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I Don’t Swear!

I lose respect for those mouths who’s enjoying a lot of Christian faith base languages but don’t have actions to back it up.

Those mouths are so holy and so full of god that they forget to actually be a Christian.

How often do we get into arguments about theology of tattoos but yet completely forget to be loving and humble and gracious in that conversations?

We get so caught up in the details of our Christianity that we missed the big picture. GOD.

For years, I’ve seen people in my life wrapping themselves in Christianity, doing all kind of ‘Christianity routines’, using Christianity dictionary, swearing as Christian, knowing all the Christian songs, going to churches, all Christian things. But, they missed GOD.

They are so blinded by their own images that they forgot about God’s image.

We might knows all Bible’s chapters and verses, goes to church every Sunday, goes to Bible classes, serves at a church, saying all the righteous words, but do we use our knowledge on God, our earthly influence to invite people into God’s family or do we use it to shut them out?

People would certainly staying away from hypocrites rather than sit close to them, coz we can say we’re going to do something and we can sound righteous, but never actually do it. Hypocrites.

We can see on TV, all over the news, how hatred consumes our lives, in the name of God. How killing other people becoming the word of God. How persecution has become the proof of obedience. How religion has becoming more important than God itself.

The details of our faith are important but they should never come at the cost of the big picture. GOD.

Let’s sit down and have a good look at ourselves and answer these questions.

  1. Is our faith inclusive or exclusive?
  2. Do our faith point people towards God or towards ourselves?
  3. Are our integrity proven by actions or simply words?
  4. Are we caught up in the minutia, that we’re neglecting the basics of faith?
  5. Are we what we swore we would never become?

I’m a strong believer that if we want to change this broken world we live in, we should start from ourselves.

Start doing the right thing rather than waiting for others to do it right. This world is never just a black and white canvas, there’s always other colors in it. Will we make the best out of the messy colors? Or will we ignore and add more mess?



An ordinary mom trying to do my bit of everything in the best way I could

2 thoughts on “I Don’t Swear!

  1. This is exactly what i was just saying to the church are we out there bringing people to God or we are to busy pointing fingers to ungodly people. In what way are we christians if all we do is trying to save ourselves. Once you become a christian we definietely need to start with ourselves but keep in mind that is not for ourselves anymore. Our starting with ourselves is for others to see how Jesus can renew and change a person. Hoping that others are led by your example. Thank you for being so courageous and writting this blog my intentions where to do the same thing but id didn’t know how to start and now that i see you im led by your example. Encouraging me to start writing my blog. Thank you! 😄


    1. You are very welcome. I’m happy that I can touch someone else’s life. It’s not easy being the follower of The Christ, coz we need to think about other than ourselves. We need to keep reminding ourselves to live in God and for God only. Don’t get distracted by the world. God owns the world. Keep the faith and keep doing the right thing for others to follow our example. God bless 🙏

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