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Torabika Double Up – Product Review


Welcome back 😘 Thank you for coming back and staying with me, coz I love to share my lil bit of everything with you all πŸ˜„

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Today I’d like to share my experience with yet another coffee 😁 For you who has been with me for awhile knows that I looooooove coffee. I drink 2-3 mugs of coffee everyday. My hubby is trying to cut me down on it, but please… Who is he kidding? πŸ˜‰

Coffee lovers know that the searching of ‘The best’ coffee will never an ending journey. So am I.

This is actually an accidental purchase 😁 I thought I was getting something else, another brand. Then when I checked at home, it wasn’t. I bought 20 packages, so might as well just get into it.

It is Torabika Double Up 3in1. Indonesia love using the name of 2in1, 3in1, etc hahahaha.

So it’s actually a package of two sachet in 1. I suppose, I have to cut half, drink it, and keep half for another cup.

At first I tried with my usual coffee mug.

It was too thin. It was watery and blah.

Then I use this small glass.

It was fine. But I don’t drink coffee in small glass.

Then I tried this.

A big mug I bought from J Coffee years ago 😁

Both sachets in 1 big mug. Spot on! It’s almost perfect. Almost. I just wish I can get less sweet coffee from any brand, that would be a joy.

It is said that 1 sachet is for 150ml water. Well maybe, I don’t know the volume of my cups and mugs and glasses at home.

Look at this beauty 😍

It is thick, well not as thick as I wanted, but it’s very close to my liking. It doesn’t hurt my gastritis, it’s creamy, and it has the nice bitterness of coffee. I like it more bitter, but it’s okay for me.

For you who like creamy coffee yet still crave for the kick of the coffee bitterness, it’s the coffee you should get.

Take 1 sachet in a small cup or glass and it’s kicking. Take 2 sachets in a big mug and it’s so fine for a coffee talk with a friend or just sitting hours in front of the computer working on your to do list.

I definitely will always have this in my coffee bin. Again, I wish I can have less sweet on it. A girl can wish right? πŸ˜†



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