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15 Favorite YouTube Channels


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Today I’m gonna share my favorite YouTube channels that I watch every single day. I was writing a list of 10 channels then I realized, some of my fav are not in the list 😦

Well… Let’s make it 15 then! Why not? The more the merrier right 😀

I love watching YouTube videos. It literally replaces the function of TV in my life. I watch YouTube while washing dishes, ironing, cooking, I listen (yes listen) to YouTube while doing my chores & routines, and I watches YouTube while pooping *awkward

Now let me share with you what I watch everyday… Not in particular order :

1.Dave Ramsey

The father of financial freedom. Does anybody call him like that? No? Well… He is to me. He is straight forward, honest, and he lives by the Bible. And he hates stupid people, especially when they’re being stupid towards money.

He is teaching me how to be an adult in terms of handling money, that is approved by God. He hates debts, as I do. He is giving me the motivation to get out of debts. As much as I hate being in debt, I (forced to) jumped (and dive straight) into it.

Watch his latest video You CAN Take Control Of Your Money!

2.She’s In Her Apron

Kimmy is a fun woman, kindhearted, care about others, and she’s a good mom. I love watching her vlogs. She’s down to earth and honest about her life.

Watching her is like having a friend that supports you to be the best version of you. One thing I ‘envy’ from her life, she can enjoy her life. She gets to have girls night out and she has a wonderful loving husband. I love seeing them together.

Watch her latest video Dinners & Change | Housewife Life

3.TED Talks

It is a channel that have videos of people sharing inspirations, motivations, ideas, innovations, breakthrough, literary every topic and every successful names you have in mind, TED Talks have it.

Watch their latest video What makes something go viral? | Dao Nguyen

4.Joel Osteen

I watch it every morning. I dedicated 30-45 minutes every morning to do my Bible journaling, devotion, Bible reading, and I watch him.

He is the most positive person I’ve ever known and he’s a pastor/father/minister, anything you want to call him. I need his preach every morning to set myself in the right attitude, mind, behavior, anything positive.

His preach is God centered preach and I need that in my life. I need to be reminded that everything comes from God.

Watch his latest message Pit Praisers – Joel Osteen

5.Vasseur Beauty

She’s gorgeous, down to earth, funny, cute, creative. I love her organization videos. I watch each of her video till the end, coz at the end Ryan (her husband) will definitely make you laugh.

Watch her latest video 10 HEALTHY HABITS TO SLAY 2018!

6.Kalyn Nicholson

She’s pretty, fun, and she motivates and inspires me to be a better me. Her contents are worth watching.

Watch her latest video CAPRICORN | Chit Chat Get Ready With Me

7.Do It On A Dime

Catherine is a lovable person. She’s very creative in organization and she will give you ideas on how to do it without spending big amount of money.

She have 2 cute boys that I think are gonna be the next big hit on YouTube 😀

Watch her latest video NEW! DOLLAR TREE SHOP WITH ME & HAUL! 💟 Valentine’s, Quick DIYs, Organization 2018

8.Pick Up Limes

She is the kind of princess in my mind. The way she speaks, make you hooked to her. She’s calm, pretty, positive minded person. I love listening to her. Yes, her videos is the kind that you can move around and be productive while you listen to her. Her voice can even make you want to start meditating. Her voice is soothing.

Watch her latest video ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS » simple & effective approach

9.Sugar Mamma

She is a fierce woman. She’s one of the YouTuber that I listen to. She’s so passionate about finance and investments. The way she talk, you can see that she’s genuinely excited about her topics. I get fired up whenever I watch and listen to her motivating videos.

Watch her latest video Your Fabulous Financial Goals for 2018 || SugarMamma.TV

10.Happily A Housewife

Samantha is posting weekly vlogs and lifestyle. I like her coz she’s honest about her videos and she’s okay with being her. Her schedule is madness (actually similar like mine) but she enjoys her life.


11.Marnie Goldberg

She’s pretty and very stylish. She’s not into organization or normal mom life videos like most of videos I watch, but I like her. I like her style and her family. I enjoy her vlogs more than her other contents (beauty/lifestyle).

Watch her latest video 2017 Lifestyle Favorites | MsGoldgirl


She’s motivating and inspiring. Her contents are all about self development and live a better life. I love her contents and (again) I listen to her video. Just like a podcast or audio book 😀

Watch her latest video Writing your Own Personal Commandments – Book Club for Babes

13.Our Life On A Budget

She’s honest and passionate about budgeting. As someone whose on a debt free journey, I listen to people who already (or in the journey) winning over their debts. And she’s one of many.

Watch her latest video First Grocery Haul and Meal Plan for 2018

14.Lydia Senn

I found her channel when I was searching for Virtual Assistant videos and hers came up. But lately, she’s more focus on finance videos, but I still love her. She’s cute and honest. Her advice is doable and often related to me.

Watch her latest video 18 money mistakes to stop making in 2018

15.Pennies Into Pearls

She’s chatty and her personality brings me joy 😀

She’s giving real numbers from her personal budgeting. She’s into frugal lifestyle. I love her.

Watch her latest video 11 Tips to Instantly Increase Your Success When Talking About Money With Your Spouse

Give shout out to them!!!

They’re motivating and inspirational people, I love them and I think you would too.

Note : latest videos are when I’m writing this blog to schedule it live next week, so it may not be the latest by the time you’re reading it. But their videos are great, so whichever, you’ll find great contents anyway.

Share it to as many as you want so we can share the good contents that is (much) needed for us to set our foot right this year (yes, I’m still in the new year spirit).

Leave a like and tell me what is your favorite channel on YouTube in the comment section below, I might like them too 🙂

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16 Years With Tull Jye – Product Review

Yes, 16 years!

I bought my first at Top 100 supermarket in Batam, 16 years ago.

I don’t need to tell you how I love this product. 16 years… I looooooooooooove it!

I used to also use the night cream, but I don’t like it as much as I love the day cream.


It doesn’t smell good. I did use it just when I feel that my skin needs some kind of brightener. It works like magic, coz in the morning, your skin kinda glow and feel more supple, look healthier and fairer. It’s like a very long time ago since I used the night cream.

I tried to use the face soap (long time ago), but didn’t go well either.


It made my skin very dry. Never try again.

Not gonna talk more about those products. I tried and didn’t go well and I have no capacity of talking more about it since I’m not using them anymore.

So, let’s just focus on what works for me. The day cream.


Their packaging has been always changing over the past 16 years. I think its more of a precaution of a fake product.

I did once buy a fake one and I had the worst breakout. It was so bad that I had to stop any kind of face products. I was working in a hotel industry and wearing no makeup was a disaster.

How did I got better? By applying Tull Jye night cream. The night cream is a truly miracle for skin problem. If you have a breakout and acne problem, try them. For first timer, you can buy a package of day and night cream. Its smaller than the individual product.


Tull Jye have 2 skin types of products. I use the green one. Its for sensitive skin and great for oily skin like mine.

Let’s take a look what’s inside.


Make sure that its sealed.

It’s also sealed inside


Can you the oil? It’s fine. Its how it is.

I did stop using it during my pregnancies. For a whole year. And I didn’t have any skin problem while I wasn’t using it.

People said, some skin product can make your skin addicted to it. When you’re not using it, it’ll caused you a skin problem. Well, I didn’t have any problem during my absence and I didn’t have any problem when I started using it again.

It makes my skin glow and healthy. I did try so many (too many) other products and I keep going back to it.

I don’t think I ever stop using it. Unless they close shop.

Enough with the goodness, you’ll think that I’m making it up 😂 There’s something I dislike about this product. My face will have a lot of blackheads, well not black though, it’s whiteheads (I guess, if there’s such thing). But I learn how to befriend with it this whole years of us being together 😁

It maybe different with your skin, but to me it is. That’s the ONLY thing about this product that I dislike.

If you’re looking for a skin care product. Try it. Buy the set package coz its smaller and cheaper than the individual product, try for a couple of days. But… Please do your research and only buy the original product. You can look at their products here and order or you can contact them for the nearest shop for you to buy.

It’s not sponsored by Tull Jye in any means. I’m just a satisfied user and I share it coz I love it. Please remember that every skin can react differently to any products, there’s a possibility that it doesn’t suit your skin, but there’s also a chance for it to work on your skin.

The point is, you can’t say yes or no, before you try it yourself.

If you have any question or wanting any more details on my experience or you yourself have any experience with it, please leave a comment below.

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Product Review – Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System


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Now I wanna review my all-time favorite product… Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System.

I’ve been using it and loving it still after 8 years 😍

In 8 years, I’ve just been changing the batteries for only 5 times, and I’m using it for almost every night for the last 8 years.

2 AA batteries last very long 👌

In 8 years, I’ve bought 4 packets of puffs reffils.

This is what you get in the refill packet. 24 puffs + 1 attachment head.

Stick the puff to the head, put a lil water on it. That simple.

As you can see. There are some kind of crystal scrubs on the puff. That’s what exfoliate your skin. And there’s some kind of cleanser in the puff. It’ll be foamy once you scrub it onto your wet skin. Don’t get too wet tho, coz you’ll make a mess all over your face, and not able to scrub it properly.

The cleanser only be effective after once or twice, then no more cleanser, only the scrubs on the puff. It says the puff is for 1 time used only, but I use it for like 1-2 weeks. As long as the crystals are there, I don’t change the puff. What about the cleanser? I use whatever cleanser I have. Put a little on the puff, use as usual.

The tool itself will vibrate when you put it on. You’re supposed to use the tool in circle motions. It has 2 speeds option, right here…

So far… I’m happy with it. Everything last quite a long time. For the price of IDR400k (8 years ago). It’s worth every dime. The refill puffs was about IDR250k, last time I bought a year ago, when my friend was coming back from New York.

Should you buy it? I think you should. Especially when you have sensitive skin like me. Actually I bought it when I was experiencing skin problems. And loving it since. Problems or no problems 😉

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Clean, purge, organize with me – Vanity 


Welcome back 😘

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Come and join me cleaning out my vanity which has transformed to a junk drawer 😌

I’m gonna clear my drawer and my head with a cup of latte ☕

1st let me clear up the drawer. Take everything out. Everything. 

Gosh… Embarrassing 😑

Pour everything out. 

I clean the drawer and the organizing trays with my vinegar spray.

I wipe all of my make up put everything back. I have this cutlery tray already, not using it in the new house, so I use it to store my eyebrow pencil, mascara, eyeliner, lipsticks, brushes, and perfume vials. 

I use this kitchen tray to keep all of my eyeshadows​, hairbands, mirror, blushes, Makarizo hair mask and my Neutrogena Microdermabrasion pads. I’m gonna post a review on Neutrogena Microdermabrasion which I love so so very much. Been having it and using it for almost 7 years now. 

I keep my nail polishes in this​ plastic soup bowl from one restaurant, I can’t even remember where 😑 

Another bowl of nail cutter and nail gadgets, I don’t know what to call them 😁

I also keep my powerbank and earpeace in the drawer coz I’d like to do my Bible journaling every morning on my vanity. And that Blackberry cover is just there coz I sent the phone for service. 

Throw these. Clinique mascara, Maybelline mascara, and March’s compact powder. Both mascara are dried out and the powder is really about my hardheaded thing. My skin is very sensitive and extremely oily. I can’t wear a powder without blotting. I always experience powder failure episodes of beauty expert wannabe, yet I constantly repeating the same procedure of buying and throwing powders 😌 

Like I said… Vanity to junk drawer 😝 

This is how I organize my vanity drawer. I don’t have a bunch collection of makeup. I only keep what I use. 

One thing about staying organized and clutter free is to keep your collection as minimal as possible. Keep only what you use. If you need to wear makeup everyday then buy an eyeshadow pallet that has both natural and pop colors in 1 pallet. And you don’t need 15 colors of lipsticks. Choose 2-5 colors that you would actually wear, coz I don’t think black lipstick is proper for your business meetings. 

I hope this will inspire and motivate you to start cleaning and organize your vanity and look at your makeup collection. If you don’t use them for months, toss them, give it to someone else, coz they’ll go bad anyway. There’s no need to hold on to those and create more clutter. 

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Philosophy Clear Days Ahead 30 Days Trial Kit Review


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I will share a bit of everything I know, learn, do, use, like, or everything else. Well… Practically a bit of everything. *There’s a lot of everything there*

Now, I’m gonna review Philosophy Clear Days Ahead. I bought it in April 2016 for $51.85 (inc. shipping) on eBay (I will leave the links below). I was having a pretty bad acne on my face. I  tried other skin care products, but nothing seemed to work. Then I remember that I once used a Philosophy product (I can’t remember which one), I loved it. I searched online specifically on Philosophy acne products and I found it. I always buy trial kits for new skin care products I wanted to try, coz there’s always a possibility that my skin don’t have a good response to the products. The price was pretty cheap for a packet of 4 products, so I ordered. And I’m pretty happy with my decision.

It came at the middle of May and I started the treatment at night. I will review here 1 by 1.


It’s the cleanser (soapy). Smells citrus. Love it! It does make your skin feel dryer but not cracking dry (you know, like your skin crack when you smile). I used it twice a day, morning and night. Once my skin was better, I stop using it. I only use it when my acne get in action again. It’s almost empty thou’ 😦


It’s the toner pad. It’s a wet round shape tissue (kinda). So you just pad it to your skin after the cleanser, every night. Again, it make your skin dryer but I guess that’s how most acne products works. So I stop using it once my acne got better. I still have about 10-15 pads in there.


This is the acne magic gel (obat jerawatnya) 😀 I apply it to my acne after the cleanser and the toner, at night. It was a pain @.@. It sting! Gosh… I had to fan my face till the sting was gone. But it worked like a charm. The next morning, my acne was dried, reduced, and less painful.


This is the moisturizer. I seldom use this coz my skin got very oily (I have an oily skin). But now I’m using it since my acne is gone. Thank God! And its my least favorite from the packet, coz it doesn’t smell good.

The products last longer than I thought coz it worked immediately. I didn’t have to finish all to get my skin better, so I get to keep them in case it happens again. Once a while there are pimples here and there, but it’s normal. I just use it and the next day, they’re gone. Amazing!

So, if you’re having a skin problem like me, I highly recommend this to you. It’s affordable for a packet of 4 products. It’s totally worth it. Oh… And I used Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System together with it. I will review it in my next post. Stay tune!

Find products Clear Days Ahead Acne Kit Value

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The Colors I have


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I will share a bit of everything I know, learn, do, use, like, or everything else. Well… Practically a bit of everything. *There’s a lot of everything there*

Today I will lay out the colors I have in my makeup bag. It might inspire you to explore new colors. Share your colors too in a comment section below 🙂

Oh… Please don’t mind the mess. That’s what you get when you have children… They see everything as toys @.@



I love all the colors I have, but since I’m a SAHM now, I only use natural colors. Except when I have to go to a wedding or some party, then I match those with the dress I will be wearing. In fact, the colors I have are all pretty basic.

In terms of the brand, I prefer Clinique. I have an oily skin, so anything I put on my face will get messy and lumpy. That’s why I’m not a face powder girl. But Clinique kinda has a creamy feeling, it blends well on my skin. I do have to check on my eyelids once in a while but not as much as when I was wearing Revlon.

The Estee Lauder is new. So, I’m not the person to talk about it for now. I will tell you though once I get a chance to try them. Any party? 😀

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JAFRA Brightening Dynamics Skin Brightener + Review


Here I’d like to review JAFRA Brightening Dynamics Skin Brightener +

I bought it about a year ago. When my friend 1st introduced me to JAFRA. As most of we Asian girls prefer to have brighter skin, I tried to buy this product.

It was 280k something and since I applied as member, I got discount. How is it? I’ll get to it later. Now, I’m going to show you the product.

The pump didn’t work as I expected. It was hard and the cream doesn’t easily come out. And I found out that most of members does have complains about the pump.

This is how the cream looks like.

It smells nice. Like flowery orangey smell.

This is how it does to my skin.

I have a super oily skin. And it makes my skin worst. It’s just doesn’t work on my skin.

My skin got more oily and it doesn’t makes my skin looks brighter but instead I look darker coz it seems dirtier since it doesn’t have SPF and my skin absorb more dirt, if it make sense 🤔

If you have dry skin, you could give it a try. It might works better on dry skin. Though they have up the price to 310k this year, brightening products have more market in Indonesia.

If have try it, leave a comment below and share. So, others can have more reviews before they decided to purchase.

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See you in my next product review. Love you 😘

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Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser Review


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Now I’m reviewing Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and I’ve been using it for a few months. It’s fragrance free and soap free. I’d like to use it dry. Pump on my hand and apply it to my face then wash it with water. It has a creamy texture and no color, almost jelly like.

It doesn’t give me dry skin effect like most cleanser does coz I still feel my face kinda oily even after I wash it with water. I have an extremely oily skin.

It says, non comedogenic and I don’t think it works on my skin. I have an oily sensitive skin… Comedo and I kinda good friends. Been using it for months and I still don’t find them gone or even less exist on my face.

But I do feel clean and fresh after using it. I bought 500ml and use for almost 3 months. And hubby is using it too sometimes. How about you? How long they last for you? I use it morning and night.

Will I buy it again? Yes, I would. But… I think I’m gonna try other products before I settle with this one. Though I intend to buy it for Abe. He’s having teens skin problems. His skin is getting sensitive and oily and I want to find a light cleanser, this one so far is the best option for him.

I know you’re thinking why I don’t buy the oily skin type… Cetaphil does have an oily skin cleanser but it doesn’t fit my budget 😁 It’s double the price in a smaller bottle. So… No 😄

Please leave a comment below on what you’re using especially if you have an oily sensitive skin like me. I’d like to explore all options… Budget friendly options 😄

Thanks for joining me and I hope you find it useful especially when you’re in the journey in finding the right face cleanser. I’ll see you soon in my next product review.

Love y’all 💕😘

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Pampered Night 090317


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I was having a rough day. Kinda moody today. So I’ve decided to pamper myself. I took out my spa products and start washing off the negative vibes in my life. I thought… I’ll share with you what I do and what products I use 😊

Milk body scrub – Sumber Ayu Lulur Mandi Susu

I apply body scrub all over my body. I use it dry. I scrub thoroughly. Especially on my armpit, elbow, knees and my foot. Those places kinda dry so I need to scrub them and moisturizes them often.

Makarizo Hair Mask – Royal Jelly Hair Repair Mask

I don’t have any favorite hair products. I jump to any products on sale 😬 So, as I said, I found it on sale at Indomaret. I bought 3 sachet. It has a less moist feeling. It doesn’t smooth my hair but it does makes my hair less greasy for a lot longer. My scalp is very greasy. I used to washed my hair everyday but since I found my hair is dryer each days, I started washing them twice a week.

I have a very complex skin type. My face is extremely oily but… When it get easily cracked up dry and make my skin more oily in the inside. Gosh… I don’t know how to explain it. It’s just so difficult to take care of my skin.

And so does with my hair. My scalp is extremely oily, yet my hair gets easily dry. I mean dry is very dry. Like every single hair can get out of its places and stand up like a stick broom. But if I use a conditioner, my scalp is gross right at the 2nd day. And my hair don’t get better. I’m having a frustrating situation with my hair and skin 😭

OK… Get back to the product. Yes, it gives me a better hair day but still I have to hair band my hair, ponytail everytime, everyday, every second 😥

Neutrogena – Microdermabrasion Tool

I have it for 7-8 years now. Wow… O never thought a tool that I use almost everyday can last very long. I still love it. I still use it. It works great on my skin. It gives me the clean look, fix my spots, rid away acnes, less oily, and it smooths my skin. Love it. I just have to find the perfect moisturizer and night cream and I’ll have my no skin problems moments of my life. How I wish my dream came through 😓

JAFRA – Mud Mask

Well… I’ve been trying this brand since I joined their direct selling. Been trying several products but this is my ‘okay’ product. Not very excited about it but okay. Since I still have them, I’ll use them. As long as it doesn’t gives me more skin problems.

What can I say about this product? Hmmm… It makes my skin dryer? Yeah, I guess so. Less oily. But I have to immediately apply a night cream. Or else my skin will break off. So, it’s a so so product.

Don’t get me wrong. Some people gets awesome results with the brand. It’s just not the brand and the product for me.

That’s it. My simple simple home spa. A way to escape my hectic life 😁 I don’t have the budget to have a special expensive treatment so I work with what I have. And it’s enough for me right now.

Wouldn’t I want to treat myself a very nice care? Of course! Who doesn’t? Come on ladies! We’ve worked our ass off so we deserves it. Once in a while. When you have the budget. When you don’t… Don’t stress yourself wanting what everyone else is having 😄

Thanks for coming along my pampered night. I hope you have a nice pampered night yourself. Relax. Enjoy the moment. Be content. Be grateful. Be you 😃

Don’t forget to hit the ‘follow’ button if you’d like to join my blog family 😘

Love y’all 💞