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Hi boy…

Twelve now

You were a surprise

But I never object

You were the reason I obey

Though I refuse to share 

For you, I said “I do”

I stayed strong through pointy fingers

You grew stronger

I broke so many times

Then you put all together again

I see you and I know love

I hold you and I feel love

For you, I said “I’ll stay”

Dear boy… 

Twelve now

The years of my battles

So many more years to come

Fighting to fix myself

Time has never been my favorite

For you, I said “I forgive” 

I shed tears 

You brought back the smile

To see you 

I have my world 

I’m older yet smaller

I’m torn to pieces

For you, I said “I’m okay”

My boy… 

Twelve now

I pray louder

Everyday is a lesson

Beat myself up 

Look at me and learn

For you, I said “I will”

Enlighten me

Show me 

Speak to me

Run to me

Twelve more

See me 

For you, I’ll say “I tried”



An ordinary mom trying to do my bit of everything in the best way I could

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