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Be Careful Of This Word

You’ll never know what you put yourself into. It’s a strong word. Only for the strong. 

Life is about commitment. Some people struggle with it. Some people enjoy it. Some people lost in it. 

How about you?

Commitment goes along way with responsibilities. When you commit, you’re responsible. No wonder some people run away from it. Some can’t even wait to be committed then painfully regret it. Some commit and don’t care, what a jerk. 

To commit means to put yourself all out there. To be present. To care. To stay. To love. To put it first than yourself. To give all of you. Maybe not all, but most you for something/someone other than you. 

It’s a scary word for the weak. 

It’s not for cowards. 



An ordinary mom trying to do my bit of everything in the best way I could

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