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How to be happy! 

The pursuit of happiness can really trap someone into ambiguity. What is happiness? What makes you happy? Are you happy? I think that whatever we do, as human, we are aiming for happiness. 

We shop coz it makes us happy. What kind of shopping that makes us happy? What do we buy that brings us happiness? Really… Why is it so hard to be happy? Is it hard? 

I’m not trying to say that I’m the most happiest person in the whole world, but I’m trying to be happy, just like you are. This is me sharing how to be a more happy person and hope it can help you find a little happiness. 

Of course everyone is different, but in some ways we could actually learn something from each other. So, please leave a comment about what makes you happy, share with me. I’d like to learn from you too. 

Let’s get started with I think will make us a more happy person;

1. Grateful Lifestyle

We might not have everything we want, but if you open yourself and see what you have, you’ll be grateful. A little thing that might skip your mind, if you take time to look around and see how that little thing really is a part of your life, of what you need, you will see how blessed you are. 

I have about 6 purses in my closet. Always try to buy a new one. I always find a reason to buy another. New model, new color, bigger, smaller, backpack, sling bag, for different occasions, different events, etc. Do I need all of those different purses? I thought I did, but no. For so many months, I only use one. What happen to the rest? In my closet, untouched, dusty, and some of them are breaking out. Turns out that I don’t need so many purses, it was a want. 

I wasn’t grateful for what I have and always wanting more coz I didn’t feel enough, always lacking. So, look around, be grateful for what you have. You’ll be a more happy person, content, and feel enough. 

2. Peaceful Mind

I know so many live in a very tiring life. Me watching them, feel tired, let alone them living their life. How is it not tiring when all they do is to find other people’s mistakes, finding someone else to point their fingers to, always picking a fight, always take the worst for anything and everything? 

How is it not tiring when you feel that you have to be right all the time? How is it not tiring that you don’t have any peaceful moment at all? Like you are always ready for a fight, to justify yourself, to put yourself so high that you forget who breathed life in you. 

Really… We don’t need to be always right in terms of being happy. Sometimes, letting go, let someone else win the argument is gonna make us happy. Coz we don’t get consumed by anger and disappoinment. We don’t waste our energy fighting some arrogant that is just too focus on themselves and won’t ever let us go without them winning. Tiring right? So, let go and have your peace. 

3. Positive Attitude

It is so easy to find any negativity in any aspect of our lives. We just have to choose not to. A cousin give you a business opportunity, if you’re interested then jump in. If not, don’t think that he just want your money and trick you. Well, he might have or he might not. You wouldn’t know. But keep your positive attitude. He might have bring you fortune and you just throw them in the garbage bin coz you’re too negative. 

A long time friend all of a sudden contacted you, saying hi. You and your negativity shoving him off, afraid that he wants something from you. Maybe to borrow some money, maybe to ask for a job, maybe wanting a help from you. He might have or he might not. You wouldn’t know. He might be someone that God send to help you with any of your problems right now. Or on the contrary. You could save him. 

Don’t always judge. Get out of that negativity box of yours. Try to find the good side of everything. You can literally laugh at your misfortune coz you will see that there are always good in anything. Always. 

4. Care For Others

Look around. Who do you see? What can you do for them? What do you see? What can you do about it? 

Often, we are too busy with ourselves, making ourselves happy and not looking around. Our way to happiness can sometimes bring sadness and disappoinments to others. 

Playing games can bring you joy and satisfaction, but then you neglect the people around you. You neglect the time. You’re pushing them away. Without you knowing, they are moving away, staying away from you. And when it’s too late, you are left alone. 

Try to build some empathy. Care for what other’s needs, wants, and share life with them. Enjoy the process. Together. Leave your bubble and join the crowd. You’ll be surprised on how much you could laugh in one day. 

5. Happy People

Surround yourself with happy people. Positive people. People that can make you grow. People who brings you positivity. People who love some peace. 

We are like water. We shape through our media. If we’re in a glass, we’ll shape like a glass. If we’re in a bowl, we’ll shape like a bowl. How do you wanna shape yourself? 

You can’t expect to be a happy person when you’re involved in a grumpy, angry, negative people. Stay away from them! 

Have you seen the movie ‘Trolls’? The Bergens thought that their happiness is only happening when they eat Trolls. Their happiness depends on Trolls. Why? Coz they’ve seen how Trolls are a very happy people, they thought by eating them, they’ll be happy too. 

Trolls sings, hugs, love each other coz they are surrounded by songs, hugs and love. The Bergens? They stay grumpy, angry, sad, coz they’re all the same. One happy Troll can make one happy Bergen. But in the end they found out, that happiness comes only from within. 



An ordinary mom trying to do my bit of everything in the best way I could

2 thoughts on “How to be happy! 

  1. I keep happy by writing or thinking about everything I am grateful for eg family, health. Also like you I try and see the positive.
    I also forgive myself if I have moments where I am not happy and ungrateful for what I have as I realise it’s not possible to be happy 100% of the time. If I dwell on times I have been unhappy it makes me worse!


    1. Yes, writing is definitely therapeutic for me too, besides cleaning and managing the kids and the house. Which is one of the reasons I started blogging. It takes a lot of courage blogging about my life, since Indonesian are taught not to talk about our ‘flaws’. I am with you… Not dwelling on the unhappiness, coz it really is the main issue of depression.

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