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Be a model!

The world doesn’t need more geniuses.

The world needs more kindness.

The world doesn’t need more negativity.

The world needs more love.

My kids are smart. They adapt well. Grades are good. Yes, they sometimes talk back out of their knowledge over things that I probably knew little about, but it was really not in a rude way. And they sometimes are not (in a way) ideal to other parents, but who doesn’t? Coz each parents are having their own way of parenting and I am too.

I am a mom who care more on building their characters over grades. If they’re having good grades, I take it as a bonus. I do believe that love and kindness will take them rise high up there. Coz even in the self-centred world we are in, people will always always look up to someone who is kind and loving.

Mother Teresa, Oprah, Gandhi, etc are the ones we look up to for years over generations. Their stories don’t die. Time doesn’t kill their characters. And that’s what matters the most.

I expect my boys to understand their responsibilities and have more care about their surroundings. I am teaching them disciplines, time management, among other things that will help them in their adulthood coz being an adult don’t always means having more number in your age. Adulthood means a lot more than just birthdays.

I can’t possibly get to the results I am aiming to without being their role model coz there’s no way they can be ‘right’ without me being ‘right’ first. Example means the world for children.

I can’t expect them to respect a clean house without me giving them example that if you want a clean organized house, you need move your ass off the sofa and start cleaning and putting all the stuff back into their homes once you finish using them. If I’m carelessly leaving used cotton buds all over the house and not throwing them in the trash bins, I don’t get mad to the kids for doing the same.

If I expect the kids to get up in the morning and do their chores, I need to do it first so they can see that discipline need sacrifices like getting up early. I don’t wake up at 1pm and start yelling to the kids for not doing their chores coz getting up to a wrecked dirty house is annoying. Well hello… Look at yourself before you decide to scream at other people’s face!

You can be so proud of how smart you are. How easy you can solve mathematical formulas. How much (you think) you’ve done for the company you work for. How you are so right about anything and everything that you always think little of other’s opinions. How you live a great life for having the characters, principles, and the disciplines you are now. But it was all just you living in your perfect bubble self-centred life coz when you don’t give examples, you are just a bunch of craps.

I don’t want my kids to live in craps so I don’t give them examples of being one.

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Dream Hoarders

I have so many dreams. We all have. What differentiate us is whether we are a catcher or a hoarder? Are we being proactive or sit and wait?

I know some people that has great minds, has so many ideas, has so many dreams, and they talk about it like every single time I met them. They are very passionate people. It is so motivating to be around them. But then, I find them talking and talking and talking the same thing all over again and again and again, everytime I see them. For so long, all the talks goes nowhere but words.

No judging, but I do that too. I’m in the club, for some reasons. I pushed myself so hard to get out of the club. Am I out? Not yet. I’m kinda half in half out. Why so? Coz I actually made some of my dreams came true. I turn ideas into reality and I work hard on it. They need time, focus, and after all this time I’m still learning on each of them. Do I have the results I wanted? Not yet. But I believe in progress over results. I just need to keep learning and growing. But then, I have some dreams that I already started but it’s stuck. I can find so many excuses (too many actually) on why it’s stuck.

Often, we are too focus on the problems we have that we make ourselves stuck in an unended depressing situation. We keep thinking about the problems that its clouding our mind in finding a solution and making a decision. We then find ourselves in the bubble, getting cozy in it. Too comfortable sitting on the cloud, floating nowhere. Scared to move coz it might broken the bubble. It looks okay for them who are inside the bubble but annoying for the people around them. What they see that you’re being lazy, unfocus, undecided, and zero productivity. It can lead to a relationship catastrophy.

I’m not saying that you can’t have dreams. I’m saying that instead being a dream hoarders, be a dream cather. Be active in catching your dreams. Pursue them with persistency and hard work coz nothing will ever be something if we don’t do anything about it.

My 12yo boy is having a dream of being the number 1 at the graduation this June, but instead of working hard on his grades, he spend too many hours with his phone. He will have all the good intention of doing his homework or studying for a test and having his phone with him for Googling or listening to music, and always end up scrolling endlessly on Instagram or chatting with his friends.

Then what? I (yes, me!) eliminate the distraction by taking his phone on hold. He will not have his phone back until after final test, which is about 2 months. Did he agree? Noooooooooo. You see, kids now would rather suffer from hunger rather than away from their phone. Sometimes we need someone else to help us get back on track. To motivate and to remind us to our goals.

It disturbs me to see someone laying around or sitting doing nothing. I hate lazy people. It annoys me that someone can say so much but zero action. We all have our own problems that can make us feel like not wanting to do anything. I do too. But I push myself to get out of it instead of crying on it and stays in the mud for so freaking long. If I hate to be in one place, I want to get out of there as soon as possible by moving my feet away from it. See, I actually need to MOVE my feet to get out of there, is an action.

It apllies on your dreams too. You call it dreams or goals or whatever you want, they still need an actual action to come true, to accomplish. I know it takes time, then take your time by doing it one step at a time. Make a plan, do bit by bit every single day, coz I believe doing small can really mean something than doing nothing at all.

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Bolt Home + Big TV Review – Bahasa Indonesia


Welcome to my blog πŸ™‚

Kali ini saya mau bagi-bagi pengalaman tentang Bolt Home & Big TV, internet dan TV berbayar. Blog kali ini saya pakai Bahasa Indonesia karena yang mau saya bicarakan adalah produk Indonesia yang dipakai oleh kebanyakan orang Indonesia. Semoga bisa membantu ya πŸ™‚

Saya mulai ceritanya dari awal nih, biar lebih nyambung…

Saat saya pindah ke kota ini 4th yang lalu, saya mengontrak sebuah rumah dan berlangganan Big TV. Waktu itu pas lagi belanja di Hypermart trus sales nya nawarin harga promo, so saya memutuskan berlangganan karena memang sejak dulu saya membiasakan anak-anak saya menonton Disney Channel dan channel anak-anak ber Bahasa Inggris. Dengan tidak mengurangi rasa nasionalis saya sebagai orang Indonesia, saya memutuskan untuk tidak membiasakan anak-anak menonton acara tv lokal (RCTI, SCTV, dll) yang kebanyakan menyuguhkan tayangan yang tidak sesuai dengan prinsip pendidikan yang saya terapkan kepada anak-anak saya. Disclaimer, ini pendapat saya pribadi dan saya yakin kita masing-masing memiliki pemikiran dan kebijakan sendiri yang diterapkan dalam keluarga kita. So, please respect one’s opinion and don’t get easily jumped on it when it’s not the same as yours πŸ™‚

Singkat cerita, setelah setahun kami berlangganan, kami pindah ke rumah kami sendiri (masih dalam kota yang sama) dan memutuskan untuk tidak melanjutkan berlangganan karena kami harus meneruskan paket berlangganan dengan provider lain yang belum genap 1 th. As we all know, biasanya paket berlangganan tiap provider itu minimal 1 th. Sebulan sebelum pindah, saya sudah menghubungi pihak Big TV untuk pemutusan berlangganan dan agar perangkat segera diambil sebelum saya pindah. Kan gak enak kalau misalnya rumah itu sudah dikontrak orang lain, trus saya harus ganggu mereka untuk pencopotan perangkat, makanya saya sudah menguhubungi call centre jauh-jauh hari. Pada awalnya pihak Big TV hendak mengenakan biaya pemutusan sebesar Rp. 100.000 tapi saya nolak, sesuai perjanjian pemutusan hubungan setelah 1 th tidak dikenakan biaya. Pihak Big TV menyetujui (karena memang saya benar) dan mengatakan akan ada teknisi yang menghubungi untuk pelepasan perangkat.

Tunggu punya tunggu, tidak ada yang menghubungi dan datang untuk melepaskan perangkat dan saya sibuk ngurus-ngurus pindahan. Decoder saya bawa pindahan ke rumah baru, saya simpan lengkap dengan semua lembaran-lembaran formulir pendaftaran di dalam box decoder Big TV, in case mereka contact saya setelah saya pindah, and saya merasa bertanggungjawab atas decoder tersebut karena itu memang tidak menjadi hak milik saya. Setahun lebih saya tinggal di rumah baru, berpikir bahwa urusan dengan Big TV sudah selesai.

Setahun lebih saya berusaha mencari provider internet yang bisa supply kebutuhan saya di rumah, tapi hasilnya nihil. FYI, saya tidak tinggal di kompleks perumahan tapi hanya berjarak 100-500 meter dari 5 buah kompleks perumahan di sekitar rumah saya. LIMA.

Setiap hari saya melewati kompleks-kompleks itu dan selalu melihat provider internet wara wiri menawarkan paket-paketnya dan sibuk tarik-tarik kabel ke rumah-rumah itu. Berkali- kali pula saya ajak mereka ke rumah saya untuk bisa mendaftarkan saya sebagai pelanggan dan berkali-kali pula saya kecewa. Tidak ada satu pun yang menyediakan layanan kepada kami diluar perumahan alias di perkampungan 😦 Indie Home, My Republic, Bolt, First Media, Neuviz, BNetFit, dan lainnya yang sudah saya lupa nama-nama nya. Sedih ya? 😦

Kenapa saya sampai ngotot mau berlangganan internet di rumah? Kan tinggal beli paket kuota aja. Well, its that simple kalau pemakaian saya cuma sekedar untuk chat dan browsing biasa, tapi saya bukan sekedar pengguna internet biasa (berasa makhluk asing hahaha) karena pemakaian kuota saya sekitar 50GB per minggu. Banyak? Banget. Buat apa aja? Pasti YouTube an terus! Yes and no hehehe. Saya emang addicted to YouTube πŸ˜€ Tapi… Saya gak streaming loh, saya selalu download video yang mau saya tonton. Memang menguras kuota juga tapi tidak sebesar kalau kita streaming. And saya pake internet bukan cuma untuk nonton YouTube. Saya juga kerja dari rumah. Kerja apa? Saya Virtual Assistant. Apaan tuh? Mau tau? Komen dibawah kalo kamu mau tau apa aja kerjaan saya sebagai VA πŸ™‚ Trus saya juga punya online shop. Upload and download file dan foto, makan kuota banget.

Kalau saya beli kuota gede terus setiap minggu, bangkrut dong 😦 Belum lagi kebutuhan internet suami dan anak remaja saya. Jadinya boros kan?

Awal-awal saya pindah, sekitar 4 bulanan, saya pernah panggil sales Bolt ke rumah buat daftar berlangganan paket unlimited nya, tapi ternyata sinyal nya ngalor ngidul. Di rumah saya cuma bisa pake Telkomsel, Indosat, SmartFren, dan 3. Tapi… sekitar 2 bulan lalu ipar saya pas nginap di rumah, iseng nyalain modem Bolt nya dan BISA!!! Sinyal nya bagus banget pula.

Harapan saya kembali berkobar-kobar kayak api Olympic. Saya langsung browsing cari sales yang bisa bantu saya pasang Bolt Home di rumah. Itu pun perjuangan banget, karena mostly mereka gak mau visit ke rumah untuk cek sinyal langsung, mereka mau nya saya langsung register online, sedangkan saya mau nya bener-bener bukti bahwa daerah rumah saya sudah tercover sinyal Bolt. Malah ada sales yang nyolot karena saya maunya dia datang ke rumah. Tapi akhirnya saya ketemu sales yang ramah dan baik hati. Dia jauh-jauh datang dari Tangerang dan bantu saya sampe persoalan saya selesai. Loh… persoalan apa?

Sebelum saya sampai ke persoalan itu, saya kasih tau dulu paket apa yang saya ambil dan dapat apa aja. Saya ambil paket Big Deal Unlimited yaitu Bolt Home Unlimited 8Mbps dan paket tv Big Deal.

big tv

Kemarin gak kepikiran mau ulas ini, jadi gak difoto-fotoin. Ini outdoor yang dipasang diatas genteng di bagian belakang rumah.

bolt home

Ini indoor nya.

Monggo liat-liat langsung paket dan program mereka disini

So… sekarang ke permasalahannya ya. Setelah si mbak cek sinyal, saya didaftarkan cuma pake KTP dan salah satu bukti bahwa kita memang tinggal di rumah itu (surat keterangan domisili kalo alamat di KTP tidak sesuai dengan alamat tempat tinggal sekarang atw pake bukti bayar PLN atw pake PBB rumah), trus saya ke ATM untuk bayar biaya bulan pertama. Kalo belum bayar, belum bisa diproses. Habis bayar, pihak Bolt akan telepon ke no hp yang kita kasih. Sekitar 2 jam setelah saya transfer, pihak Bolt telp, saya udah girang aja. Eeeeeeeeeh… mereka telp cuma mau kasih tau bahwa saya masih punya hutang Rp. 153.000!!! Pendaftaran saya gak akan diproses kalau itu belum dibayar.

OMG! Kejadian 1.5th lalu yang seharusnya sudah beres ternyata malah ribet urusannya. Padahal dulu waktu saya telp pemutusan ke call centre, saya sudah dinyatakan tidak mempunyai tanggungan biaya apapun alias lunas. Saya yang telp minta mereka ambil perangkat juga dicuekin.

Setelah sempat kesel dan ngomel-ngomel, akhirnya saya bayar aja yang Rp. 153.000 daripada harus keluar pulsa lagi buat telp + hati gondok, biar hidup pun jadi tenang gak punya hutang and it’s not even my fault 😦 Setelah bayar pake e-banking, saya info ke si mbak nya, trus disuruh tunggu telp dari Bolt lagi untuk pemasangan. Ok mbak! Senang lagi deh hati saya.

Eeeeeeeeeeh trus saya dapat telp dari teknisi Big TV katanya mau ambil perangkat. What???? Ya ampyuuuuuuun, setahun kemarin kemana aja??? Itu rumah udah gak tau ditinggalin sama siapa, masa mau bongkar2 di rumah orang??? Sabar… sabar… sabar… Gak ada gunanya juga marah-marah sendiri, kesal hati, bete, gak akan menyelesaikan masalah, internet pun gak kepasang *big sigh. Akhirnya saya janjian lah dengan yang pemilik rumah dan teknisi untuk pengambilan perangkat, kelar sudah urusannya.

Malamnya, pihak Bolt telp janjian buat besok nya pemasangan router dan antena Big TV, daaaaaaaaaan sekarang saya bebas streaming YouTube dan bisa kerja siang malam bebas download and upload file yang segede-gede gaban tanpa harus kuatir keabisan kuota. Memang setiap mau mendapatkan sesuatu, harus ada yang dikorbankan, kali ini saya korban perasaan dan uang Rp. 153.000 😦 Ya sutrahlah, ikhlasin aja πŸ™‚

2 minggu saya pakai Bolt Home, ada sedikit kendala di net nya suka ngilang-ngilang. Solusi nya gampang sih, tinggal cabut kabel power router indoor nya trus pasang lagi, biasanya udah langsung lancar. Tapi pernah dalam sehari saya sampe cabut pasang lebih dari 10x 😦 Sekarang lagi lancar-lancar jaya. Saya maklumin aja, soalnya selama seabad lebih pake internet, belum pernah ada provider yang sempurna, dan Bolt bukan pengecualian hehehehe. Terus Big TV nya dapat semua chanel selama 2 minggu doang 😦 Sekarang udah balik ke chanel basic, seusai hak saya hehehehe. Saya sadar diri kok πŸ˜€ Tapi biasanya kalo ada event tertentu, suka dibukain lagi semua chanel nya, saya sabar menunggu πŸ˜€

Lumayan panjang nih ceritanya, sekiranya ada yang mau ditanya, silahkan komen di kolom komentar. Tapi jangan lupa subscribe dulu ya πŸ™‚


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Insecurity | Dessy’s Days

I just saw an episode of The Good Doctor and it hit me. There’s this woman at the age of 50s who had so many transplants in her body to make her feel pretty and wanted again, just like before she was young with no kids.

It finally getting back on her that her transplants are infected and needed to be removed. All of them. It’s said about 6 transplants all over her body including her face. The doctors needed to move fast or she’ll die.

Knowing that the transplants will caused her life, she refused the procedures. She said that since she had kids, her life was miserable, caused by the depression of feeling insecure. Thought that she had lost her beauty coz she felt tired from taking care of the house, the kids, and her husband, no time to take care of herself. She was feeling unwanted and under appreciated.

But after she had her 1st transplant, everything seemed better. Her husband started to looked at her again. So wanting more love, she added more transplants. Now she feels that without her transplants, she’s back to being nobody again. To being invisible again.

I totally get her.

After some times, my insecurities has gotten worst. I don’t even want to take selfie again. I tried so many times and deleted so many photos I took on myself. I don’t look good anymore. Everytime I look at the pictures I just took, all I see are flaws. Nothing looks good. No pose looks good. No angle is the good angle.

That’s why my Instagram account has very limited picture of myself. I’m hiding myself behind the image I try to create on Instagram and my blog. And I think, I’m doing good hiding.

But today, I landed on some Instagram accounts that has so many pictures of themselves and they are all looking good. Look good doesn’t always mean perfect pose and pretty face. I see sparkles on each of their pictures. I see confident. I see spirits. I see beauty. How about me? I feel left behind. I don’t have what they have.

I wanna be like them. I wanna have what they all have. I wanna feel alive again. I wanna be me again.

So many things happen and I feel overwhelmed. But I need this getting myself together thing. I need to step up my game to find what’s lost.

Can anybody relate? What do you do to find yourself again? To be confident again. Leave a comment below and let’s connect.

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A Journey Of Finding A Church | Christianity | Spiritual Journey

I’ve been obligated to have a religion that will be my spiritual identity, since I was born. Maybe we all are ‘obligated’ in some ways.

I have learned some religions in order to find my religious identity and it’s not easy. You got judgments and doubts and thoughts and even I was in the state of doubting myself.

But I never, ever, has doubted God. The creator of the universe and me. I am more of a spiritual person than a religious one. I find that religions are ‘more human’ than God itself. Religion makes people ‘holy’ and selfish.

Disclaimer : It’s my own opinion that is not intended to offense anybody.

But… As we live in the world of boxes, somehow we need to fit in to one of those boxes. So do I and my children.

I’ve been raised in a Catholic family and been a Catholic for so many years but then after I got married, my husband introduced me to Christianity.

Again I have some thoughts, doubts, questions, and disagreement over the religion. But I tried to oblige and observance in the same time. Not a religious material to do right?

I’ve been going to the same church for years and I didn’t feel peace. Life went on and I went along.

Then I moved to another town and found the church (the same one at the last town) and I brought myself and the kids to that church. I thought that if I go to a different ‘branch’, there’s some different, but I was wrong. It’s the same, so I still had my old feelings.

I felt that I was in a state of lying to myself and God. Like a hypocrite. Even my kids didn’t want to go to their Sunday School. Coz they’re feeling the same as I felt. Some uncomfortable feelings.

For some times, we stopped going to church. I felt like I was a bad mom, not fulfilling my job in giving my kid’s soul needs. I want my children to have a consciousness of having God. The One that control the universe. The One that giving them mercy and love. The One that over power the whole world.

Then one day, my prayers was answered. A friend of my mom came visiting one day and the conversation was led to me not going to church and when she goes. So she informed me where the church is and the time of Sunday service.

Sunday came. I was driving my car and literally in a junction. Turn right to the old church or turn left to the new church. I was debating with myself and finally turn my wheel to the left. As I was driving, I already felt some hope but again debating whether I was to send the kids straight to the Sunday School classes or letting them in the service with me.

I was at the church, parking my car, walking in, and the classes was already began. I asked the kids (hoping) if they wanted to go to the classes. And they went in without any fuss. They were just saying bye and went in. It was a relief. They didn’t know anybody coz we’re new in town and it’s our first time in the church.

I went up to the service, found myself a seat, and joined in. The church isn’t as big as my old one was. The people is more humble and I felt welcomed. Unlike the rich people in my old church, that were not seemed aware of each others, even careless. Being alone and don’t feel belong to is not the feeling we’re supposed to be getting from a church. But here, in this new church, on my first time, I already felt like a family.

And more to my surprise, the focus of the church was not getting as much money as possible (which is the focus of the old church) but getting as much souls (to believes in Jesus as saviour) as possible. I felt rejoice and yes they’re getting a new soul. Mine and my kid’s.

Now, we don’t skip church unless one of us were sick. The kids were not as lazy as they were. Before, they were even cried if I asked them to go to church for Sunday School. Now, they got up voluntarily and always share good stories of what they learned from Sunday classes.

The kids are now joining the music ministry classes. Abe (my oldest, 12yo) is joining drum class and Al (my youngest, 9yo) is joining keyboard class. For FREE!!! At my old church everything was monetized, including giving our self to serve God, we need to pay.

I thank God for sending me someone who informed me of this church. I thank God for giving me a second chance to find Him. I thank God for letting my children to serve Him. I thank God that I am more in love with Him through this church.

The pastor of this church is always emphasizing on getting more souls not in a way of dragging them from other church to go into this church. He is always saying that we need to save new souls so more people knows and believes on Jesus Christ. He has strong disagreement on moving other Christians from one church to another church.

Well, I disagree with him. I know for myself that not every Christian that are already in a church have their souls on God. I know for sure that not every Christian goes to church every Sunday out of their faith on Jesus. Coz I know, I’ve been going just wanted to fit in the box. So that I have a religion identity.

The church is supposed to change our old self into our new that believes and surrender only to Jesus Christ, reflecting Jesus in our everyday life. And if after so many years, one don’t feel any will power to change their old self, to be more like Jesus rather than the world. Then I say, find another church coz they obviously needs to be saved, like I am saved.

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February Finance Stats | Frugal Living | Frugal Lifestyle | Budgeting


Welcome back fam ❀

And welcome to you if you’re new. Subscribe if you haven’t already. I post a bit of everything including my frugal debt free journey. I’d love to have you join my blog family πŸ€—

Today is Saturday and it’s a new month, so I will be sharing my February Finance Stats. I will tell you what each categories are and why the stats are what they are.

If you’re new, I’m a mom of 2 boys (12 & 9), living in one income with minimum salary because I’m working from home as a Virtual Assistant.

We were not wise with money, hubs and I. We use credit cards, eating out too much, going to the mall almost every day with lame excuses, and many stupid money decisions.

Now hubs business is taking a downfall and we’re in the gutter. I have to step up and provide the family. I’ve been a frugal girl in my young age and I care less about high class lifestyle. It all was fading away as I got married and had children. I guess it’s true that you are what your tribe is. But now I have to stand up and try winning this challenge so I’m back in frugal lifestyle and start budgeting again.

I just started using Money Manager app on my phone and it’s amazing. It’s unlike any other budgeting apps. Money Manager free version is like a pro version and I don’t think I need to upgrade anytime soon. This app deserve a post on its own. Let me know in the comment section below if it interest you on me taking a deep details on it.

Now I’ll show you my Feb stats…


My categories are :

  • Health is for any medicines and health treatment. We do have medical coverage however a few pharmaceuticals and medications are not secured so we do need to pay.
  • Education is for school tuition, tutor, school supplies and everything related to school.
  • Debt payment is obviously to pay my debts.
  • Household is for toiletries, electricity, cooking gas, etc.
  • Food is for our food supply. Fresh produce, meats, fruits, etc.
  • Fun is my least favorite πŸ˜₯ It’s for anything outside of other categories that can probably more want than need, such as hubby’s cigarette, take out, etc. I have each category for each person in the family. So I know whose been lavishly spending money πŸ˜‘
  • Transportation is for fuel and any other related to transportation such bus or train or Uber.
  • Savings is any amount of money I save each month including my 52 weeks saving challenge.
  • Give is for church or any other random donation I give.
  • Beauty is in the bottom list. I try to stretch my beauty product as long as possible. Being pretty is expensive 😁

I do get baffled on the Fun category that is as large as Food category where I can utilize that cash all tossed into things that are more essential.

But the biggest chunk of Fun was buying tickets to an amusement park on Chinese New year. The boys was having fun, so I try to let it go. Having fun once in a while is allowed and the money I’m earning is supposed to bring joy to my kids, wisely.

What apps are you using to keep track of your budgeting and what do you like about it? Leave a comment below.

Leave a like if you like this kind of topic and I will try to get more in depth on my frugal debt free journey.

Don’t forget to subscribe so we can connect and share more.

In case you miss my latest post


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Mom Confessions | Mom Life | Motherhood | Dessy’s Days

I’m a mom of two beautiful boys. As much as I love my boys, as an SAHM, I have some confessions to make πŸ™‡β€β™€οΈ

  1. I send the kids to school with my pajama and no bra. Well, I change my shorts into yoga pants, wear an oversize jacket to hide some inappropriate scene for the moms to talk about, brush my teeth, wash my face, a sandal, and put my sunglasses on. That’s it. In the morning I focus only on the boys and kinda care less about myself. As long as I got their breakfast, lunch bag ready, and they’re not late for school, that’s all I care about.
  2. Sometimes my kids wear wrong uniforms and I force them to face ‘the humiliation’ coz I’m not going back home and get the uniform. Well that happens about 3 times a semester, so I’m not gonna exaggerate it.
  3. I’m a very impatient mom. I often cut my kid’s sentences. I says “QUICK” hundreds of time every 5 minutes. I want my kids to be fast like me. I talk fast (I’m a straight forward person, I don’t play with words to get to my point). I move fast (move means doing everything from chores, work, etc). But then I know, I have to realize (at some points I forgot to) that my kids are not me. I have to respect who they are and try to calm myself.
  4. I’m happy when they’re at school and when they’re asleep. I finally can have moments for myself and enjoying the quietness of my life. Finally. Even that I don’t get to sit and watch TV or do some lazy time (coz I always be doing my chores or works), I enjoy some alone time.
  5. Sometimes I ignore my kids coz I’ve had enough “mom mom mom mom” of the day. If you have kids, it’s like a broken records playing the moms part again and again and again, like constantly, nonstop. Mom, I’m hungry. Mom, do you see my book?. Mom, I want some snacks. Mom, can I pee in your toilet? Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Aaaaaaaaaaaargh!!!
  6. I do ‘pooping lies’. Toilet is my sanctuary. That’s the ONLY place where I can runaway from the kids. I read a book, watch YouTube, writes, or just sitting and breathing. Grateful that I can still survive those cute little monsters that I love so much (ironic).
  7. Sometimes I forced my kids to take a nap (when they have time) because I wanted a nap. I became a troll when they refused to have naps. Come on kids!!! What’s not to like about taking a nap??? Seriously!!!
  8. When I’m too lazy too cook, I just give them junk food. Sorry kids… The chef is taking an off day. And frankly, the kids love junk food more than they love my cooks, so it’s a win win.
  9. I thought of going back to work full time just because I miss having a social life. I miss having lunch and chit chat with people not my kids and hubby. But I never have the heart to do it. I’ve been a stay at home mom for 7 years now, been sending resumes, been to interviews, but I always stop right at that point. Getting a job offers and went to interviews bring me satisfaction or somehow makes me feel that I’m not just a stay at home mom. I still have values. I still get recognized. You know, we as stay at home mom, often feel left behind and got undervalued just because we’re not a sassy beautiful dressed up career woman. But WE ARE! WE ARE A SASSY BEAUTIFUL STAY AT HOME MOMS!
  10. I asked my boys to help clean the house and have full responsibility of their room because I told them it’s their life skills. Which is true. But one of the reason is that I refused to do the house chores all by myself. We live together in this house people! Get your ass off that couch and start cleaning!!!

Being a mom is hard work. Being a stay at home mom is even harder. I used to be judging moms that have a melt down kids at a restaurant. I make comments on moms who complains about their kids. And so many ‘negative mom attitude’ towards their kids.

Let me tell you something. You need to be with them full time to understand how it is to be a stay at home mom. I literally stop judging when I started this stay at home mom thing as my full day job 7 years ago.

Bonus : I don’t let my kids to be independent. I don’t let them going to school alone and the school is just 10 minutes away by bike. I don’t let them go hang out with their friends without me. Where ever they go, there will be me. Even to my teen boy. I know that I embarrass him and I don’t care. I will be their taxi even till the day I send them to their office for work hahaha

No judging πŸ₯‚

We are all have our success and mistakes. We all are having a different stories. We are all having different priorities. We are all doing our best with what we have.

There are no wrongs or rights. We are all good moms. Be proud of yourself. When things are hard, know that you’re doing your best, give a pad on your back, pray to Heavenly Father to give you the strength you need. Then carry on.

Sending you all a huge love from one mom to another ❀

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No Way Out!

Monday was a day that Al (my youngest son) was supposed to have a Difteri shot. We’ve been preparing since Friday. Even still encouraging him on Monday morning and he was so ready.

I was at home working and had a complete trust in him. At 11 something, a friend of mine said that Al was not shot. I tried to contact his teacher and she said that Al (said) was having a flu so they skipped him.

I was so mad. It’s the second time he played as a sick child so that he’ll skip the shot. When he got home, I encountered him. He started crying. I explained to him that it’s not because of him being scared of getting a shot and not because of him not getting a shot coz we can always do it some other time. I was mad because of him lying for not getting a shot.

I told him that it is a must for him to get a shot. For his own good. It is something that he can’t get away with. Even he didn’t get a shot at school, I’ll still be taking him to a clinic to get a shot.

Kids still don’t understand the meaning of obligation and responsibility. They think they can get away from it. They might take a detour but they still have to come back, coz there’s really no way out of any of our life’s obligations and responsibilities. No Way Out!

If it’s an obligation than you MUST do it. Like school, you have to get up every morning with all the morning routines and go to school. Every single day, unless it’s weekend. You can skip school if you’re sick but as you got healthy again, you’re going back to school.

Me, as a mom, I have obligations and responsibilities too. All the house chores, taking the kids to and from school, cooking, helping the kids for exams, school projects, while doing my VA works. I don’t have to wanting to do it, I MUST do it. There’s no way I can get away from it.

Do I always want to do it? No. I want to watch TV, laying in bed, sleeping in, do whatever I want without looking at the clock all the time, and don’t have to worry about the messy house. But I can’t get away from it.

Not everybody knows the difference between responsibility and right. Some people only know how to get their rights. These people think that the world owe them. They would ask for your respect even though they don’t deserve it. They demand for our understanding when they don’t even care about us. They ask and ask without giving.

It takes maturity, wisdom, and humility to be a responsible person. It has nothing to do with age coz we can always find a 40 years old with the mind of a nine.

It is my responsibility to teach my children the importance of doing their obligations and responsibilities before asking for their rights.

They need to be aware when personal pleasure matters more to them than the needs of others. These self centered thing can lead them to damaging their selves and their future.

Needs hard work to teach a child but it’s nearly impossible to teach an adult.

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Deluxe Banarolla | Product Review | Indonesian Snack


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Today I’m reviewing Deluxe Banarolla. An Indonesian snack based on banana. It’s a hits nowadays and everybody is talking about it.

I want to talk about it too. Now shall we?

I bought it from a friend at my boy’s school. Before I bought it from her, I checked the price online and it’s about IDR 5k different. I thought I’ll buy from her, supporting her business.

It’s a refill pack of 250gr in a price of IDR 45k ($3.32). It contains of 12 individual packs and I asked for all 4 flavors. Choconut, Double Choco, Green Tea Almond, and Choco Milky Oreo.

When you open the pack, you’ll find a greeting card and I find it cute. Makes it more personal and it’s a great marketing approach.

Let’s review one by one.

It’s the green tea almond. I like green tea and I like chocolate, so I like it. The green tea taste isn’t as strong as I’d like coz it’s more of a white chocolate with green tea flavor.

This is Choconut and the chocolate is yummy. It’s not too sweet and the bitterness of chocolate is there but not overpowering. I like it.

This is Choco Milky Oreo. If you like Oreo then you’re gonna love it. But I don’t think this is the vanilla Oreo coz the flavor is quite different. I only have vanilla Oreo coz I don’t like other flavors. It’s too sweet for me.

The last is Double Choco. It’s the same chocolate but with chocolate chips. You can only find about 3-4 chocolate chips there, so I don’t find it have any different in flavor.

What about the inside?

Well… the inside is all the same. It’s a dried banana rolls like in ladies fingers, covered with different toppings of chocolates.

Do I like them? Yes, I do.

Will I buy them again? No, I don’t think so. Well maybe, on occasions.

Why not?

1. It’s quite pricy. IDR 45k for 12pcs means IDR4k/pc ($0.29).

2. It’s a sweet treats and I don’t encourage my family having too much sweet treats.

3. There’s really nothing special and difficult in this snack. I can recreate this even though not from scratch. I can buy the banana rolls and dip them in my homemade chocolate fondue. It’ll be a lot cheaper and I can have a lot more with the same money.

But, it’s a great gifts if you want to send them on Valentines or Mother’s Day or Birthdays. The packaging is nice and representatives. You can buy the individual pack in a tin if you want.

You can visit their Instagram @banarolla and their website

This review is my own personal opinion and doesn’t have to be other’s. Have you tried this? What flavor do you like? Share with us and comment below 😊

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Teaching Leadership

My 11 years old boy was ‘complaining’ about his friends that are always appointing him to be a leader in class projects or if there’s any sort of class competition.

When he said that, I was in awe. Proud of my boy and kinda ashamed with myself coz I always complain about him being so busy with class projects as if he’s working alone.

I stopped for a moment before I can respond to him. I was thinking what will be the best answer for that. I don’t want to say something that I can’t even do it myself.

I let him talk for a while and I asked him some more questions about how he feels so I myself can arrange my respond 😁

Then I told him to embrace every opportunity given to him. For him to learn as much as he can. There will be times (a lot of times) that our hard works are being underrated and unappreciated, but whatever the outcome is, there will ALWAYS be something to learn from. ALWAYS.

Being a leader is not easy. It takes responsibility to accomplish the goals in producing the best result with hard works. It needs good communication skills so he can delegate the works. It takes courage and humility to accept failures. It is a big job for us adults, let alone teens.

I told him to see everything as a learning process. A journey to maturity. A road that he can’t escape. The only way to get through it is taking it step by step with great attitude that will lead him to be a success mature man.

The journey will not be a smooth silky road but it worth every bump. I need to prepare him for heartache, rejection, humiliation, disappointment, and lost. While I’m teaching him how to appreciate and embrace the joy and the luxury of being a child.

Parenting style 10 years ago was definitely different with the style right now in the millennial. Kids are more aware of their self titled and more aggressive in showing off their existence. Yet with the exposure of internet, kids are now more fragile.

Parents are now getting challenged to keep up while upgrading their patience level. One thing for sure, kids see us. They adore us. They will do what we do. We are their idol. They want to be like us. So… Be a model.

There’s no better way to teach a child other than being an example.