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Tithe or not tithe

Let me tell you something about myself. I am no way near an angel material. I am a sinner. I am still learning to be a Christian. Yes I was baptized in Catholic Church long time ago, but still not being baptized in Christian Church (it’s supposed to be different, right? We’ll get to baptism things in another post). 

Back to tithing. So, in Catholic we don’t get doctrines about tithing, or maybe I wasn’t paying attention if it was. When I started going to Christian Church, then I learned about tithing. 

Unlucky (or luckily?) I went to a very very tithing minded church. We were doctrine to give 10% of our income every month without fail to the church, “or else”. 

Almost every Sunday, every sermons, was about giving money to the church. Whatever the sermon was, whatever the verse was, it always comes to money. 

We were told that if we give 10%, God will give us back 100 times more (or sort of). We were told, that money comes from God (which is absolutely true), and we must give back to God (church). Or… God will reluctantly give us more money, in other words, losing jobs or being robbed or some other bad situations. 

Which was why we (my husband and I) keep moving in circles, looking for a ‘comfortable’ church. A church that won’t curse us if we don’t tithe. We practically running away like a chicken. Not that we don’t believe in loving others and giving, but we were scared of the ‘obligation’. 

Me, love giving and sharing. I donate or give help to family and friends, if I must write down numbers, will be more than 10% each month. But still, the idea of 10% tithing to the church gives me an awkward feelings. I was burdened. 

Then when I started my new business, I started tithing. Still in the mindset of God will give back what I tithe to the church or He will ‘curse’ my new business. It was such a misleading information. A total mistake of giving. 

I was having a principle of giving to whoever needs it, at any amount, at any foundation. As long as I give intentionally with all my heart. Coz what I do for others, I serve God. But my principle was stepped down by the doctrine. 

I was having a fight with myself. Brutal.

When I found Jon’s video about tithing. I was reluctant to watch it. I wasn’t sure what he’ll say. Will it support my principle or will it smack me in the face? I kept the video in my list for so long, been skipping it. And finally… The revelation! 

He and I have the same ground in terms of tithing. 

Let me tell you first how I manage my tithing coz I’ve been doing it even before I watched Jon’s video… I spare 10% of my income – from online shop, virtual assistant, and other stuff – for donations/charities (my kind of tithing). Put it in my envelope system and everytime I want to give or donate, I will take from that specific envelope. For a friend who’s in need, for our school security, to buy lunch for a cleaning service, or tips to the toilet attendant, etc. 10% is in my minimum budget, coz now we live bare minimum. 

Now that I watched Jon’s video, I understand more that giving with a joyful heart is more important than just a ‘push’ of 10% tithing to the church and burdened by it, but not caring and loving others. It’s like a hypocrite. And I hate hypocrites. I certainly don’t want to be one. 

God loves me. God wants me to act like Him. Loving and caring for others, like He love and care for me. No push, no punishment, no obligation, no ‘scarecrow’.

Everybody is different and I’m not trying to convert your beliefs into mine. I’m just stating what God wants me to do. This post is solely my opinion and mine only. You do what you believe and I’m not at any capacity to judge anybody. 

God bless you! 



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