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Reaching The Point Of Exhaustion

You know when you hit some point of your life. Whether it makes you happy or sad or furious or joy or anything called feelings. We feels. And that makes us vulnerable. 

Feeling brings us to the path of junctions. Directing us to anywhere but certainty. To go straight or left or right or stay wherever you are. Even we can choose to walk back to where we were and stay in the past. 

What is right? What is wrong? There’s no way the answer suits every soul. One can be right for someone but not for others. It might be wrong for me but not for you. There is no white and black. We live in gray world. 

I see people crying for help when the help is in front of them, but they choose not to help. I see people laughing out loud taking cover in their pain. I see people idling around, surrendering to what’s called fate. I see people fighting for zero cause, just to make them feel heroic. 

I see a lot. I feel them all. I hear so much. 

I’m exhausted. Tired of facing reality. The life where everything seems hurtfully chaotic. Where making a decision is simply not making any decision at all. My face is like being smacked by a log wherever I turned. I’m beaten. Trying to find a way out when every way is no out. 

This is where I stay in the middle of the junction. Trying to accommodate everything comes into my way. Anything at all. Surviving is definitely not a choice. It’s the path. It’s the only way of living. Until I reach the point when I can no longer feel. 



An ordinary mom trying to do my bit of everything in the best way I could

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