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A Bummer!


I just spent more than IDR100k to buy my domain with GoDaddy. Soooooo excited that I finally have the courage (and money) to buy a domain for my blog. Felt like I finally grow up. Finally making the commitment.


When I tried to map out my domain to WordPress, I need to pay more, this I just found out. I thought I only need to pay for the domain. End of story.


It turns out, on 2017, I can’t just pay for mapping out my domain to WordPress for $13 (which I wasn’t prepared for), I need to upgrade to premium for $99 (whaaaaaaaaat???).

Gosh! What a bummer!

If I have the money, it’s a no brainer. I love writing and I love my blog. Its my baby. But, it seems that I can’t fund college for my baby right now, need more time.

What do I need to do next?

I can pay $99 (IDR1.3m) for a year with WordPress or I can pay GoDaddy to manage my hosting in WordPress for IDR1.8m ($135) for 3 years. As you can see, GoDaddy is way cheaper.


Yes, I’ll be patience. I’ll keep nurturing my baby with what I have for now. Gotta always do best with what you have right?


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DITL – Food Stocking – Meal Prep – Food Prep


Welcome back 😘

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I got up pretty early as in summer I don’t get up early 😂 I went to the wet market.

I spent 2 hours here… Gross 😫 But this is the only place I can get live fish and live chicken. They’re all fresh so I can keep them longer in the freezer. 

Now let me show you what I bought and what I do with them 😄

Bought 1kg of fresh strawberries. It is way cheaper if I got it from the wet market. A 250g box of strawberries at the supermarket is about 40k. In the wet market, I paid 80k for 1kg. 

Washed and cut.

I portioned them and keep in the smoothie bin.

2kg of papaya. 

Washed, cut, portioned, keep in the fridge so we can snack at them. We like them cold 😍

7kg of 4 kinds of fishes. Washed and seasoned. I just need to thaw and cook 👌

4kg of chicken thighs and 2kg of chicken breast fillets. Washed and seasoned. 

Been on my feet for 6 hours straight, washed, prep all the fish and chicken, total of 13kg 😨 

My feet hurts and my hands are painfully​ cut from the fish 😰 But it doesn’t stop me from thanking Lord for the blessing. 

I wouldn’t be exhausted from going to the wet market and food preparing if He doesn’t bless me. My heart is full of gratitude 🙏

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Today is the day I turn 38.

38 years of ups and downs.

38 years of good and bad.

38 years of routines.

38 years of God working on me. 

God is the potter and I am His clay.

For 38 years, God spins me over and over and over. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed. I want to get out of the wheel. I feel that I’m spinning without seeing any changes. Sometimes I questioned God. He knows what I’m going through. Moving in circles. Instead of getting any good changes, I feel dizzy and lightheaded. It happens when I got my vertigo. The world is spinning, but I don’t get to go anywhere, couldn’t even stand up without throwing up. 

What is happening? Why am I not chosen to be blessed? Am I not worthed? I bombarded Him with my unsatisfactory questions. 

For 38 years, I am hot and cold. Worshipping God for His greatness. Other times I blame Him. There are times I faithfully went to church. Other times, I stayed home on Sundays, thinking that it’s pointless, going to church. 

In 38 years of my life, I am what I am. God doesn’t change one situation, not because He doesn’t want to, but because He’s changing me. To prepare me for what’s coming. To mold me to fit into the blessing He has prepared for me. 

In 38 years of my life, I have become a responsible mother. Doing all these motherhood routines. Checking off my to do list. Working my ass off. Unnoticed for now. But my boys are taking in my routines, seeing what I’m doing in their life, in front of their eyes. Molding them to be a responsible man. 

In 38 years of my life, I am normal. Normally follows what I thought was the right ways. Normal to swipe the credit card to get what I want. Normal to spend unwisely. Normal to be financially irresponsible. But I learned that I was following the wrong examples. I am now seeing people being responsible with their money. Not that they don’t have the money to spend, but their being responsible. 

I’m mature enough to decide what I want to see. They have money, but they go back home after errands to have their lunch instead of eating out. They have money, but they thrift shopping. They have money, but they don’t go to the theater every week. They have money, but they’re​ budgeting and stick to it. They have money, but they don’t treat their children like the owner of the world. 

In 38 years of my life, I am the clay of God’s pottery. I’m gonna trust Him to make me be what He has planned for me to be. I will be faithfully stay in my spinning wheel. Preparing myself for what’s coming. Thanking Him all the way. 

I was blessed before. I am blessed now. I will be blessed. I will be faithful in my routines for another 38 years and more. I don’t work under people. I work under Almighty God. 

Happy 38th to me! 🎂 

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DITL #22 May 2017 – Off to Jakarta

Monday, 22 May 2017

9.38am just got on the bus. On the way to Kelapa Gading. Waited for an hour 😰 It’s my 1st bus ride after 3 years 😀 

11.41am arrived at Artha Gading Mall, straight to SAMSAT to take care of my MIO’s tax. Gosh… It was a bad traffic 😭 I have headache, just took my pain killer 🤕

Queueing 😰

2.22pm on the bus, back home. Thanks Lord, I just have to wait 20 minutes for the bus 😇 

3.35pm arrived at school. Waiting for Abe. 

4.20pm change of plan. Took me 20 minutes to went home by foot 😁 Reached home, toilet, grab the car keys, off to church. Hubby will pickup Abe 👌

4.50pm arrived at church for Al’s keyboard class.

1st keyboard class. I unofficially join the class 😁. May God bless us with keyboard so we can practice at home 🙏 

9.18pm on the bed. Exhausted 😰 Need to recharge so tomorrow I can have energy to play catch up. Sunday and Monday, no housework. A lot of catching up tomorrow 🤔

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Mom & Son Collab 

Tomorrow is Math. I’m not much a help on this subject, really, like no clue 😌 I’m not a fan of numbers 😅 But I’m here with him in my room. 

He’s doing his thing, I’m doing my thing with my planner and blogging 😁 

At least he doesn’t feel like fighting alone. I don’t know… 

I just know that when someone is physically there with me, even though they’re just there or listens, it makes me feel loved. 

As a mom, you’re doing the best of your best. I’m doing my part. Sitting here with my boy, preparing his graduation exam, day 2 😃 

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I Control Me!

I made a stupid honest question to someone​ on social media, think of nothing but an honest curiosity. What makes it stupid? Coz that person misunderstood me and saying things that was out of my intention at all.

I was stupid that then I made another comment by trying to explain and proof my point.

I was stupid thinking that, that person would’ve answered it in a simple way coz I didn’t expect to be given a detail step by step tutoring, sources, etc, that didn’t even cross my mind. We don’t even live in the same continent. That a simple, I do this and this, would’ve answered my question. Oh… I know EXACTLY what working hard is.

I was stupid that I let it gotten into me. Poisoned me. I got upset, disappointed, sad for being wrongly accused, and gotten very short tempered. My kids got it from me. Busting my ass cleaning the house, trying to spend the negative energy on my OCD. Cleaning is therapeutic. The good thing, the house is spotless. The bad thing, my spirit is darkened. I let it stole my joy.

I should’ve known better that I don’t get to control what people think and say about me. That I can only rule my spirit. That I don’t get determined by people. That my roots go down deep in God so whatever comes on the surface doesn’t moved​ me and changed​ me into someone that I don’t even like. That I should keep my peace and not bothered by the negatives pointed on me. That I shouldn’t proof anything to anyone of who I am, for God is my only vindicator, who knows me and I trust God with all I am.

Quit living on the surface, go down deeper, let go, don’t let what’s not going your way steal your joy, be steadfast, keep honoring God, and stay peaceful 😃

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Clean, purge, and organize with me – DITL


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Today I have a busy Saturday 😄

And I want you to join me 😘

10.20 the kids start to strip off the bed sheets and I do the day bed. I put them straight in the washing machine.

Then me and Abe flip the bed, sprinkle some baking soda, let them sit for 10-20 minutes.

That is my last pack of baking soda 😔 Gotta buy more. I only find that brand from online shop, hopefully the price is steady 🙏 I bought 3 packs and last me about 6 months. I didn’t do much vacuuming at the rental house. Let’s see how long it last me in the new house, since I have my cleaning all scheduled.

Then, Abe help me with vacuuming the pillows and bolsters.

And I saw the sofa. Well… The vacuum is out, why don’t I vacuum the sofa? You’ll be amazed by what you find when you decided to vacuum the sofa.

I’ve been looking for that scissor for days 😪 Again, Abe help me 😘

Now, it’s Al’s turn to help me 😁

After I vacuum, the boys put on their bed sheets. They take a rest while I continue working on my own bed. Same routine. Abe help me flip my bed. And btw… Our beds are all pretty heavy 😌 Today we do 4 beds 😬

I finished doing beds about 12.30pm. Now I move to the next task, clothes time tab. This task includes cleaning out the closets, declutter, and organizing.

1st, let me enlighten you about my clothes time tab idea. So, it’s basically keeping half of your clothing in the storage and half in the closet. You’re gonna switch them every 3 months. The idea is that you don’t make your closet jam packed by all your clothes when you only wears the clothes that are within your reach. The rest of them? Crumpled and dusty 😪

Ok, as usual, I do the kids 1st.

I take out all of their clothes and they clean the closet.

These are their clothes for 3 months.

I sorted them. Which to keep, which to donate. After I sorted them all. I took the luggages.

Then I organize them all in the closet. They have a set of ‘new’ clothes for the next 3 months 😁 The Best part of it is that when they see the shirt or a pant of their fav, their eyes sparkled “Hey mom, I missed this shirt!” 😁

And a pile of clothes to donate.

The kid’s are done! Now, my turn 😌

I started the whole process again. I took out all of my clothes, clean the top, the wall, the rod, and the floor.

Scattered all over my bedroom 😬

I also have a whole ‘new’ set of clothes 😁

I have piles of tops but only have 3 pairs of jeans, some leggings and those dresses. So, I only time tab my tops. I put back the dress, jeans and leggings.

I vacuumed all of the clothes and put them inside the luggages. Vacuum bags are very helpful. They save space. I can put 2-4 bags in 1 luggage.

Then finally all the cleaning and decluttering part has finished. Now the organizing part.

Everything is the same as my WALKING CLOSET TOUR except for the bags that are used to be hanged next to the pants. Since my house is so humid, the bags are all covered with fungus 😭 The leather are getting bad. I already thrown 2 bags coz the leather are cracked 😭 I’m not gonna lose the others. So, I put them all back in their dust bags and put them on the top shelf. And I hang my tank tops at the bottom rod for easy access since this set of clothing are mostly summer collection.

I have these bags for donations.

I finished all at about 4pm 😌

Gosh… I’m so exhausted but happy that I got it all covered 😁

How about you? I hope this will motivate and inspire you to clean, declutter, and organize your home.

Living in a simple and minimal home is such a great lifestyle. You don’t have to clean more and your house won’t get cluttered easily, coz you don’t have so many things to clean and organize.

I’ll see you again in the next post.

Love y’all 😘💕

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Ender’s Game & Donuts Wannabe

Posted on September 23, 2016


I’ve just finished sending my children to bed. Abe is having an additional studying for mid test tomorrow 7-11 am, means that I have to miss my ‘bangun siang’ weekend 😦 Al is demanding me to prepare him on math since he’s having Math Olympics on Sunday representing his school. What upset me is that the school doesn’t give him any preparation whatsoever. No briefing, no practicing, no parents meeting, nothing. They told me about it 2 weeks ago, I asked for a prep class, yet nothing has been done by the school. So, they leave me in a blind. God help my Al for his Math Olympics.

Oh ya, let me introduce you to my gems 🙂

This is my oldest son, Abraham Pilar Osman. He’s 11 yo.


This is my ‘bontot’, Aelliam Timothy Osman. He’s 8 yo by November.


So, yeah… Tomorrow will be a busy weekend.

We had a movie night. Tonight’s movie was Ender’s Game. I bought it last week, thought that its a new movie, but turns out it’s a 2013 movie @.@


I think that they have the sequel, but I can’t find a reliable information on that. If you have any info, please leave a comment. Thank you 🙂

As usual, I will prepare some snacks for us while watching movie. This time, I was kinda craving for donuts. So, I googled the recipe, caught myself in action and (as usual) trying to improvised using what I have in my pantry which means not making it in a correct way coz I didn’t have some ingredients needed. It was NOT donuts, but it was nice 😀 I put strawberry jam and sugar as a dip, my kids love it, that’s what matters right? LOL


I don’t feel appropriate to give you the recipe on this. But if you’re curious, leave a comment, and I will try my best to write you the recipe 😀

I will see you again in my next blog. Trying to make a schedule on blogging, but we’ll see. I have some ideas on my blog, wanting to do YouTube videos, but… Baby steps 😀

Please leave a comment on what subject you’re interested in and I’ll catch you all later.

Bye for now 🙂

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DITL 25 February 2017 – WordPress keep losing it


Welcome back! Thank you for coming back and share the moments with me. I really appreciate it 💕

And if you’re new, welcome! I share a bit of everything, hoping to motivate and inspire you in anyhow. I’d love for you to join my blog family 😄
I end up posting DITL coz I lost (again) my drafts. I now realize that if I uninstall WordPress app on my phone, local drafts will be gone. Deleted. It happened 3 times already, so it must be it. I lost my WITL… I’m sorry 😑 My phone is just not up to the challenge of having a lot of apps coz the memory sucks 😫 Everytime I need to update some apps, I have to uninstall then reinstall again 😧 My phone is Lenovo A7000. So far so good. I have it for 3 years now. The only problem I have with this is the memory 😑 Buying iPhone with huge memory is in my bucket list 😄

Okay… Enough with the nagging and let’s start the day 🤓

8.50 gotta send Abe to tutor. It’s extra class since they’re having midterm by next week.

10.16 AL is asking me to make sandwich toast even after he finished a portion of instant fried noodle and a slice of whole wheat bread. He’s in good appetite and I’m more than happy to accommodate him 😄

11.29 Abe is home and to my surprise, he’s cleaning the dog’s crate. He said, the puppies need to have a clean home. Well… He’s grown up… My boy 💕

12.47 I asked the boys to stop playing with the puppies and start working. Today it’s time to change the bed sheets, flip and vacuum the mattresses. We have 4 mattresses, so it’s quite overwhelming and we spend a quite chunk of time doing it. I sprinkle baking soda to the mattresses, leave it for 5 minutes and start vacuuming.

My house is very humid. Fungus can easily pop up here and there. I need to buy more dehumidifier. Can you give me information of making DIY dehumidifier? I want to safe money from buying dehumidifier coz it’s quite pricey and I need a lot to put in my house. The things I love about my house are the ‘non heat’ environment, away from the busy street, I rarely need to use air conditioner in my room, the water is clear and cold, but yet I need extra efforts to keep my house dehumidifies. Well… You can’t have it all right? There will be some things you need to sacrifice work on. That’s life. Perfection is God’s prerogative.

3.30 the puppies are emptying they’re mom’s bowl of food. So cute 😁

And the boys are playing kite with the children in the neighborhood.

It is ‘kite season’ 😁

Planning to end the day early but it’s hard to accomplish. Esna came by the house to talk about our food stand at the kid’s school when I was about to start my chores. So, I get to do my chores after she left and send the kids to bed.

I sweep and mop the floor, clean the kitchen and finished about 12 something. Had my shower and laying on the bed reading Fifty Shades Darker. It’s my second time reading it. I’ve finished reading all the books 2 years ago I guess, when Fifty Shades Of Grey was on the movie. Now, the second is on the theater (not in Indonesia though) I feel like reading it again. And it’s distracting hahahaha.

I’m used to having Kim or Jen or Marnie accompanying me while I’m doing all my busy days. They motivate and inspire me as a SAHM so I get to get by my days less complaining, if I should put it in words. Now, I have the sexy handsome rich guy with kinky f***ery dreamy sex in a fifty shades of f***edupness with me. Sweeping and mopping surely are not one of the scene here hahahaha. It takes all my strength to keep up with my brain which is now running here and there between imagination and reality 😂😂😂. But Mr. Grey is surely irresistible 💕

Okay… It’s late and I’m exhausted from doing my chores and spending times with Grey 😂. Better get my sleep now, I have tons to do tomorrow.

Thank you for spending a day with me. I hope you love it and come back for more days or weeks with me. Don’t forget to hit the ‘follow’ button if you haven’t. See you all soon.

Love y’all 💕💕💕

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DITL 9/12/17 – Cholesterol Kicked Off


Welcome back!  😘

For you who new to my blog, please hit the ‘Follow’ button. I’d love to have you in my blog family.

I’ve been wanting to make day in the life blog, that I can share my daily life with you all. I’m gonna start now. You gotta start somehow right? 😅

The boys are having holiday. A looooooooong holiday. So, I start my day a bit later. I got up at 8.30 this morning. Abe was making b’fast, rice and chicken wings. Hubby prepare his lunch to be taken to the new house. Yes, we still have people working on our house, been 6 months and I’m tired. Physically, mentally and financially 😥. But it’s almost ready… I’m so excited! Woohoo!!!

Al is having his b’fast while watching The Sorcerers’ Apprentice on Disney. This is my b’fast. Coffee and roti sisir.

The boys made their bed. I’m not aiming on perfection but I’m building a habit. To make up their bed everyday.

Oh yeah… Let me show you my tomatoes.

I grow my own tomatoes! 😆

11.22 just finished dusting, sweeping and mopping the floor, both floors 😧. Now preparing my boy’s lunch. Then I’ll get my shower ( I don’t get shower before I finish up home chores, with all the sweat and all, it’s pretty useless to have shower then getting all sweaty again) and getting on to my laundry.

If you want to lose weight and working on your muscles, stop paying maid and clean the house by yourself. You won’t have smooth hands and pretty nails, but you do save money and having your muscles build altogether. Let’s just entertain ourselves 😂

Boy’s lunch. Rawon 😋 Mom cook. Thanks mommy 😘

Abe prefer the soup in another bowl. Al prefer banjir2 😂

12.40 the boys are having their nap. The thing with older boys is that it’s harder to ask them take a nap. Sometimes they do sleep, sometimes they don’t. But as long as they have 2-3 hours resting their eyes from TV and games, I’m happy.

Before nap, they wash their own dishes, brush their teeth, wash face and everything. I was going to do laundry, but I’m gonna postpone that for later, coz I have some computer works to do.

Aaaaaaaand I usually end up with this kind of mess when doing my work 🙄 I need a bigger desk 🤔 Actually I need an office 😁

It’s 1.41. Still have some computer work to do, but gotta wrap up for now, getting ready to send Abe for tutor.

2.11 enter the boy’s room and they were actually sleeping. I’m overjoyed 😍

Udah dibangunin cepet2, eeeeeh Ms nya SMS kalo Les nya diundur jadi 3.30. Yah Ms, SMS nya telat, tau gitu kan gak dibangunin tadi, bisa tidur lebih lama 😥

4.32 and I’m at the new house, working on the floor of my boy’s room.

On the floor means I’m really getting on the floor. Scrubbing with my hands. New floor can be very gross with all the sticking flooring residue and all the dirt. But let me show you this…

I only use water and vinegar. Spray it on the floor. Leave it for a minute. Then scrub with a damp old rag. Look at the difference. Awesome! 😍

He found a new board 😪 Kids and walls seems to have a great connection 😌


New toy 😁

7.21 dinner at sop kambing (my lunch 😬). I’ve been eating at this particular sop kambing since 11 years ago at Kelapa Gading. When I moved here, I found their other brother. They’re the authentic Sop Kaki Kambing Tiga Saudara. I eat here almost every Friday 😋 My palate is happy 😁

Sampe lupa mau foto, alhasil udah pada abis hahahaha

8.50 home sweet home… Langsung tenggak Simvastatin, kepala mulai tengleng 😨 Maklum faktor U udah gak bersahabat sama kolesterol 😰

9.36 the boys are sent to bed by their Papa. I was hopelessly laying down at the sofa. The Kambing kicked me hard this time 😵 Gotta take shower and do my computer works. The night is young 🤓

My mom got oleh2 from her friend came back to Indonesia after years living in Greece. Olive oil and soap version of olive oil. I loooooove the olive oil, been using it for years. You get it very cheap in Greece but not in Indonesia. My mom brought about 15L when she came back 3 years ago. Now I’m all out of olive oil 😭 So I’m gonna try this when I have my shower. I’ll tell you how it is.

10.16 just finished my shower and I forgot to take the olive soap with me 😧 I’ll tell you tomorrow then 😀 Gonna make coffee and start my computer works 💻

10.51 and not much work has done. The connection is sooooooo bad 😤

1.21 just turned off my computer. Need to get my sleep 😴

See you tomorrow 😘