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Dream Hoarders

I have so many dreams. We all have. What differentiate us is whether we are a catcher or a hoarder? Are we being proactive or sit and wait?

I know some people that has great minds, has so many ideas, has so many dreams, and they talk about it like every single time I met them. They are very passionate people. It is so motivating to be around them. But then, I find them talking and talking and talking the same thing all over again and again and again, everytime I see them. For so long, all the talks goes nowhere but words.

No judging, but I do that too. I’m in the club, for some reasons. I pushed myself so hard to get out of the club. Am I out? Not yet. I’m kinda half in half out. Why so? Coz I actually made some of my dreams came true. I turn ideas into reality and I work hard on it. They need time, focus, and after all this time I’m still learning on each of them. Do I have the results I wanted? Not yet. But I believe in progress over results. I just need to keep learning and growing. But then, I have some dreams that I already started but it’s stuck. I can find so many excuses (too many actually) on why it’s stuck.

Often, we are too focus on the problems we have that we make ourselves stuck in an unended depressing situation. We keep thinking about the problems that its clouding our mind in finding a solution and making a decision. We then find ourselves in the bubble, getting cozy in it. Too comfortable sitting on the cloud, floating nowhere. Scared to move coz it might broken the bubble. It looks okay for them who are inside the bubble but annoying for the people around them. What they see that you’re being lazy, unfocus, undecided, and zero productivity. It can lead to a relationship catastrophy.

I’m not saying that you can’t have dreams. I’m saying that instead being a dream hoarders, be a dream cather. Be active in catching your dreams. Pursue them with persistency and hard work coz nothing will ever be something if we don’t do anything about it.

My 12yo boy is having a dream of being the number 1 at the graduation this June, but instead of working hard on his grades, he spend too many hours with his phone. He will have all the good intention of doing his homework or studying for a test and having his phone with him for Googling or listening to music, and always end up scrolling endlessly on Instagram or chatting with his friends.

Then what? I (yes, me!) eliminate the distraction by taking his phone on hold. He will not have his phone back until after final test, which is about 2 months. Did he agree? Noooooooooo. You see, kids now would rather suffer from hunger rather than away from their phone. Sometimes we need someone else to help us get back on track. To motivate and to remind us to our goals.

It disturbs me to see someone laying around or sitting doing nothing. I hate lazy people. It annoys me that someone can say so much but zero action. We all have our own problems that can make us feel like not wanting to do anything. I do too. But I push myself to get out of it instead of crying on it and stays in the mud for so freaking long. If I hate to be in one place, I want to get out of there as soon as possible by moving my feet away from it. See, I actually need to MOVE my feet to get out of there, is an action.

It apllies on your dreams too. You call it dreams or goals or whatever you want, they still need an actual action to come true, to accomplish. I know it takes time, then take your time by doing it one step at a time. Make a plan, do bit by bit every single day, coz I believe doing small can really mean something than doing nothing at all.

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February Finance Stats | Frugal Living | Frugal Lifestyle | Budgeting


Welcome back fam ❤

And welcome to you if you’re new. Subscribe if you haven’t already. I post a bit of everything including my frugal debt free journey. I’d love to have you join my blog family 🤗

Today is Saturday and it’s a new month, so I will be sharing my February Finance Stats. I will tell you what each categories are and why the stats are what they are.

If you’re new, I’m a mom of 2 boys (12 & 9), living in one income with minimum salary because I’m working from home as a Virtual Assistant.

We were not wise with money, hubs and I. We use credit cards, eating out too much, going to the mall almost every day with lame excuses, and many stupid money decisions.

Now hubs business is taking a downfall and we’re in the gutter. I have to step up and provide the family. I’ve been a frugal girl in my young age and I care less about high class lifestyle. It all was fading away as I got married and had children. I guess it’s true that you are what your tribe is. But now I have to stand up and try winning this challenge so I’m back in frugal lifestyle and start budgeting again.

I just started using Money Manager app on my phone and it’s amazing. It’s unlike any other budgeting apps. Money Manager free version is like a pro version and I don’t think I need to upgrade anytime soon. This app deserve a post on its own. Let me know in the comment section below if it interest you on me taking a deep details on it.

Now I’ll show you my Feb stats…


My categories are :

  • Health is for any medicines and health treatment. We do have medical coverage however a few pharmaceuticals and medications are not secured so we do need to pay.
  • Education is for school tuition, tutor, school supplies and everything related to school.
  • Debt payment is obviously to pay my debts.
  • Household is for toiletries, electricity, cooking gas, etc.
  • Food is for our food supply. Fresh produce, meats, fruits, etc.
  • Fun is my least favorite 😥 It’s for anything outside of other categories that can probably more want than need, such as hubby’s cigarette, take out, etc. I have each category for each person in the family. So I know whose been lavishly spending money 😑
  • Transportation is for fuel and any other related to transportation such bus or train or Uber.
  • Savings is any amount of money I save each month including my 52 weeks saving challenge.
  • Give is for church or any other random donation I give.
  • Beauty is in the bottom list. I try to stretch my beauty product as long as possible. Being pretty is expensive 😁

I do get baffled on the Fun category that is as large as Food category where I can utilize that cash all tossed into things that are more essential.

But the biggest chunk of Fun was buying tickets to an amusement park on Chinese New year. The boys was having fun, so I try to let it go. Having fun once in a while is allowed and the money I’m earning is supposed to bring joy to my kids, wisely.

What apps are you using to keep track of your budgeting and what do you like about it? Leave a comment below.

Leave a like if you like this kind of topic and I will try to get more in depth on my frugal debt free journey.

Don’t forget to subscribe so we can connect and share more.

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How To Survive Mental Sickness

I have heard people decided to took their own life in the past 6 months. From a celebrity to recently a young mom who jumped from 10th floor early in the morning, leaving her 8 months old baby and a confused husband.

When I google the word ‘ibu muda bunuh diri’ meaning ‘young mom suicide’, I found a very sad news that there are many others from different ages and backgrounds. So many that it breaks my heart that I cried.

I am deeply sorry for what they’ve been through. I know what they felt. I know a suicidal feeling. The urge of killing yourself. The thought that death is the only way out. The loneliness. The sickness. The pain. ‘Normal’ people couldn’t understand how we feels. It’s exclusive for us who have mental sickness.

Is it stress? Depression? We all have stress, depression, life is not all rainbow and unicorn, we don’t even think of ending our lives. Yes, it is easier said than done. For us with mental sickness, what seems small to you is like a giant crushing our whole world. What is normal to you is extraordinary for us.

When you don’t meet certain expectations, you have the spirit to move on, start over again. We don’t. When we don’t find things as we expect them to be, we started to feel suffocated, drowned in our disappointments. Unable to see any good side of any of whatever it is. We’ll be stuck in our zone. Some of us got lucky and got out from the zone, some of us don’t survive the zone.

I don’t talk about surveys or studies about suicidal mothers, but I’m just gonna share what I’ve been through. That I know how it feels. And I’m still trying to survive.

I had the 1st suicidal thought when I was at elementary school, then at high school, then at college, then once when I’ve had my 1st baby. I’m still alive though, am I cured?

I don’t think mental sickness has cures. You can get therapy after therapy with pills (so many pills) that are intended to bring you to the stage of calmness and to make you sleep (a lot of sleeps). Does it help? Yes, for short period of time. What’s next? More therapy and more pills.

Did I ever go to a psychiatrist? I did. Did it help? Yes, for short period of time. Then what? I stopped seeing him and I therapy myself. Meaning? I self taught myself to ease my mental sickness.

This are some tips for you that I find it works for me:

1.Go Away!

I decided to go far away from my family. I was living with my aunt and her family, occasionally visit my mom. Years after years, I’ve tried to overcome my issues, but it didn’t work. When I was in college, I found myself worsen. Then I had the urge to go away from them, from the family who suffocated me. Somewhere far away, away from their reach.

Once I had the thought of leaving, it’s like the urge to kill myself never came to visit. My focus had shifted. Then I planned my leave. I went to other island, still part of Indonesia, alone, no friends nor family. I was an alien deserted in a land of strangers.

Almost got sold to a brothel house, got robbed, met some friends, met some love, met some enemies, had the live of my life. I had a new life.

2. Change your focus

As I mentioned above, when I changed my focus into something else, the urge of killing myself was gone (or at least were sleeping).

When you’re in a new environment you have new perspectives, new experiences, new challenges, new spirit, new life. And you’ll find yourself excited again, live again, you become new you.

I was busy surviving in the island, busy finding a job, busy applying to a job, busy living my new life.

3. Plan

I didn’t know that I have to plan my life in order to have a healthy mindset. Planning means, I need to know what I’m doing with this life I have. Not just ‘go with the flow’ mindset which will make my life jumbled up in a mess again. When you have mental sickness, you don’t wanna go near any kind of mess.

I did a lot of thinking about what I want in my life. I wrote it down, made my plans, and I executed them, one by one. Small steps along the way.

And you know what? I achieved every single thing I wanted. I got the job that I dreamed of since I was a little girl. I got to do what I like to do, made money over my talent, which is singing.

Like I said, I had a new life. I lived a new world.

4. Enjoy the process

Was I had a beautiful rainbow life? Of course not, things happened. Bad things happened. But I was already in a stage of developing myself into a new me, and I like the new me. For the first time in my life, I have the confident to live a life as me.

Some people still didn’t like me, didn’t find me beautiful, didn’t like my voice, didn’t like what I did, just like it was (my sick old self). But the different was, I was already finding myself, knowing myself, acknowledge myself, loving myself. And I was so selfish that I want to keep the new me that I didn’t find any of those issues bothered me. Not at all.

I enjoyed every single process of my new life.

5. Empty out the negative

Make room for good things. Don’t let negativity sour your life again. Give no place to negativity. Don’t hang around people feeding you the negativity. Let go what didn’t work out. Don’t associate with the wrong people.

I resigned from my jobs when I found that it was not a healthy environment for me anymore. I quit 4 jobs when I finally got married and back in Jakarta. I was able to measure myself on how much I could take. I made the decision to stay away from negativity as much as I can.

Surround yourself with positive people. You need good real friends/partner/spouse so that you can share and tell them freely what’s bothering you. A free judgmental people who can give you all the support you need and all ears to everything you want to share with them.

6. Peace with yourself

Give yourself a break. Don’t go your life being against yourself. Your time is too valuable to sit around dwelling on your flaws & lackness. There will be time of struggle, pressure, difficulties. Don’t get discouraged. That’s not permanent.

Just like you thought you were stuck in the zone, but you did get out and survive right? This too shall pass.

7. Everyday find a reason to laugh

I love music. My all time favorite activities are singing and dancing. So I did. I was lucky to have the opportunity to work in a hotel and as a Sales & Marketing, I got the freedom to have an entertainment sessions with my guests. I went to a club, a pub, a discotheque, and went karaoke with my friends (many many times).

I had a blast every time I spent time singing and dancing. I had a good laugh talking with my guests and share jokes with my friends. No matter what, every single day, find a reason to laugh. When I wasn’t going out, I spent my time in my room watching Friends.

They’re my go to series whenever I was alone. If you haven’t watched them, go find the CD, you can thank me later 😀

8. Find your guidance

Whether it’s your religion or your belief. Find a guidance that can walk you through the journey of your self development.

I’m a Christian. I read bible or devotion or sermon videos that you can search online. Dedicate a time for you to have a quite moment and be grateful. Build your faith that you don’t easily got swayed by the wind of self destruction.

9. Accept who you are

“I have mental sickness and I’m aware of it”. Once you accept who you are, you get the power to control you. You recognized yourself and can have some sort of clear thinking on what you have to do or how to react on any circumstances you are in.

Sometimes the problem of not understanding what you want in life is the denial. You know that you need to let go of the past, yet you’re still clinging on it coz you feel that it doesn’t even bother you anymore yet you’re still blaming yourself for what happened in the past.

10. Love yourself

Go buy that foundation you want coz you want to have a flawless make up. Sleep in and get up at noon coz you deserve it after a long hour at work. Make efforts to love yourself.

Nothing is more rewarding than to self fulfilled yourself so you can feel good about yourself then you can fall in love with yourself and when you love yourself, death is not so tempting anymore coz you love you and you love your life.

Those are what I did (do) to help myself out of the ‘killing myself zone’. I hope it can help you realized that you’re not in this alone. Nobody is alone in this world. Not even you. And this too shall pass. Nothing in this world is permanent, not even us.

We only have one life to live. That life is given by God, our Creator. Only He has the right to give and take our lives. Be patient. Do your best while you’re still alive in this world even sometimes it sucks, but don’t rush your death. It will come to you eventually.

See things from a different angle. Adjust your sits so you can get the best view.

Look around. Be empathetic. Don’t ignore the signs. Share your pain and success. You might save a life.

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Banana Bread Pudding Recipe


I was getting up in the morning and tried to find something for breakfast. When I opened the fridge, I saw a packet of bread. I think it’s been there quite a while. So, I was thinking why not make something out of it.

Well… I have bread, eggs, milk, and banana. Let’s do it!

I’m not good at writing recipes. So, bear with me ya 😄

I just tear the bread and put them all pile up together like this using a Pyrex bowl.

These are the ingredients I used. Cheap and handy (available in most kitchen right?).

I mix them all together.

Oh… I add a tsp of vanilla. I pour the egg mix onto the pile of bread.

Baked for about 10-15 minutes.

Easy. Quick. Yum!

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25 New Year Resolutions For 2018


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2018 is around the corner. Are you ready? Have you make your preparation? Maybe this 10 Things To Do Before 2018 could give you some ideas on how you’re gonna start your new year in the right pace.

Writing 2018 resolutions is one of your preparation. I have 25 ideas that maybe you can relate to and you can put it in your list too. Let’s get started.

1.Eat healthier

Honestly, this is one of the hardest thing in my resolution list year after year. I can’t resist burgers, fried chicken, steak, oooooooh they’re so yummy. I like to eat veggies and fruits but I still can’t have them as my daily diet. You know they’ll do good for your health, so you should totally in for this.

2. Dress Up

Have you lacking on your skin care or hair care coz you’re (think) too busy? A little make up will make no harm. Spray some perfume everyday even if you’re just spending your time at home. A nicer dress or nicer blouse will boost your confidence. It’s not a matter of you’re working in an office or a stay at home mom, to dress up everyday will make you feel more proper. And it’ll make you feel good about yourself.

3. Workout

Find an exercise that suits you. Whether its a 15 minutes walk around the block, yoga, pilates, or find some exercise videos on YouTube and do it at home. You have to actively move your body and workout on that muscle. I’m not talking about body building. When you workout, you pump your blood, train your muscle, strengthen your bone, and I promise you will be more confident and feel good about your body.

4. 1 act of kindness to random strangers everyday

Maybe you yourself struggling with your own issues and you think you can’t do something to help yourself, let alone helping others. Well, you don’t have to do big. A simple help to an old lady crossing the street, give a meal to a homeless, etc. The world needs kind people. To give back to others mean you are sending good vibes around yourself.

5. Self care

Make time to do something for yourself each day. I wake up an hour early before I get the boys up, I like to be alone in the morning. Then after I send the boys to school, I make my coffee and bible journaling. It’s my me time. It’s my way to prep myself before I tackle the day. Block an hour or maybe 30 minutes just for you. Maybe you can meditate or read a book. It’s important to replenish yourself, to fulfill your needs.

6. New Skill

Make your new year more exciting by finding a new skill. Maybe you can take a photography class, calligraphy class, baking class. Anything you’re interested on and can elevate your value. Or you don’t have the budget to pay for classes? YouTube is a free class. You can find anything on YouTube. There’s no stopping you.

7. Wake up early

Some people may say “I’m not an early riser”, well… anybody can be an early riser. You just have to find your motives. Your why. By waking up early, you can set a time for yourself, then work/school, then rest. You don’t have to be rushed coz you’re running out of time to school or work. You don’t have to put your make up in the car coz you don’t have enough time. Set your alarm and don’t hit the snooze button.

8. Set a routine

Routine will make your life automatic. You don’t have to think about what to do next coz it’s your routine. Start from your morning routine. Do a simple one. In the beginning, you need to write it down in details. For example:

  • Get up at 5am
  • Make up bed
  • 5 minutes meditation/pray
  • Make coffee
  • Read 5 pages of book
  • Plan your day
  • Take shower
  • Have breakfast
  • Go to school/work

That’s it. Start from there. Then make your night routine. Do every single step and in weeks it’ll become your routine, a habit. You will be able to schedule your day in a more easy way.

9. Set up goals

Make your goals quarterly. What’s your goals for Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep, Oct-Dec. By dividing your goals, you’re most likely to achieve them rather than just listing your goals and get overwhelmed not knowing what to achieve first. And deadline will set your mind in a right track.

10. Building good habits

It’s a no brainer that good habit is good. We need good in our life right? So, what good habit you want to do in 2018?

11. Break bad habits

Yeah. In order to build your good habits, you need t break bad habits. Smoking, drinking, procrastination, bad mouth, always late, etc. Put a stop to it so you can be more focus in building your good habits.

12. Volunteer

Ask around. Look around. Google it. Find an organization or a foundation that you can be useful. Maybe your church needs a transportation to an orphans, or your neighborhood needs people to help clean an area, or it can be anything.

13. Listen to audiobook

I am so grateful that now we can listen to books. I can listen to it while I’m driving or waiting for my kids at school, literally anytime anywhere. Listen to motivational books, the one that can lift up your spirit, fire up your passion, strengthen your faith.

14. Planning

It is one important thing in your journey to success in life. You need to know your steps in your life. Get a planner and plan your life every day. You can plan your day 1st thing in the morning or at night before you go to sleep. I’m a visual person. If I don’t see it, it’ll slip my mind. That’s why I make a planner shop so I can share my passion in planning. You can stop by and leave me a comment

15. Invest in yourself

Set aside a budget to invest on yourself. Maybe to buy a new lens for your camera so you can make higher quality pictures for your blog or you can do it professionally. Maybe taking a course so you can get bigger clients for your Virtual Assistant job. Maybe buying a software to produce higher quality video for your YouTube channel.

16. Date yourself

It is important to love yourself before you love others. Set a date with yourself maybe once a month or two. Go to the mall by yourself. Sit alone eating dinner in your favorite restaurant. Go see a movie just with yourself. Spending alone time with yourself can make you see clearly about yourself.

17. Learn new skill

Time is not gonna slow down on you. Technology and demands are rapidly moving forward. You gotta step up your game. Learn new skills. Move forward together with other people. Don’t get behind. You can take courses or even learn new things from YouTube for free. Be more creative.

18. More honest

Honesty is not going to get old. The world is getting harder to live on. We need more honest people. Yes sometimes being honest could bring you nowhere. But please remember that wealth and success is not the most important thing in your life. Your relationship with God can only be improved with your honesty.

19. Financial peace

Ever think about where all your money gone after years of working nonstop? No matter how hard you work, how high your salary is, if you don’t start taking control over your finance, you will get old with no retirement money at all. You can end up homeless. You don’t want that for sure. So start budgeting now. It is hard to stick to the budget, but nothing comes easy.

20. Invest

Make sure that you set aside and budget some money to invest for a long run. Keep investing so the money will start working for you. I promise, if you start now (start small until you can budget more), your future self will thank you.

21. Try something you always wanted

Some say, don’t die not knowing. So, if you want to try something you’ve always wanted, so go and try. You want to make a blog? Go blogging. You want to start an online shop? Go selling. What’s the worst could’ve happen? As long as it doesn’t cost your life, I say it’s a go.

22. Dance more

I love music. And I love dancing. Music and dance can lift up your mood to a highest level. That’s why some people love to play music while doing their tasks.

23. Make new friends

Go to new places, join new clubs, talk to new people, make new friends. I’m not saying to get rid of your present friends, but meeting and talking to new people can broaden your knowledge and open new opportunities, and who knows you’ll find a best friend for life.

24. Listen more

I’m a talkative person. I like to talk. I love to share. But sometimes, being silent and listen can change your perspective and understand more.

25. Journaling

Write a journal every night before bed. Write down your blessing, what you do today, what makes you sad/happy today, write your gratitude. Do it every night and when end of year come, you can read it all from the beginning and you can see your progress and you can see clearly on what you want to do or want to be and build your next year resolutions.

Those are my 25 ideas, hoping that it can inspire you to start your resolutions on 2018. Thank you for stopping by, leave a like and share if you find it inspiring.

What resolution is going on your list? Leave a comment below so we can all inspire each other.

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10 Things To Do Before 2018


I know 2018 is only several days away and these 10 things might seems a ridiculous idea, but I promise you, several days is enough for you step on the right foot on 1st January 2018.

We sure don’t wanna waste a single day on 2018 still figuring out what to do, what you want to be, what your passion is. When I believe we can start anything at anytime (doesn’t have to be new year), I also believe that when we’re doing it in the moment/event, we’ll most likely doing it. So why not now? When millions of people are preparing 2018 at the same time. This is the moment.

Okay, let’s start shall we?

1.Spring Cleaning

Start a new year with a fresh clean house/apartment/dorm room. Do a detail cleaning on each area of your house. You can do it once for all in 1 day, maybe you have a 1 bedroom apartment, then dedicate 1 day to just do spring cleaning you apartment. If you have a house and have so many areas, do 1 area a day. But make sure it’s not just a daily cleaning, you gotta go all the way, till the back of the corner of your cabinets. You can also do spring cleaning on your devices. Clean your email inbox, texts,contacts, apps, etc.

2. De-clutter & Donate

Collect every things you don’t use anymore or you don’t touch for the 6 months. Whether it’s your clothes, pans, pots, books, or even canned food that you don’t intend to eat anymore (coz it’s near expiry dates or you don’t like it). Put them in boxes and donate them. You can donate to your neighbors (if you know that they’re struggling financially or just having a baby or anything), to some charity foundation, to your family, or anybody in needs.

3. Accomplish 2017 goals/resolutions

I know it’s just few days before new year, but it’s not too late to accomplish at least 1 of your 2017 goal/resolution that you haven’t accomplish this year. Look at your list and find (at least) 1 and do it. JUST DO IT!. Maybe you wanted to be vegan, maybe want to go on your 1st camping, maybe you want to sing in front of people other than your mirror, maybe you want to start your own Etsy shop, do it. See for those few days how you feel. You might like it or you might not. This can totally change your perspective of your life in the next year. And frankly, checking off things out of your list is a great feeling.

4. Write down your obstacles

Sit down, get a paper and a pen, write down all of your obstacles, be honest with yourself, accept them, and find a way to tackle them. Instead of you denying and fighting it, embrace them so you can move forward. You know that you have to be more discipline on submitting your assignments, but you keep delaying, find out why, find a solution, so can be better on your assignments next year or this few days before new year (even better).

5. Re-evaluate

What have you accomplish in 2017? What you like? What you don’t like? Who you should be friends with (good influence friends)? Who you should be friends less (bad influence friends)? What’s your failure so you can do better? What’s your achievements? What can you change? What to go and what to stay? This self-evaluate mojo can really make you understand more about yourself so you can be a better person and you can love yourself more.

6. Write Down Gratitude

Of all what’s been happening with you in 2017, all the sadness, failures, disappointments, laughter, tears, and even things you don’t understand, list down ALL your gratitude. You might find it cheesy, but there’s good in everything. You might find it hard to be grateful in your condition right now, but start writing, after some times you will find it easier to write your list coz the more you focus on the things that are good, the more goods you will find in your life. Once it’s complete, look at your list and see how lucky you are. Your heart will bloom with gratitude and your mind can really open up to get you more prepare in 2018. Coz you know, no matter what 2018 might brings, you will be blessed. You will be braver and stronger.

7. Write A Letter To Your Future Self

Awkward. Yes, I think so too. But it’ll be fun to know who you are when you’re a year younger and you will be surprise to know what is your future self turn into. Start with talking about yourself at this present time, who you are, what you’re doing, what you like and don’t like, who you like, what’s your hobby, what’s your fear, etc. Just like talking to a friend. I can talk hours to my friends, so why not spend time talking to myself? Okay, that sounds weird @.@ Then continues with what you expect your future self to be. Maybe you want to stop smoking, want to start a new business, want to get married, want to have children, etc. Give advice to your future self. What to do and not do. Then seal the letter in an envelope and don’t open it till next year or 5 years or 10 years and so on. You can do it digitally and schedule it for you.

8. Get Organize

Get yourself more organize. Set a routine. You can download and print my cleaning routine here Go get yourself a planner. Set your alarm at 5am everyday. Start organizing your life so you can map out your life in an order. You will find yourself at peace and less anxious when you know exactly what you’re doing. But you’ll be a mess when you don’t even know what to do when you get up in the morning (or noon). What’s your purpose? How are you gonna get there when you don’t even plan out your steps? Make home for everything in your house/apartment, so you don’t spend time looking for things. 2018 sure will be a hack of a year when you already organized it and set yourself in a proper mind.

9. Clean Up Financial Messes

It is time to clean up your financial messes. 2018 should be a better year financially. Find out your biggest failure in not keeping your money in your wallet. Is it clothes, books, eating out, movies, etc. Get your budget planner start right now. It is hard to stick on a budget for first trimester, but if you start planning your budget now, 1st January you already set and even if you fail in the 1-3 months, you still have 9 months to fix them and start achieving your financial goals.

10. Set Your 2018 Goals/Resolutions

Write down everything that you want to achieve on 2018. Make it on categories such as personal, family, finance, career/business, etc. Writing it down will set your mind and you will have more will power to achieve those goals. You can even start cheating your start right now 😀

Those are my 10 tips on what to do before 2018. Thank you for stopping by. Leave a like and share if you find it inspiring and give you the motivation to finish this end in the proper satisfying way.

Please leave a comment below on what you’d like to do before 2018. Let’s grow together!

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DAY 2 – Food Budget Challenge 

DAY 2 – 13 November 2017

It is now day 2 and I’m shopping. I went to wet market to buy my fish and chicken. 

3kg of chicken for IDR98K – $7.23 and 3 kg of fish for IDR78K – $5.75

Not gonna show you what’s inside though. They’re pretty gross 😷

I usually buy my produce from a street shop near the kid’s school but today I went with my guts to buy at the wet market. 

And I was making a good decision coz I only paid IDR63K – $4.65 for all of those produce. If I bought from the street shop, I know I would’ve spent at least $10. Crazy what this hard situation teach you. It teaches you to go beyond your comfort zone. To push you to do the extraordinary. 

I know that I don’t have anymore budget for fruit but I have to stock on fruits coz my kids need fruits. So I bought a papaya for IDR15K – $1.11.

And my rice box is empty 😥 I thought I could’ve more money to spend on something else but then I need to stock on rice. Indonesian don’t eat without rice. So ya, I bought 10kg of rice and I have an amazing aunt that give me an extra 10kg for free. Thank you aunty… God bless you 😇

10kg will feed us for about a week and thanks to aunty we will have enough supply for about 2 weeks ✌ And the rice will stretch for more days coz my cousin just gave us dog food. My dog also eat rice but since now we have dog food. We will have enough supply of rice 😁. I’m so grateful for families that always support and help me in hard times. 

Today I fry fish and make spinach soup with corn.

I only have enough fish for hub and the kids. I don’t normally eat the fish or the chicken. If I’m lucky, the kids will have some leftovers for me. They usually still have something left for me to eat. Or I’ll just eat rice and whatever veggies I cook that day. 

Well… This is for today. We’ll see what I cook tomorrow. I’m thinking of buying eggs with the money left in the budget. 

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Day 1 – November Food Budget Challenge 

It is day 1! 12 November 2017
I open my fridge and here’s what I got. 

1kg of potatoes, carrots, chicken breast bone (yes only bone. I have about 5 breast bones in the freezer), mushrooms, chili padi. 

And 4 pieces of anchovy (ikan asin dendeng). 

So let’s see what I turn these into.

Chicken soup. 

Sauteed mushrooms with chili padi and lots of garlic.

Potato frittata. I use our last 2 eggs for this.

So, today zero spend. 

It’s Sunday and it’s my stay at home day. The house is in chaos coz I’m still not in my best self. This flu is killing me. It hurts my head, my ears, and my gum. 

Today I’m gonna stay at home, cleaning, and prep for Monday. 

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What to budget when you hardly have an income?

It’s my question for so long. Years. 

When we’re making money, budgeting was out of mind out of sight. When we’re broke, I wanted to start budgeting. Well, I always wanted to start budgeting and always failed. 

Now, what to budget when I hardly have an income? Hmmm… 

When you make so little money, suddenly those bills are so painful. When you make so little money, those little money just went by and then what’s the point of budgeting?

I’ve tried envelopes cash system. I’ve tried no spend week. I’ve tried budgeting for tithing and savings. I’ve tried following Dave Ramsey baby steps. I’ve tried cutting here and there. I’ve tried many tries with very little money. And it’s haaaaaaaaaaaaaard! 

I don’t know when my paycheck is coming in. I don’t know the amount of it when it’s eventually coming in. And when it comes, my bills are all overdue and my fridge is empty. So when it’s payday, it’s also paying day. On top of it, things happen and suddenly everything seems to be broken and needed to be fixed. 

Some months I’m able to budget for tithing but it’ll end up with buying food. Some months I’m able to save but not for long coz something needs some extra money. Some months I don’t even have any money left to budget for food. 

What’s the point of budgeting??? 

Well… I know I have very little money to work on and it’s a headache to work with. But with budgeting I am the boss. I tell my money where to go. I write down every bills I have to pay (again all overdue, well at least I paid), I pay the most urgent bills (the kids school tuition) and electricity. And I work with the leftovers, of course for food. My kids need to eat. Everything else comes later. 

Later means I have to work my ass off to earn some extra money. Literally forcing my brain and body to work extra. 

So, little money or big money, you need to budget. Write down everything. I use paper and excel on my phone. Try your best to post everything in the budget. Pay your priority bills and food, the minimum. Everything else, work harder. Do your part and God will provide. 

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A Good Tips For Living The Way You Want!

Your vibes attract your tribes! A very good tips for living the way you want is stick with your tribes.

If you want to live frugally, have frugal people in your tribes. You can’t follow high living standard people who goes to mall and shops all day everyday in their life without you feeling terrible for not having the money you have to live like them.

If you want to be financially smart and living towards debt free goals, stick with people who also trying to have a good handle of money whether they have loads of money or very limited fund. Money is money. They need to be told where to go. Not the other way around.

If you want to stay motivated with keeping your house organized, stick with people who have the passion for organization. Find some inspiration and motivation from them. There’s nothing wrong in learning from other people and adapt it to your life.

If you’re a stay at home mom and feeling overwhelmed by the kids and the house chores which seems to be endless, stick with people who are in the same situation with you. Who tries to do the best with what they do in their family.

If you want to nurture your faith, stick with people who is trying to build the habit of gratitude and joy in the Lord.

Lucky we’re living in the world of social media. You can choose your tribes. Choose what you see, listen, learn from, coz life is about choices. Follow them on Instagram, subscribe to their YouTube channels, etc.

I myself have a long list of frugal, Christian, organized, sahm, wahm, people in my YouTube and Instagram account. I surrounded myself with the same passion and love in what we’re doing. We inspires and motivates each others even though we don’t really know each others in person. That’s the beauty of internet.

Be the best person you can be, for you and your family, with the help of your internet friends. Coz you know what… Your real friends can be the worst version of who you’re turning into.

I’m not saying that our real friends are bad, but really, if we really truthful to ourselves, they can have the exact opposite to what we’re trying to achieve in life. And we don’t get rid of them, we don’t coz they’re our friends. We love them despite of how different we all are.

They have a different lifestyle, different financial condition, different marriage to ours, different ways of parenting, etc. We’ll still be friends, but we need to get the support we need to achieve our own priorities. This is where the internet comes in.

Some people asked me, how am I getting this foreigners as my followers? 99% of my followers on Instagram and blog are from America. Don’t Indonesian notices my Instagram and blog? They do.


Indonesian and American are raised in a very opposite way of thinking. How so? Well… I have written so many points about answering that question, but I decided to edit them. Why? Because, back to the statement above… We are raised in a different mindset and my writings can be a whole lot of hate viral discussion 😪

So, let’s just keep it this way… My way of thinking is unlike most Indonesian and more likely leaning towards American. Maybe that’s why I prefer to follow and subscribe to American rather than Indonesian, and maybe that’s why I have more American followers than Indonesian.

Life is beautiful when you choose the beautiful side of it. Yes it won’t be a perfect happy ever after kinda life. But if you make the right decision towards what you’re going to do with your life, see the beauty of it, always remind yourself to be grateful, surround yourself with the same vibes of tribes, life would be joyful.