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The Revelation

I’m torn between two edges of propositions. Afraid if I’m incapable of supplying the demands, the needs. It should’ve been easier if I’m fully in control, but I’m not. 

What’s the point of your existence when you don’t present? What’s all the words when you don’t act likewise? 

No one really care when me or my life are laying around in ruins. But the minute that I start to rebuild, the minute I start to make progress in my life, all of a sudden everybody got an opinion. 

Whenever I try and do good, I’ve always been faced with opposition, rejection, humiliation. My intention have always been sidetracked by negativity. No good whatsoever. 

Should I stop? Quit trying? Often times the answer is obvious. But that’s not what God wants me to do. 

In order to do the difficult and even controversial, we have to be willing to work with our weapon in hand. 

When hateful words are thrown our way, we can replace those words in our mind and heart with God’s truth. 

We protect ourselves with God’s words. 

Yes, it’s hard and need a lot of work. But I’ll keep my faith that God is holding my hands and fight this together. 

Till the time comes. The revelation.