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I’m a bad mom! 

As much as I love my kids, I love them too. After about 10-15 hours with my children everyday, cleaning the house, cooking, chauffeur-ing, taking care of business. I’d love to have time watching Grey’s Anatomy just for 2 episodes (2 hours out of hundreds hours I spend with the kids) once a week. 

What is so wrong in having a time, watching my favorite TV show? Can I skip just one night sending the kids to bed, just a good night kiss instead of spending 20-30 minutes reading Bible, looking for mosquitoes, telling stories, and other before bed routines? 

Would I be a bad mother for choosing Grey’s Anatomy over my kids for 2 hours? 

Would I be a bad mother wanting a time to watch TV? 

Would I? 



An ordinary mom trying to do my bit of everything in the best way I could

5 thoughts on “I’m a bad mom! 

    1. One part of me wants to just sit there and let the kids go to bed on their own, but when no one else is willing to take them to bed, another part of me just switch off the TV and join the kids in the room. When I came out the room, it’s already half way through, no point in switching on the TV again 😭

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      1. I understand do you have DVR facilities to record live tv program so you could watch it when ever you want. If not do you have Netflix subscription so you could watch it any time you want. Try one of these option then you could get your kids to sleep and then enjoy watching your show when ever you want.


      2. I don’t have a DVR and Indonesia don’t have Netflix. The only option I have will be buying the DVD for the whole season but still have to wait for another month after the show ended on TV. It’s a bummer really…

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