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Stationary Supplies – School Haul – Back To School


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Today I’m gonna share what I bought for the kid’s school stationary supplies. I bought it at a traditional stationary store coz it’s cheaper. If I bought it from a bookstore in a mall, I would have spent more. 

These are what I got. 

I don’t need to buy books coz the kids still have used books with empty pages. Lots of them. So we’re gonna reuse them. 

2 packs of loose leaf binder papers for my mom binder and Abe’s tutor binder. It is 9k/pack.

10 tubes of glue for the kids arts and crafts. 43.500/10pcs. 

Book covers. I have boys. You know how reckless they are. So I need to protect the books from tearing apart before the school year has finished 😅. The chocolate cover is for Al, 1.500/roll of 10 sheets. The plastic roll is 7k. The big plastic cover is 7k/10sheets. The small plastic cover is 6k/10sheets. 

Abe used to be using Joyko Pino Gel Pen, but they don’t have them again. So, I switch to this. Better quality in the same price of 26k/box of 12pcs. I bought 2 boxes. 

Pencils for Al. He’s in 3rd grade, still using pencils. It is 8k/box of 12pcs. This brand quality is okay compare to other brand that are way more expensive than this, some are in a price of 35k/box 😨 But the kids are gonna sharpen it over and over again (well, my kids do. They don’t like blunt edge), they’ll spend a lot of pencils in a semester. And I’m not spending more money for pencils.

Glue sticks for arts and crafts. It is 21k/12pcs. 

Pencil cases. The kids are having so many things in their pencil cases. Scissor, pen, pencil, eraser, etc. They need a not too big case, but still can accommodate their need. It is 6k/case. 

I still have lots of erasers, so we’re gonna use them. Save money from reusing what can be reuse and check your supplies so you don’t buy the same things 😉

I hope this can inspire you in preparing the kid’s school supplies. Time goes by, without you noticing it, it’s time to be back to school and you haven’t prepare 😨 You’ll definitely end up paying more, coz all the discounts are gone 😔 

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Today I spent 2 hours at Indogrosir. It was packed with people. I spent most of my time, queuing at the cashier. But I made it 😀


I spent less than 1mil and saved 86.200. Not bad for 51 items right? 🙂

Let’s look at what I got and what I saved.


These are the kid’s faves. No disc for these. 4700/pc for Abon and 4k/pc for crackers.


These are our go to meal when I don’t cook :p The kids have them only on Saturdays. No disc for retails, they’re on special price if you buy a box.


This is my hub’s fav. He likes having it for b’fast or snacking on his owl time 😀 No disc. 10.200/pc.


Sauces. 2k save for ABC soy sauce. No disc for oyster & chili sauce.


These are definitely the kid’s screaming moments hahaha. They only have them on Sundays. I got it cheap. 3 packets on the price of 2, all variants. Totally a saved. I actually saved 17.800 for these 6 bags. Wow right?


I saved 1500 for this. We loves tea. I prefer Sariwangi brand but they’re not on disc. This brand is okay. Not as thick as Sariwangi, but okay.


Abe loves to eat it just like that, like eating tiny chocolate with spoon. I saved 3700 on this.


I can finally stock up snacks in the fridge. The kids love pudding. No discount on these.


Al loves these. He’ll overflow his bread with these. I think its too sweet but he loves it. One thing to remember though, I have to keep them in the fridge once its opened. I had to throw half of them coz I didn’t put them in the fridge 😦 I saved 2800 on these.


It’s not as cheap as I can get at other store, but it’ll do. Coz I’m not gonna take a trip to another store just for 2L of cooking oil. No saved.


Hubby drink this coffee. The type that has ‘mud’ in it :p I don’t. Even though I strain it, it still have that ‘muddy’ taste in my mouth. I’m an instant coffee girl. Coffee, cream, no sugar. Best!


Well… My feminine needs. Enough said 😀 No saved 😦 Oh… I need it loooooong. The longer it is, the safer I feel. LOL.


Ignore the blur 😦 I finally can stock up on this. I would’ve get 2 or 3 more if it was on sale. But its not. I use it for our smoothies and the kids love to add it on their cereal drink.


Need to stock up on our seasoning. No saved.


Stocking up on eggs. We’re eggs big eater. We can eat 10-15kg of eggs each month. It’s 3.5kg at 21k/kg. Expensive 😦


Bread. We eat bread like 15-25 packets a month. The white bread is for the kids. They don’t eat wheat bread, but I noticed, Abe is starting to like those. But I am the only consumer for wheat bread. No saved.


This is Al’s fav. He likes to dip it in a hot sweet tea 🙂 That’s why we call him Opa :p It’s 6.900/pc.


Stocking up cheese for Abe. He likes it for his sandwich. He’ll make sandwich by himself. Bread, mayo/bbq sauce, chili sauce, cheese, bread. He can eat sandwich everyday, even after he already have his meals. I saved 7k on these 2. Great deal! It’s 14k/pack. Very cheap!


6 of these for 21.300. It’s way cheaper than the other brand we used to have. And it taste fine. Sometimes we’re too fanatic on one specific brand that we’re too negative towards other brand. But once you try, it’s actually fine, and you can save more.


Its an impulse buying, but well… We need those sponges. At least now we don’t have to buy every now and then. A pack of 20 cost me 23k. Less than 2k a piece. Super cheap.


Facial cotton that I’ve been missing these few weeks hahaha. It was gone, long way gone, and I don’t quite wanted to spend on just facial cotton when I can buy something else for my kids. I just use water to clean the cleanser off my face. You know mom always have the feel of sacrificing 😀 Now I can stock on them. Finally!


Again, I used to buy one specific brand. Now, I just go to whatever is on sale. And they’re just as sweet as sugar. It’s only 12.500/kg while that other brand would be 17-20k/kg. As long as they don’t look yellowish, I’m fine.


Finally! Finally!!! I can provide milk for my kids. They love this brand, specifically. So, even though they’re not on sale, I’ll buy for them. And make sure buy from Indogrosir, coz other store would cost you more than 100k, when its around 80k at Indogrosir.


Stocking up our hot drinks. None are having discounts 😦


These are actually a bonus from Indogrosir. I don’t know how I got it. I just went to the counter and showed them my receipt and they gave me these. 6 packs of detergent.


Bathroom cleaner. No saved, but its cheap. 14.500/bottle.


I saved 4.800 for both. 10.500/pouch. Great deal!


I saved 3k for these and I got 3 cream detergent. 3.400/pouch and some bonus. I’m happy 😀


No save on these but its cheaper here. 8.900/pouch.


I saved 12.600 on these and got 3 small pouches of floor cleaner for free. 11.200/pouch.


We’re still in war with mosquitoes. Need to always stock on these. Saved 5k for these. 8.400/10pcs.


This is super cheap. I saved 10.200 for these 2. 14.900/bottle. Crazy right? That’s why I brought home 2 😀


I am stuck with this brand now. Its super cheap and it bundled with toothbrush. What more can you ask? Its only 8.700/pack. Literally in love with this brand. I just hope they’ll have this bundle forever 😀


One more war tools against mosquitoes. 3.250/pack.


You know me. I always go for what’s on sale. I saved 7.200 for these 2. They’re 14.900/bottle.


22.300 for 2 pouches total of 680ml.


Well I don’t use these. My mom does. I saved 2k for these 2. 7.900/pouch.


I saved 4.600. 18k for this. Cheap.

So… Great deal right? When you’re on a budget, go to Indogrosir for grocery shopping. It surely save you a ton of money. Plus it’ll give you points for rewards. Try to shop once or twice a month, shop in bulk, that way you don’t have to go to supermarket/minimarket just to buy 1-2 things and end up buying 15 things and way out of budget.

Thanks for joining me and make sure you hit the ‘follow’ button so you don’t miss the sale I’ll share with you. Give it a star if you like it 🙂






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DITL – Food Stocking – Meal Prep – Food Prep


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I got up pretty early as in summer I don’t get up early 😂 I went to the wet market.

I spent 2 hours here… Gross 😫 But this is the only place I can get live fish and live chicken. They’re all fresh so I can keep them longer in the freezer. 

Now let me show you what I bought and what I do with them 😄

Bought 1kg of fresh strawberries. It is way cheaper if I got it from the wet market. A 250g box of strawberries at the supermarket is about 40k. In the wet market, I paid 80k for 1kg. 

Washed and cut.

I portioned them and keep in the smoothie bin.

2kg of papaya. 

Washed, cut, portioned, keep in the fridge so we can snack at them. We like them cold 😍

7kg of 4 kinds of fishes. Washed and seasoned. I just need to thaw and cook 👌

4kg of chicken thighs and 2kg of chicken breast fillets. Washed and seasoned. 

Been on my feet for 6 hours straight, washed, prep all the fish and chicken, total of 13kg 😨 

My feet hurts and my hands are painfully​ cut from the fish 😰 But it doesn’t stop me from thanking Lord for the blessing. 

I wouldn’t be exhausted from going to the wet market and food preparing if He doesn’t bless me. My heart is full of gratitude 🙏

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Indomaret Haul #200417 


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Post kali ini saya pakai Bahasa Indonesia ya… Soalnya nih diskon keren banget dari Indomaret, santapan emak2 nih, agak ribet kalo pake Bahasa Inggris, biar cepet langsung cus ke Indomaret 😂

Saya tadinya cuma mau beli obat nyamuk sama mentega. Udah 2 hari sengaja nunda belanja, soalnya udah tahu kalo belanja itu yang dicari 1 yang dibawa pulang 15 😫 Maksudnya sekalian aja tar belanja banyak ke Indo Grosir. 

Tadi terpaksa pergi, soalnya nih nyamuk bikin gak bisa tidur 😤 Akhirnya tadi ke Indomaret yang di pom bensin. Tekadkan hati bulatkan niat, cuma beli obat nyamuk and mentega. Titik. 

Daaaaaaaaaan ini belanjaan saya… 

Tuh kan, dibilang juga apa… Banyak kan 😥 Boros kan? Eits… Tunggu dulu. Boros itu kalo kita beli sesuatu yang gak dipakai, dengan harga normal pula… Selalu ada alasan buat belanja 😝 Tapi beneran, ini diskon nya gak nahan, jadi harus beli. Harus! Maksa dikit, abis geregetan banget sama diskon nya 😂 Eh… Ini gak disponsori loh ya, murni dari lubuk hati terdalam 😉 

Ok… Kita bongkar yuk 👏 

Ini harga normal yang bolognese 6.600, yang chicken 5.700. Beli 2 gratis spaghetti bolognese. So, udah jelas kelihatan untung nya 6.600. Gak pernah beli ginian sih, sering nya beli terpisah. But, mumpung diskon and lumayan bisa buat bekal skul Al, porsinya​ pas. Kalo Abe, 1 pack pasti kurang 😌

Ini sabun cuci piring​ favorit. Kemarin beli yg merk lain, karena lebih murah. Nah ini harga normal 13.600, gak ada diskon. Tapi, gratis sabut cuci piring yang gak pernah saya beli karena mahal. Sabutnya harga 6.700, sekarang dapat gratis 😁 Mumpung kan 😝

Biasa beli Gulaku​ yang harganya sekitar 17rban ya… Ini merk Indomaret, sama putih bersih juga, tapi cuma 12.500. Jauh kan harganya 😉

Tadinya mau beli Vixal, murah tuh, di Indo Grosir aja kemarin lagi promo jadi 8rban. Gak pernah beli merk ini, karena… Mahal 😝 Saya anti beli yang mahal2 😁 Tapi ini pas diskon, pas di rumah juga habis, dapat sikat gratis pula. Harga normal 17.300, setelah diskon jadi 14.400 per botol + sikat. Sikat aja tuh paling murah 5rb ya? Lumayan kan 😉

Ini sih gak diskon, tapi emang lagi butuh. Yang di rumah udah rusak and butuh buat Hilangin kerak di toilet. Keraknya udah betah, susah kalo cuma pake sikat, harus di amplas pake ini kayanya 😌 Ini harganya 8.500, udah pasti jauh lebih murah daripada yg merk Scotch Brite. 

Yang ini juga kebutuhan. Ini nih niat awalnya ke Indomaret 😂 Sayang gak ikutan diskon 😥 Di Indo Grosir lebih murah sih, tapi beli 1 aja dulu, yang penting bisa tidur 😝 Ini harganya 8.500 isi 10. 

Ini juga kebutuhan. Tadinya gak niat beli karena lupa. Pas liat, baru keinget kalo harus beli ini. Di plafon atas kamar tuh suka denger gerak2. Saya gak ‘takut’ saya hantu, jadi pikirannya langsung ke tikus 😝 Pasti ada tikus di atas plafon nih. Mari kita pasang jebakan 😎

Nah ini juga gak niat beli. Kemarin udah beli Nivea juga yg SPF nya lebih gede. Tapi ini diskon 11rb 😍 I can’t miss it! Harus beli inih… Harus! Yg SPF nya gede buat pake siang hari pas gotik-in anak2 anjem (anter jemput) skul. Apa gotik? Gojek cantik 😂 Udah ah… Lanjut ya (takut langsung di black list) 

Yang ini juga diskon gila! Harga normal 25.500 jadi cuma 14.900 👏👏👏 Tapi harus belanja produk home care sebesar 50rb. It’s so worthed 😘

Kalo ini emang di rumah lagi boros pake beginian. Suami lagi bebikin ini itu, karena gak biasa ‘nukang’ jadi sering kecelakaan kerja, banyak luka perang 😂 Ya kena paku lah, kegores kayu lah, kena cutter lah, ya gitu lah…. Ini harganya @5.900. Beli di apotek lebih murah gak ya?

Ini kebutuhan. Di rumah harus ada roti. Harus! Anak2 suka banget makan roti. Sukanya yg kupas. Nah yang ada kulitnya itu buat mama nya 😂 Biasanya saya beli yang gandum, tapi jarang banget nemu yang gandum di Indomaret. Yang kupas harganya 14.500. Yang kulit 12rb. 

Ini juga diskon. Tapi gak besar. Dikiiiiiiiiit banget diskonnya. Harga normal @4.200, promo nya beli 2 hanya 6.900. Jadi diskon 1.500. Biasanya pake Blue Band. Beda harganya sekitar 3rban loh sama Blue Band. Ini produk Indofood, harusnya oke juga lah. So, let’s try this one. Cheaper 😘

Ini pas liat, pas inget, di rumah lagi abis. So, beli juga deh sekalian. Harganya 10rb. Murah apa mahal? 

Ini juga pas ambil roti pas inget kalo keju di rumah abis. Biasanya beli yg Kraft. Pas diliat, harganya beda jauh loh. Ini harganya 6.800 isi 5. Kraft 20rb sekian isi 10. Jauh kan… Rasanya? Harusnya gak jauh beda, kan sama2 keju. Ya gak? Yang penting kantong aman 😝

Tadaaaaa… Borong!!! Harga normal 7.300 jadi cuma 5.500!!! Gila kan!!! Duh teriak2 begini yak 😂 Sorry… Abis gila banget diskonnya. Suka banget sama yg madu coklat ini tapi selalu nahan diri buat beli. Mahal 😫 Pas liat ini, gelap mata, langsung babat! Tapi gak gelap2 banget sampe dihabisin yg di Indomaret 😂 Kalo beli, lihat expired date nya ya… Soalnya yang saya punya ini sampe November 2017. Tadi nemu yang September and Oktober. So, kalo emang gak langsung habis, cari yg expired date nya masih agak lama. Kayanya sih semua expired tahun ini. So make sure recheck ya say… 

Okeh… Semua sudah dibongkar. Total saya berhemat 46.300. Lumayan banget2 kan… Tadi sih tanya sama mbak nya, rata2 diskon sampe akhir bulan ini. So buruan meluncur ya… Masih banyak sih items yg diskon, tapi yg saya pake cuma yg rombongan ini 😁 

Semoga jadi inspirasi buat belanja ya… Ingat loh, lapar mata boleh, tapi tetap beli yg dipake aja and yg diskon aja. Kadang kita emang biasa pake merk tertentu, loyal banget gak mau pindah ke lain hati deh pokoknya. Tapi kalo selisih harganya jauh and fungsi/rasanya sama or at least gak beda jauh, beli aja yg lebih murah. Bener gak? Sisa duitnya bisa buat yg lain. 

Berhemat dan pelit beda loh 😘 Share buat temen-temen lain ya, gak bisa bayarin mereka, paling gak bisa kasih info diskon supaya mereka bisa berhemat. Siapa tahu hasil berhemat nya kita kecipratan ditraktir 😝 

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Product Review – Lemonilobox Unboxing


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Join me unboxing the Lemonilobox ya 😆

This is the box. I know Lemonilo on Instagram. I’ve been closely watching their posts. Wanting to try. Then I see their post on the new package of Lemonilobox and their having discount plus a voucher code. So, this is it!

You can see how much I saved 😎 . I don’t know if they’ll still have the voucher code available by the time you read this. I love discounts 😁

And they put this in the box.

Obviously I’m not gonna be able to use the voucher but I definitely can participate on their Undang Teman program. I invite my friends to shop at Lemonilo and I’ll get a top up money of IDR20k per purchase. Not bad 😉

So I chose the chocolate package. I choose the safest… Chocolate. If it’s not as what I’ve expected​, at least I have my favorite chocolate 😉 These are what’s inside the Lemonilobox.

I will publish this post and will update as I try each of the products. I can’t have it all together at the same time 😁

Ok… Let’s try this one.

It’s the smallest pack. It contains 2 small bars. I thought it’ll be crispy, but it’s not. Its like eating a cookie dough. It doesn’t have much nuts, just oats I guess. It doesn’t say anything in the box. The boys don’t like it coz it’s too sweet. I agree. It’s too sweet. Candy like sweet. It’s not my favorite. I hope I like the rest 😄

Would I buy it again? No. I don’t know about other types from this brand. If you have tried, please leave a comment below, so others can have a reference before they buy one.


Let see what’s inside…

What it looks like…

I like it. It’s not too sweet. It’s crunchy. I can definitely taste the coconut. I like the dried banana. I don’t find many cashews, which is kinda bummer coz I looooooove cashews. I can say 80% oats, 10% coconut, 5% chocolate, 2% dried banana, 3% cashews.

Overall… I like it. Would I buy it again? Yes. How about you? Have you tried? Please a comment below.



It contains of 4 individual packed bars.

Love the packaging. Very neat, pretty, and clean.

Look at those nuts and seeds and raisins. It looks just like the picture. No edit, no Photoshop, what you see on the package is what you get. And I looooooove how it taste. All blends together, chewy but not sticky on your teeth, perfect sweetness, and the raisins makes it even better. Though the chocolate is kinda blurry, but I don’t mind. It’s soooooooo good. Al likes it too 💞

Definitely buying again and again and again. I hope it’s not pricey. Let me look at the price…

Wow… It is pricey. For me… Rp. 50.000 per box of 4 bars. Well, I take back my word on buying again and again and again 😥 They’re 10% off at Lemonilo though, you could buy from there.

Saturday, 21 April 2017

6.50pm on my bed working on my planner and feel like munching 😁 I remember I still have 2 packs of healthy snacks in my Lemonilo Box.

Up to my kitchen, grabbed 1 pack, and oh my… No regrets AT ALL. This is seriously gooooood 👌

I love cashews. I love chocolate. I love starting to eat healthy. I love having healthy snacks with no guilt. And this pack has it ALL.

Look at that cashews. It’s REAL! I’ve found so many products that meant to have cashews in it, nooooooo… They lied. You’ll find their ‘cashews’ in chunks, tiny lil pieces. This… This is real.

It has 2 kinds of ‘lumps’ 😁 Chocolate and (I think) Vanilla. This is the Vanilla. It’s sweet (maybe from the cassava syrup? I’ve never taste cassava syrup. Never heard one actually. Well… It’s good) and crunchy.

This is the chocolate lumps. Oh my Lord! I’m in chocolate heaven 😇 It has its chocolatey bitterness yet has its chocolatey sweetness. I don’t know what I’m rambling about 😂 I’m high 😰

I tried to find the red rice. It’s supposed to be red right? 😁 I zoomed in every seeds in there, hoping to find the exact picture like.

Then I found this…

Have you ever cooked red rice? It’ll ‘crack’ like this when you cook them. Of course it’s cooked! Silly me 😂 I hope that I got it correct 🤓

And it’s packed in sealed paper bag.

Hold on… Before I said anything about buying this repeatedly (learn from experience guys!) let me check the price 😬

Oh yes!!! Totally buying this repeatedly!!! Guys… No kidding. This is totally worthed. For that price… Buy buy buy! 65k for 400gr of this healthy madness, aaaaaand it’s 5% off 😱

I know you guys are thinking… Please lah Dessy! You’re overrated! 😕 You guys… Buy! And tell me if I overrated 😏

Ok… I gotta start planning 🤓

I still have 1 last pack to review. I’ll come back to you. Tho I don’t think I can get over this one 😋

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Last but not least…

Let’s check what’s on it.

It’s​ packed in zip lock plastic bag.

As mentioned, it has rolled oats, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and dried cranberries.

It’s​ all there. Though the sunflower seeds are tiny, it’s there 😁. Love the dried cranberries 😘

Taste? So so lah… Nothing’s special. I don’t think I can have them as a snack. The chocolate is blurry and it taste very oatsy.

Will I buy it again? No. Let me check on the price.

Its even more expensive than East Bali Cashews Granola. Between these 2, price and taste, I’ll buy East Bali Cashews Granola.

Overall… You know which one is the winner 😎

East Bali Cashews!!! Yeeeaaaay!!! 👏👏👏

I can’t wait to buy their other varian. You should try them too. No regrets 👌

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Giant Haul 010417


Welcome back! Hit the ‘follow’ button if you haven’t. I’d love to have you join my blog family 😘

Now I’m gonna share my Giant haul to you. Giant is one of the supermarket in Indonesia just like Walmart. 

Here are all my buys… 

It’s been a while since the kids have their ice cream 😢 So, we give them a treat and let them pick some of their favorite. I thought they’re gonna be greedy and take dozens since it’s their 1st ice cream for like months, but no… They only pick these. Love my boys 😘 And the Durian ice cream is Al’s. He’s starting to like the taste of durian 😁 When we have spare money, I sure gonna buy him real durian. Good durian is quite pricey. 

This also Al’s favorite. 

We bought 10 bottles. They’re on sale for only 6k from the normal price of 8k. These are so good. We always have them in the fridge. Now, we can’t really afford to always stock on them. But when it’s on sale… I sure grab some of them 😁

The apple is Al’s choice. He said, “Mom, can I get some apples? I’ve missed them” My poor boy 😑 Of course I get some from him. The orange is for Abe. I’m gonna have to juice them for him. He doesn’t take fruits and vegetables unless it’s liquid 😌 

Chips will always be in the cart whenever we go shopping. But the rule is, they only eat chips on Sunday. Al pick-up the tempura seaweed. Again, he missed it. I used to buy big bulk of roasted seaweed for him, but no more. We can’t really afford it, it’s quite pricey. 

I still have a roll of kitchen towel. But it’s on sale, so I grab a pack. 

Al picked these. Well, he picked the Kaya Spread and I picked the brand of the peanut butter. He love love love the Skippy Chunky Peanut Butter but it’s always expensive 😢 So, we’re gonna try this brand and hope he like it. 

Al also picked these. He loves grapes. I’m gonna freeze some of them for Abe’s smoothies. Can we make smoothies with dates? I should Google this. 

It’s been so so so very long since we have milk in the house. So hubby grab these. Abe love to make hot chocolate milk. 

Since I gave my Tresseme to mom, coz it gives my dandruff 😭 I picked these coz they’re on sale 😁 I save about 12k for both. Hope this works. 

I’m addicted to these. It’s cheap and it does the work. I can get toothpaste and toothbrush for a much cheaper price. We change toothbrush every month so it really is a save. 

Abe asked for this. Well… He’s a big boy now. He’s very self conscious especially with his appearance 😁 

It’s always been my night cream. Love it! I’ve tried some other brands but always comes​back to this. 

This is blewah. Hubby picked this and I suppose to make it to a fruit cold drink. I forgot to buy the syrup 😑

Instant noodles stock up 😁

My feminine 😬 I literally use them both in 1 period. I sure use a lot of pads. 

Al has been asking me to buy this and I keep postponing. Now we have a little extra, so I finally can get it for him 😆 He’s been a very patient boy 😘

Again and always in my shopping list. Mosquito spirals 😪 And I get a dish soap for every 2 packs. I bought 4 packs. 

Facial cotton for me and mom.

Hubby’s favorite.

Abe’s favorite.

Al’s favorite 😬

2kg of eggs. We eat slot of eggs. It’s washed and will be stored​ in the fridge. 

I didn’t know that we have this in our cart. I don’t use this. But mom does. I don’t buy different dish soaps for different purpose. I don’t spend money on those. I feel like, any dish soap works the same for any dish. I could be wrong, but yeah… I just don’t seem to see the difference. I even use dish soap to wash our hands in the sink. Never see the importance of buying hand soap 🤔

This is the boys body wash. I stick to this brand. I’ve tried other brands and comes​back to this. And their body wash should be an antibacterial kind. 

So… That’s it. This could last us about 1-2 months. Except for the snacks 😬 The snacks will be gone in like a week or even less. And I need to stock up again. 

Thank you for joining me. I really appreciate it, that you took the time to join me. I’ll see you again in my next haul and make sure to join my Week In The Life posts, live every Sunday 😆 

Love y’all 😘

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After so long, now I’m back with my grocery haul. Since I’ve moved house, I don’t shop at Superindo again. I go to wet market, Asep a produce shop near the kids’ school, and Indogrosir (its like Costco in America).


4kg of chicken thighs, 1kg of chicken breast, total 5kg of fishes (tuna, red snapper, and others).


I’m gonna seasoned the tuna with seasoning flour and deep fried it. The kids love it. But they like it half cooked coz if its over cooked, it will harden the textures.


I store it in a Tupperware and keep it in the fridge for lunch today.


I also seasoned the chicken thighs with the same seasoning flour and also gonna deep fried it.


1kg of chicken thighs are seasoned with Indonesian fried chicken.

I packed them in clear plastic bag and gonna put it in the freezer.

I also seasoned 1kg of chicken fillet with the seasoning flour and gonna put it in the freezer.


Gonna freeze this chicken bones for my corn soup.


1kg of mackerel.


1kg of red snapper seasoned with Indonesian fried fish seasoning.


Stacked up all in the bin.


Put in the freezer. You can visit my HOW I ORGANIZE MY FREEZER.


Its my produce haul the next day from Asep produce shop. Sayur asem, bean sprout, 1kg tomatoes, 1kg potatoes, sweet corns, cabbage, sawi putih, chayote, and tempe.

Washed, cut, and seasoned the tempe to fried.

I finally get to clean and organize my fridge 😀

I also bought strawberries. Washed.

Cut the strawberries, put them in a clear plastic.

Store it together with my smoothies stocks. You might want to visit SMOOTHIE HACKS! and see what I do in making my smoothies.

Also stock up on bananas. Bananas is a must fruit in my house.


These are my food haul from Indogrosir.


These are sweetened condensed milk for Al. He likes to eat bread with these.


These are sweetened condensed milk for my four legs kids 🙂


This instant brownies is the easiest and the tastiest. The kids loves it. I just add 1 egg and mix all together and steam for 10-20 minutes. Done. Easy!


The kids loves pudding and jelly. So, I make a packet every week.


I use this kind of salt. Its cheap and no added seasoning. Some salts are not ‘real’. And yeah… I’m traditional 😀


My coffee. Can’t live without my coffee.


Healthy snacks. I’m not sure if Tim Tam is healthy, but its half price, so let’s just have some fun with chocolate 😀


My seasoning.


I need to stock up on tea. Coz I’m expecting some guesses this month.


Its my household needs.


These are my favorite liquid detergent for now. They’re cheaper and smells good.


I don’t have any favorite laundry softener. I think they’re all the same. I just need to choose the fragrances I want. I just go with whatever is on sale or the cheapest one.


Its one of my ‘weapon’ fighting the bad mosquitoes. I juts buy what’s cheap. Its the spiral type that you burn and it’ll last for a few hours. It says 10 hours or so. So far it does a good job, as long as you don’t put it too close with you.


These are also my favorite type to fight the mosquitoes. Its the electric type. It doesn’t last long. Only about 1 hour or so.

Well, that was all. I spent about 600k for all of it and it should last me about 2-3 weeks.

Thank you for joining me in my grocery haul. I’ll see you on the next haul.

Love ya’ll

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Weekly Grocery Haul & Meal Plan – 1/10/16


I’m gonna take you to the journey of my weekly grocery & meal plan. I do meal planning every Friday evening. I do shopping at 2 or 3 different places every week, coz each place has its own specialty. I buy fish, ground beef, ground chicken, beef, nuggets, carton milks, snacks, toiletries, detergent, etc on Saturday/Sunday at Superindo. I buy chicken at traditional market,  coz its fresh, I only buy alive chicken (the chicken were alive and when I pay, then only the chicken were dead – I kinda make it sound like I’m a murderer @.@). And the other place is my tukang sayur near the boys’ school on Monday, I only buy vegetables and spices here.

Before I meal plan, I check my freezer and the fridge. If I have an empty freezer and fridge, then I meal plan from zero. If I still have some meats and vegetables, I meal plan from what’s left in the freezer and the fridge. This week, I still have chicken breast, ground beef, cabbage, carrot, french bean, broccoli, baby corn (?), tempe, and bags of nuggets. So I meal plan from there. Here is my meal planning for the week of 3/10 – 9/10.


From there, we can see that I only need to buy very little meats and vegetables and use the rest of the weekly budget to buy something else on sale that week. That’s why we should plan our meal. So we can control our weekly meal budget. I do weekly meal budget and meal shopping, so I always have fresh food in my freezer and fridge and for me to be able to control my budget. I used to do monthly grocery shopping, and I found myself tend to spend more than the budget we have (lapar mata). And I used to not meal planning and again I tend to spend more coz when I don’t have a plan, I just grab anything that I see, thinking that I was gonna cook this and that. And most of the time, it was all left alone at the corner of my fridge and rot. What a waste 😦

So, here are my grocery shopping this morning at Superindo.


Chicken fillet is for chicken stick on Saturday. Ikan kembung is for ikan goreng on Friday and it was on sale (I save 6.675). So let’s talk about everything else.


I change each person’s toothbrush once a month and toothpaste usually empty by the end of the month. So its time to buy toothbrushes and toothpastes. I was getting 6 toothbrushes in 2 packets and 2 big tube of toothpastes (we have 2 bathrooms) for a total of almost 70k, and its with the Pepsodent toothpaste on sale.Then I looked down at the bottom shelf, they have Formula toothpaste on sale with free toothbrush. I counted at my phone calculator (always have on hand when I do shopping), 5 toothbrushes (coz we’re a family of 5) and the 5 toothpastes for a total of 48.450. And since it was on sale, I save 9.700. See how much I save?


I don’t have cooking oil in my shopping list since I still have 2 bags of these in my pantry (different brand). But it was on sale. And I still have some spare in my budget. So why not? I save 11k for these.


We use sugar a lot. We make tea, coffee, pudding, jelly, cooking, baking, etc. So I buy sugar every other week sometimes early. I save 900 for this.


Macaroni for Sunday. Its the cheapest (8.590) and its a good quality from a trusted brand. I use a box for 1 recipe.


I usually buy Sari Roti but they didn’t have those. I buy roti tawar kupas every week. The boys like to have them for tuna sandwich or just with jam. Its 13k.


We don’t drink this coffee every day. I make Nescafe + cream + Tropicana Slim sugar. Hubby make black (Lombok) coffee + Tropicana Slim sugar. But I do have it on stock for guest and sometimes for our coffee variety. It was on sale, so I bought it. I save 6.200 for both packets of 10. You see… We tend to think that bigger packets are always cheaper than the smaller one. And it doesn’t. In this case, a packet of 20 is almost 28k (no disc). A packet of 10 is 13k x 2 = 26k. 2k save + it was on sale, save 6k = I save 8k. Always have your calculator on hand ladies 😀


I still have 2 smaller bags in my storage. I bought those on sale at Indomaret last week, buy 2 get 1 free. But again… Its on sale. I save 15.200 for both bags of 1.6kg/ea.


I only buy this if its on sale. If not, I don’t buy and I don’t use it. Its kinda of my kalo ada dipake kalo gak ada ya udah. Its not essential. I save 1.490.


We use eggs a lot. I buy 2kg every other week, sometimes every week. Depends on my mood of baking 😀 But we do eat egg almost every day. If there’s an agen telur near you. Buy from them, cheaper. If not, then buy from a supermarket. Supermarket is always cheaper than traditional market or tukang sayur. I bought it from agen telur near my house for 18.500/kg and it was 19.800/kg at Superindo. I always wash my eggs before I store them in the fridge.


I rarely use specific brand for my skin care. Actually, I rarely use specific brand for anything. If I need to buy, I will find one on sale. But yeah I do choose the brand (you know what I mean). I save 13.650 for this.

Those are my grocery haul part 1. I save total of 64.815. Includes the shopping bag coupons for 300. I always bring my shopping bag whenever I go shopping to Superindo. They will give you certain amount of disc if you bring your own shopping bag. If I don’t bring my shopping bag, I’ll use about 4-5 plastic bags x 200 = 800-1.000. You can always ask for a box for free, but sometimes its impossible to carry when you go on a motorbike. So, always bring your shopping bag. It saves you money and you’re helping the environment 🙂

On Monday, I’ll just have to buy potatoes (Wednesday), sayur lodeh (Thursday), kelapa santan (Thursday), sawi ijo (Saturday), and sawi putih (Saturday). Why am I buying vegetables so soon? I wash all the vegetables I buy for the week, I cut them the way I wanted to cook them (meal prep), I put them in plastic containers, and I store them in the fridge. They can stay fresh for 2 weeks. I will share my fridge and freezer organization on a different blog 🙂

I still have some spare of my weekly meal budget 😀 I plan to buy mango and honey. So… I hope you get the idea of my weekly meal planning and budgeting. I hope it inspire you and motivate you. If you like it, give it a star and follow my blog so you don’t miss all the fun 😀

With love!

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If you’re new to my blog, please follow so you don’t miss all the fun😀

I will share a bit of everything I know, learn, do, use, like, or everything else. Well… Practically a bit of everything. *There’s a lot of everything there*

Haul time!!!

Last week I didn’t share my haul, sorry 😦 A lot happened last week. I was in a very hectic days. I did the shopping last week, but since I was in a very tight schedule, I didn’t have time to take photos and all. So, I skipped. But nothing much you missed from last week haul since I was also in a tight budget, so I did a lot of leftovers. Nothing much in my shopping cart last week 🙂

This week though, I decided to give a little treat to my boys. Give them once in a while joy by giving them some tiny version of my fancy meals 😀

Here’s my meals plan for the week.


I still have 1kg of chicken and 1kg of fish in the freezer. The chicken is for Semur Ayam and the fish is split for 2 days meals, Ikan Bakar & Ikan Goreng. I still have nuts for Tempe Teri Kacang, carrots, potatoes, macaroni, cabbage, meatballs (bakso). So I created this meal plan from those I have.

FYI, Hokben on Saturday is not an eat out plan. Hokben means that 1 of their kids menu that my boys like, instead of eating out and spend more than 200k for 5 of us to eat there. I mix olive oil + garlic + onion + minced beef + oyster sauce + a bit water, cook them for 10 minutes, set aside. Then I mix 4 eggs + milk (UHT) + butter and scrambled them. I put rice in a bowl, put the minced beef on 1 side of the rice and put the scrambled egg on the other side of the rice. Give them chopstick. Tadaaaaaa… fancy meals!


These I bought from Asep (tukang sayur dekat sekolah anak2). 2 ikat kangkung for Tumis Kangkung. Bawang bombay for Hokben. Teri for Tempe Teri Kacang. Orange for homemade orange juice (1kg of orange for 2 litters of juice then I fridge them). Kimbo sausage, (1st time trying them, I usually get Bernardi or Kansler) for homemade Hotdog and  homemade Pizza (another fancy meals :D). Bananas for smoothies.

Note: I bought Kimbo sausage for 34k but it was 44k at Superindo. What a save right?

These I bought from Superindo.



Coffee. Very important for me :D. Mama gotta need some caffeine boys! Hahahaha 😀 I have 2-3 cups of coffee a day, depends on how rough my days are (wink). I got no save for this one, normal price, but I gotta have it.


Jellies for the boys. Normally I make jelly on Sunday and will last about 1-3 days. No save.


Hot dog buns. There was no Sari Roti, so I got these. Its a bit dryer than Sari Roti, so I just have to put more butter to moisten them. No save. Hey… I just realized that Maxim’s is manufactured in Cibinong @.@ Cibinong is where I live 😀


Bread. Al is a sandwich boy. He loooooove sandwich. He’ll just grab bread and make strawberry sandwich himself. I gotta have this and strawberry jam, otherwise he’ll nag and nag and nag @.@ No save for this too.


Vinegar. Not for cooking. Its for my homemade cleaning supply. And I put a small cup of vinegar to my towels laundry to avoid those nasty smell on the used towel (you know… After a few days use of our towels, they got smelly). Its a good laundry hack. Try it! No save.


Minced beef for Hokben and Bistik Daging. Chicken fillet for Chicken Steak. I save 5k for the minced beef. I separate the minced beef to 2 portion, so I don’t have to thaw them all since I’m making 2 different meals. I do that also to the chicken fillet. You know they got stick together when frozen. Its difficult to keep them in a good shape like that. Separate them and save the hassle.


Corned beef. I like to stock them in my pantry. I use them to make Perkedel or Beef Macaroni or noodles or as a dog food 😀 I save 12k for both of them.


This is for my teenage boy. Yes, he’s getting an oily face 😀 I was looking for something light since he’s not used to put anything on his face, just water. If you know any products that is specially made for teenagers, please let me know 🙂


I save 2k for these (?). I thought I was saving more @.@


I save 26k for these + 4 small packets of So Klin Lantai for free! Yes! I love discounts and free products 😀

I still have to buy 2kg of eggs. Then I’m done with my weekly haul. I save total of 45k include the shopping bag voucher (I brought my own shopping bags so I got disc) + the 10k save on Kimbo Sausage.

Product links:

Sari Roti –

Clean & Clear –

So Klin Liquid –

Pronas Corned Beef –

Nescafe –

S.O.S Pembersih Lantai –

Dixi Vinegar –

Nutrijell –

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Weekly Haul 21 Nov ’16


Welcome back to my blog and if you haven’t follow, please hit the “follow” button coz I’d love to have you join my blog family 😃

It’s been weeks since I’ve post a blog, coz I’ve been busy with family events and school tests. I just came back from Superindo, my favorite grocery store near my house. So while I’m having my smoothie, I’ll share my haul with you.

I need wipes. For this I save 2.190. I usually choose the blue one since my boys are ‘allergic’ to anything in girly colors hahahaha, but since the blue doesn’t give me any discount… Enjoy the color boys 😝

This is the cheapest I’ve ever find for imported lemon. It’s been a while since I’ve had a lemon infused water, they’re always quite pricey. I save 14.400 for 5 lemons.

Sunny Gold is on sale all variant!!! I bought chicken nugget and chicken stick, and I save total of 39.900 for these two. Wow!

These packets are for my boy’s lunches. I’m out of stock and have to pay full price 😔

They are for my smoothie. I save 8.800 for these. I don’t go for certain brands since I won’t get the real taste of it, so I take what’s on sale.

I save 30.205 for these. The beef is to make Sup Ubi, hubby’s request. It’s a clear beef soup with nuts, casava, and vermicelli. Makassar meal. I get the casava from our neighbors in our new house.

My lip balm. Mom gotta take care of herself right? Hehehehe. I save 10.500. Being pretty doesn’t have to be expensive 😆

I still have floor cleaners on stock, but they’re on sale so I take 2. I save 9k.

Eggs are very cheap now. I bought 18k/kg from a supplier but then I found that they’re 17.800 at Superindo.

I don’t use this. I was trying to find something for my son so he’ll get a better care on his skin. I have a doubt, since he’s still (almost) 11yo. But he’s a sporty boy, playing soccer and all, so I want to protect his skin. My hubby don’t find it necessary, but I do. So… We’ll see 😁 I save 4.860 for this.

Vinegar for my laundry. I find it very useful and my laundry is fresher and cleaner. I’m trying to find gallon vinegar, but I can’t find it near here. I pay normal price for these.

I bought these from ‘tukang keliling’ in my new house. I bought 50k for 3. I left 1 for hubby at my new house.

I still have meats in the freezer for this week.

I still have stocks for my smoothie.

I had my vegetables haul and nothing much. They’re all washed, cut, and stored in containers for longer freshness.

Oh.. I don’t have a meal plan for a while, since my mom is supervising the kitchen. Gotta obey your mom right? Hohohoho ✌

I save total of 119.855 + 300 for bringing my own shopping bag. Not bad. Not bad at all 😘

That’s all for now. Gotta get ready to pick my boy up from his tutorial class.


Love ya!