? I think you should. Especially when you have sensitive skin like me. Actually I bought it when I was experiencing skin problems. And loving it since. Problems or no problems 😉

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Product Review – Unilever Pure It Marvella 


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Today, I’m gonna review Unilever Pure It Marvella. It’s an advance UV water purifier system. 

I bought it about 3 years ago at Carefour Cibinong City Mall​. It was a new product of Unilever Pure It, on display, and on promo price. Its normal price was IDR2.5m and I paid for IDR2.250m with free installation fee. 5m water pipe was included in the installation. I should pay if I use more. 

This Marvella needs electricity to work. It has 4L of water tank. It has indicators to let you know what’s going​ on. 

I’m ​not gonna talk about mechanical thingy and technicality​. I’m just gonna share my experience using it for 3 years. So… Ask me anything about it in the comment below and I’ll answer to my knowledge. Coz I don’t use anybody else’s reviews, I’m not sponsored, it’s honestly my review, and it belongs​ to me only. If you’re​ using it and have a different experience, you could also comment below, we could exchange some information. And if you’re looking for a water purifier, you should find as many information as you can get, and your decision is purely yours. 

Okay… Let’s continue. When I bought it, I got 2 weeks guarantee from Carefour and a year from Unilever. Before the technician install it, they ran a water tests. To see if our water source is applicable for the unit. And we passed the test. We were informed that if our water doesn’t reach their standards, we will get full refund and they’ll take back the unit. It’s​ fair enough 👌

So the guy installed it. 2 weeks gone by. Everything seemed good. We used to buy about 20-25 gallons of Aqua for our drinks and cooking, a month. It’s a lot. So, we were hoping that it’ll save our money. The water is tasteless, odorless, and we didn’t have any health issues after consuming it for 2 weeks. It all seemed well. We were quite happy. 

About 3-4 weeks of using it, the purification indicators were red. It’s not supposed to happen in short periods. We called the customer service, the next day the same guy that installed it came, and he said that the UV purifier was broken, he will change it for free. Wait! No way! You can’t expect me to agree with that! 

I called the customer service again, while the technician was still there. I asked him to wait. The customer service informed me, that they’ll change the UV purifier and I don’t have to pay for anything. I said, no! I insisted that they give me a brand new unit. I’m not okay with buying a unit for not even a month and already have to change a spare part. I want a new one! A brand new unit! And they gave me 👏😍😘

So guys… Whenever you buy a new products, whatever they are, keep the receipt. Keep them! Know your rights and demand on it. We have our rights as a customer. As long as you’re​ right, asked for justice 😉 

I’m happy with their service, happy with the water, happy that I could save some money on water consumption. Then after about 4 months, the ‘change GKK’ indicator was red. I need to change my GKK. GKK is Germ Kill Kit. I was informed that GKK could perform 3.500L before it should be changed. So wow… I used 3.500L in 4 months 😵 We definitely is a huge water consumers 😂 

I called the customer service, they informed me that I should pay IDR400k for the GKK. Okay… So IDR 100k for a month. I used 20-25gallons x IDR15k = IDR300-375k per month for Aqua. That’s a ton of money saved right? I’m good 👌

For 3 years, I’ve changed the GKK for 4 times. 1 time of changing the UV. Oh man… I forgot the price of the UV 😕 I’ll update it once I remember or if I have to change mine. Last time I changed my GKK was on December 2016, it’s IDR600k. IDR550k for the unit and IDR50k for the technician. You could give more tips for the technician or not, it’s up to you. Just for you know, the GKK price is includes the technician fee. 

Oh… When I moved house, I called the technician to come and moved it for us. We could’ve moved it ourselves, but I don’t want to be responsible for anything broken in the process, so we call the guy. Moving fee was IDR100k, he’s fee was included, he changed the water pipe and did another water test. The result was that the water in my new house is better than my previous rented house 👌

So… This is a good investment. I recommend this for your water purifier. Make sure you keep the receipt and know your rights. 

Any questions? I’d love to answer 😍

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Indomaret Haul #200417 


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Post kali ini saya pakai Bahasa Indonesia ya… Soalnya nih diskon keren banget dari Indomaret, santapan emak2 nih, agak ribet kalo pake Bahasa Inggris, biar cepet langsung cus ke Indomaret 😂

Saya tadinya cuma mau beli obat nyamuk sama mentega. Udah 2 hari sengaja nunda belanja, soalnya udah tahu kalo belanja itu yang dicari 1 yang dibawa pulang 15 😫 Maksudnya sekalian aja tar belanja banyak ke Indo Grosir. 

Tadi terpaksa pergi, soalnya nih nyamuk bikin gak bisa tidur 😤 Akhirnya tadi ke Indomaret yang di pom bensin. Tekadkan hati bulatkan niat, cuma beli obat nyamuk and mentega. Titik. 

Daaaaaaaaaan ini belanjaan saya… 

Tuh kan, dibilang juga apa… Banyak kan 😥 Boros kan? Eits… Tunggu dulu. Boros itu kalo kita beli sesuatu yang gak dipakai, dengan harga normal pula… Selalu ada alasan buat belanja 😝 Tapi beneran, ini diskon nya gak nahan, jadi harus beli. Harus! Maksa dikit, abis geregetan banget sama diskon nya 😂 Eh… Ini gak disponsori loh ya, murni dari lubuk hati terdalam 😉 

Ok… Kita bongkar yuk 👏 

Ini harga normal yang bolognese 6.600, yang chicken 5.700. Beli 2 gratis spaghetti bolognese. So, udah jelas kelihatan untung nya 6.600. Gak pernah beli ginian sih, sering nya beli terpisah. But, mumpung diskon and lumayan bisa buat bekal skul Al, porsinya​ pas. Kalo Abe, 1 pack pasti kurang 😌

Ini sabun cuci piring​ favorit. Kemarin beli yg merk lain, karena lebih murah. Nah ini harga normal 13.600, gak ada diskon. Tapi, gratis sabut cuci piring yang gak pernah saya beli karena mahal. Sabutnya harga 6.700, sekarang dapat gratis 😁 Mumpung kan 😝

Biasa beli Gulaku​ yang harganya sekitar 17rban ya… Ini merk Indomaret, sama putih bersih juga, tapi cuma 12.500. Jauh kan harganya 😉

Tadinya mau beli Vixal, murah tuh, di Indo Grosir aja kemarin lagi promo jadi 8rban. Gak pernah beli merk ini, karena… Mahal 😝 Saya anti beli yang mahal2 😁 Tapi ini pas diskon, pas di rumah juga habis, dapat sikat gratis pula. Harga normal 17.300, setelah diskon jadi 14.400 per botol + sikat. Sikat aja tuh paling murah 5rb ya? Lumayan kan 😉

Ini sih gak diskon, tapi emang lagi butuh. Yang di rumah udah rusak and butuh buat Hilangin kerak di toilet. Keraknya udah betah, susah kalo cuma pake sikat, harus di amplas pake ini kayanya 😌 Ini harganya 8.500, udah pasti jauh lebih murah daripada yg merk Scotch Brite. 

Yang ini juga kebutuhan. Ini nih niat awalnya ke Indomaret 😂 Sayang gak ikutan diskon 😥 Di Indo Grosir lebih murah sih, tapi beli 1 aja dulu, yang penting bisa tidur 😝 Ini harganya 8.500 isi 10. 

Ini juga kebutuhan. Tadinya gak niat beli karena lupa. Pas liat, baru keinget kalo harus beli ini. Di plafon atas kamar tuh suka denger gerak2. Saya gak ‘takut’ saya hantu, jadi pikirannya langsung ke tikus 😝 Pasti ada tikus di atas plafon nih. Mari kita pasang jebakan 😎

Nah ini juga gak niat beli. Kemarin udah beli Nivea juga yg SPF nya lebih gede. Tapi ini diskon 11rb 😍 I can’t miss it! Harus beli inih… Harus! Yg SPF nya gede buat pake siang hari pas gotik-in anak2 anjem (anter jemput) skul. Apa gotik? Gojek cantik 😂 Udah ah… Lanjut ya (takut langsung di black list) 

Yang ini juga diskon gila! Harga normal 25.500 jadi cuma 14.900 👏👏👏 Tapi harus belanja produk home care sebesar 50rb. It’s so worthed 😘

Kalo ini emang di rumah lagi boros pake beginian. Suami lagi bebikin ini itu, karena gak biasa ‘nukang’ jadi sering kecelakaan kerja, banyak luka perang 😂 Ya kena paku lah, kegores kayu lah, kena cutter lah, ya gitu lah…. Ini harganya @5.900. Beli di apotek lebih murah gak ya?

Ini kebutuhan. Di rumah harus ada roti. Harus! Anak2 suka banget makan roti. Sukanya yg kupas. Nah yang ada kulitnya itu buat mama nya 😂 Biasanya saya beli yang gandum, tapi jarang banget nemu yang gandum di Indomaret. Yang kupas harganya 14.500. Yang kulit 12rb. 

Ini juga diskon. Tapi gak besar. Dikiiiiiiiiit banget diskonnya. Harga normal @4.200, promo nya beli 2 hanya 6.900. Jadi diskon 1.500. Biasanya pake Blue Band. Beda harganya sekitar 3rban loh sama Blue Band. Ini produk Indofood, harusnya oke juga lah. So, let’s try this one. Cheaper 😘

Ini pas liat, pas inget, di rumah lagi abis. So, beli juga deh sekalian. Harganya 10rb. Murah apa mahal? 

Ini juga pas ambil roti pas inget kalo keju di rumah abis. Biasanya beli yg Kraft. Pas diliat, harganya beda jauh loh. Ini harganya 6.800 isi 5. Kraft 20rb sekian isi 10. Jauh kan… Rasanya? Harusnya gak jauh beda, kan sama2 keju. Ya gak? Yang penting kantong aman 😝

Tadaaaaa… Borong!!! Harga normal 7.300 jadi cuma 5.500!!! Gila kan!!! Duh teriak2 begini yak 😂 Sorry… Abis gila banget diskonnya. Suka banget sama yg madu coklat ini tapi selalu nahan diri buat beli. Mahal 😫 Pas liat ini, gelap mata, langsung babat! Tapi gak gelap2 banget sampe dihabisin yg di Indomaret 😂 Kalo beli, lihat expired date nya ya… Soalnya yang saya punya ini sampe November 2017. Tadi nemu yang September and Oktober. So, kalo emang gak langsung habis, cari yg expired date nya masih agak lama. Kayanya sih semua expired tahun ini. So make sure recheck ya say… 

Okeh… Semua sudah dibongkar. Total saya berhemat 46.300. Lumayan banget2 kan… Tadi sih tanya sama mbak nya, rata2 diskon sampe akhir bulan ini. So buruan meluncur ya… Masih banyak sih items yg diskon, tapi yg saya pake cuma yg rombongan ini 😁 

Semoga jadi inspirasi buat belanja ya… Ingat loh, lapar mata boleh, tapi tetap beli yg dipake aja and yg diskon aja. Kadang kita emang biasa pake merk tertentu, loyal banget gak mau pindah ke lain hati deh pokoknya. Tapi kalo selisih harganya jauh and fungsi/rasanya sama or at least gak beda jauh, beli aja yg lebih murah. Bener gak? Sisa duitnya bisa buat yg lain. 

Berhemat dan pelit beda loh 😘 Share buat temen-temen lain ya, gak bisa bayarin mereka, paling gak bisa kasih info diskon supaya mereka bisa berhemat. Siapa tahu hasil berhemat nya kita kecipratan ditraktir 😝 

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Product Review – Lemonilobox Unboxing


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Join me unboxing the Lemonilobox ya 😆

This is the box. I know Lemonilo on Instagram. I’ve been closely watching their posts. Wanting to try. Then I see their post on the new package of Lemonilobox and their having discount plus a voucher code. So, this is it!

You can see how much I saved 😎 . I don’t know if they’ll still have the voucher code available by the time you read this. I love discounts 😁

And they put this in the box.

Obviously I’m not gonna be able to use the voucher but I definitely can participate on their Undang Teman program. I invite my friends to shop at Lemonilo and I’ll get a top up money of IDR20k per purchase. Not bad 😉

So I chose the chocolate package. I choose the safest… Chocolate. If it’s not as what I’ve expected​, at least I have my favorite chocolate 😉 These are what’s inside the Lemonilobox.

I will publish this post and will update as I try each of the products. I can’t have it all together at the same time 😁

Ok… Let’s try this one.

It’s the smallest pack. It contains 2 small bars. I thought it’ll be crispy, but it’s not. Its like eating a cookie dough. It doesn’t have much nuts, just oats I guess. It doesn’t say anything in the box. The boys don’t like it coz it’s too sweet. I agree. It’s too sweet. Candy like sweet. It’s not my favorite. I hope I like the rest 😄

Would I buy it again? No. I don’t know about other types from this brand. If you have tried, please leave a comment below, so others can have a reference before they buy one.


Let see what’s inside…

What it looks like…

I like it. It’s not too sweet. It’s crunchy. I can definitely taste the coconut. I like the dried banana. I don’t find many cashews, which is kinda bummer coz I looooooove cashews. I can say 80% oats, 10% coconut, 5% chocolate, 2% dried banana, 3% cashews.

Overall… I like it. Would I buy it again? Yes. How about you? Have you tried? Please a comment below.



It contains of 4 individual packed bars.

Love the packaging. Very neat, pretty, and clean.

Look at those nuts and seeds and raisins. It looks just like the picture. No edit, no Photoshop, what you see on the package is what you get. And I looooooove how it taste. All blends together, chewy but not sticky on your teeth, perfect sweetness, and the raisins makes it even better. Though the chocolate is kinda blurry, but I don’t mind. It’s soooooooo good. Al likes it too 💞

Definitely buying again and again and again. I hope it’s not pricey. Let me look at the price…

Wow… It is pricey. For me… Rp. 50.000 per box of 4 bars. Well, I take back my word on buying again and again and again 😥 They’re 10% off at Lemonilo though, you could buy from there.

Saturday, 21 April 2017

6.50pm on my bed working on my planner and feel like munching 😁 I remember I still have 2 packs of healthy snacks in my Lemonilo Box.

Up to my kitchen, grabbed 1 pack, and oh my… No regrets AT ALL. This is seriously gooooood 👌

I love cashews. I love chocolate. I love starting to eat healthy. I love having healthy snacks with no guilt. And this pack has it ALL.

Look at that cashews. It’s REAL! I’ve found so many products that meant to have cashews in it, nooooooo… They lied. You’ll find their ‘cashews’ in chunks, tiny lil pieces. This… This is real.

It has 2 kinds of ‘lumps’ 😁 Chocolate and (I think) Vanilla. This is the Vanilla. It’s sweet (maybe from the cassava syrup? I’ve never taste cassava syrup. Never heard one actually. Well… It’s good) and crunchy.

This is the chocolate lumps. Oh my Lord! I’m in chocolate heaven 😇 It has its chocolatey bitterness yet has its chocolatey sweetness. I don’t know what I’m rambling about 😂 I’m high 😰

I tried to find the red rice. It’s supposed to be red right? 😁 I zoomed in every seeds in there, hoping to find the exact picture like.

Then I found this…

Have you ever cooked red rice? It’ll ‘crack’ like this when you cook them. Of course it’s cooked! Silly me 😂 I hope that I got it correct 🤓

And it’s packed in sealed paper bag.

Hold on… Before I said anything about buying this repeatedly (learn from experience guys!) let me check the price 😬

Oh yes!!! Totally buying this repeatedly!!! Guys… No kidding. This is totally worthed. For that price… Buy buy buy! 65k for 400gr of this healthy madness, aaaaaand it’s 5% off 😱

I know you guys are thinking… Please lah Dessy! You’re overrated! 😕 You guys… Buy! And tell me if I overrated 😏

Ok… I gotta start planning 🤓

I still have 1 last pack to review. I’ll come back to you. Tho I don’t think I can get over this one 😋

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Last but not least…

Let’s check what’s on it.

It’s​ packed in zip lock plastic bag.

As mentioned, it has rolled oats, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and dried cranberries.

It’s​ all there. Though the sunflower seeds are tiny, it’s there 😁. Love the dried cranberries 😘

Taste? So so lah… Nothing’s special. I don’t think I can have them as a snack. The chocolate is blurry and it taste very oatsy.

Will I buy it again? No. Let me check on the price.

Its even more expensive than East Bali Cashews Granola. Between these 2, price and taste, I’ll buy East Bali Cashews Granola.

Overall… You know which one is the winner 😎

East Bali Cashews!!! Yeeeaaaay!!! 👏👏👏

I can’t wait to buy their other varian. You should try them too. No regrets 👌

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Philosophy Clear Days Ahead 30 Days Trial Kit Review


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I will share a bit of everything I know, learn, do, use, like, or everything else. Well… Practically a bit of everything. *There’s a lot of everything there*

Now, I’m gonna review Philosophy Clear Days Ahead. I bought it in April 2016 for $51.85 (inc. shipping) on eBay (I will leave the links below). I was having a pretty bad acne on my face. I  tried other skin care products, but nothing seemed to work. Then I remember that I once used a Philosophy product (I can’t remember which one), I loved it. I searched online specifically on Philosophy acne products and I found it. I always buy trial kits for new skin care products I wanted to try, coz there’s always a possibility that my skin don’t have a good response to the products. The price was pretty cheap for a packet of 4 products, so I ordered. And I’m pretty happy with my decision.

It came at the middle of May and I started the treatment at night. I will review here 1 by 1.


It’s the cleanser (soapy). Smells citrus. Love it! It does make your skin feel dryer but not cracking dry (you know, like your skin crack when you smile). I used it twice a day, morning and night. Once my skin was better, I stop using it. I only use it when my acne get in action again. It’s almost empty thou’ 😦


It’s the toner pad. It’s a wet round shape tissue (kinda). So you just pad it to your skin after the cleanser, every night. Again, it make your skin dryer but I guess that’s how most acne products works. So I stop using it once my acne got better. I still have about 10-15 pads in there.


This is the acne magic gel (obat jerawatnya) 😀 I apply it to my acne after the cleanser and the toner, at night. It was a pain @.@. It sting! Gosh… I had to fan my face till the sting was gone. But it worked like a charm. The next morning, my acne was dried, reduced, and less painful.


This is the moisturizer. I seldom use this coz my skin got very oily (I have an oily skin). But now I’m using it since my acne is gone. Thank God! And its my least favorite from the packet, coz it doesn’t smell good.

The products last longer than I thought coz it worked immediately. I didn’t have to finish all to get my skin better, so I get to keep them in case it happens again. Once a while there are pimples here and there, but it’s normal. I just use it and the next day, they’re gone. Amazing!

So, if you’re having a skin problem like me, I highly recommend this to you. It’s affordable for a packet of 4 products. It’s totally worth it. Oh… And I used Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System together with it. I will review it in my next post. Stay tune!

Find products Clear Days Ahead Acne Kit Value

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What do I give my children when they’re sick?


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Al (my youngest son) is having flu and cough, also he’s slightly warm. I thought I’ll share with you all the meds I give my boys when they’re sick.

I’m not a doctor minded person. I don’t easily go to doctors. My children are usually just having flu and cough, so I just give them over-the-counter meds. Doctors are the least person I want to see regularly in my life 😂. In a year, I probably went once to doctors or sometimes not at all.

Yesterday, Al was coughing but nothing seems serious, so he went to school and had his English test. After school, he started coughing so bad in the car, so I gave him lunch, meds, and he took a nap.

This morning, Al went to our room early morning and snugged into our bed. I felt him a little warm. When the sun came up, I asked him to sit in the sun (berjemur) as he always do whenever he’s caught in flu and cough. 30 minutes on each side, front and back, then I’ll pad his back several times.

Sitting can be boring, so he’ll be watching his favorite show on YouTube and wear (my) sunglasses.

This is to boost his immune. I give 10ml.

This is for cough and flu.I used to gave him OBH Anak, but since my youngest is 8yo (tomorrow Al turns 8 👏) I switch to this. I give 7.5ml.

This is for his sore throat. Cough often follows by sore throat, that’s why he’s a bit warm. I just give him half teaspoon.

This is for his fever. I give him 7.5ml.

I give 1 spoon daily only when I think they need multivitamin, such as when they’re having a lot of activities or not feeling well.

I use the same meds for Abe. I’ve been using the same meds for several years now. I find them suitable for my children and they works perfect. Takes only 2-3 days for them to get better and healthy.

If my children gets fever, I don’t jump immediately to find a doctor. I’ll give Tempra and watch their temperature for 3 days, if it stays the same or gets worst then I’ll go to get their blood test in the 3rd day, then I’ll see a doctor with the blood test results. With 2 children, I already find that going to the lab 1st will save your time, so my children will get the best treatment immediately, rather than going back and forth between doctor – lab – doctor and I waste hours for waiting.

Hope you find it useful and get some reference from this. Of course, every child react differently towards certain meds. I strongly urge you to monitor your children during medication and immediately find a doctor to get the right treatment. Moms knows what’s best for their children.

Wish we all are healthy and have a great weekend 😘

Much love…

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JAFRA Brightening Dynamics Skin Brightener + Review


Here I’d like to review JAFRA Brightening Dynamics Skin Brightener +

I bought it about a year ago. When my friend 1st introduced me to JAFRA. As most of we Asian girls prefer to have brighter skin, I tried to buy this product.

It was 280k something and since I applied as member, I got discount. How is it? I’ll get to it later. Now, I’m going to show you the product.

The pump didn’t work as I expected. It was hard and the cream doesn’t easily come out. And I found out that most of members does have complains about the pump.

This is how the cream looks like.

It smells nice. Like flowery orangey smell.

This is how it does to my skin.

I have a super oily skin. And it makes my skin worst. It’s just doesn’t work on my skin.

My skin got more oily and it doesn’t makes my skin looks brighter but instead I look darker coz it seems dirtier since it doesn’t have SPF and my skin absorb more dirt, if it make sense 🤔

If you have dry skin, you could give it a try. It might works better on dry skin. Though they have up the price to 310k this year, brightening products have more market in Indonesia.

If have try it, leave a comment below and share. So, others can have more reviews before they decided to purchase.

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Panasonic NA-F135X1 Review


Welcome back!

Here I’d like to review Panasonic washing machine I bought on 4 January 2017. I’ve been using Modena front loading washing machine for about 7 years and it’s now broken, so I have to buy new one.

I love my Modena. I didn’t find any problems with it until it’s broken 😥. Now I’ve decided to buy this latest products of Panasonic washing machine. Been using it for a month and I will review it for you. I hope you find it useful when you’re finding or buying a washing machine.

Here I’ll compare it to the one I’ve used before which is Modena.

I will try to find what type that is.

1. It’s top load. I find that front load has much better results than top load. For top load, you have to set more water to have a cleaner laundry. A waste of water 😥

2. It has a bigger loads, 13.5 kg. But still, you can’t load too many, coz you’ll need more water and your laundry won’t be cleaned enough since its all packed together and no room for them to move. For maximum load you’ll need 93L of water 😱

3. You need to always clean the lint filter after every cycle. If not, your next laundry will be covered with lints. You definitely don’t want that 😲

4. Don’t ever try to wash your sandals and shoes in a top load washing machine. I used to washed my sandals and shoes in my Modena front load washing machine and it worked fine. Not with top load washing machine. Your sandals and shoes will be just floating around the tub and not getting cleaned. It all came out still dirty and your tub is full of dirts. I made that mistake and ended up washing my clothes twice coz they’re all covered with the sandals and shoes dirts 😭

4. It fits 3 thin blankets in 1 load. 2 thick blankets in 1 load. Though it needs a lot of water in each loads.

5. I used to pour in 1 cup of vinegar in the softener case with my Modena front load. Tried to do the same with this washing machine and it doesn’t work. I decided to pour in the vinegar on the rinse position no 1 (direct pour to the tub), the last cycle of rinsing and refilling, it worked. And I need 2 cups for more loads.

6. I used to washed my floor mats in my Modena front load and it worked fine. Not with this machine though. It doesn’t have the same results, not as cleaned as the front load and you’re gonna have to clean the tub thoroughly or it will mess up your next load.

7. It has water level sensor. So it’ll sensor your load before starting the cycle. The more load you have, the more water. But really, I don’t find it useful. I have to add 1 more level or my laundry won’t be cleaned.

8. I can’t use the speedy mode as I always used on my Modena coz (again) my laundry won’t be cleaned.

I still have the plastic cover intact coz the guy who installed it said that the panel is fragile. Water will make it malfunction. And the panel doesn’t included in the guarantee coverage 😓

I don’t know whether it’s the type (front load and top load) or the brand (Modena and Panasonic). But I do recommend to get a good front load washing machine rather than a top load. Front loading washing machine is more expensive though but it’s worthed.

I think I’m gonna ask a technician to fix my Modena and use it to wash my sandals and shoes, also my floor mats. It will cost me 1.5 juta to get Modena technical support to fix it. Maybe It’ll be cheaper if I get it fixed from a regular service guy. We’ll see.

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