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DITL – Food Stocking – Meal Prep – Food Prep


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I got up pretty early as in summer I don’t get up early 😂 I went to the wet market.

I spent 2 hours here… Gross 😫 But this is the only place I can get live fish and live chicken. They’re all fresh so I can keep them longer in the freezer. 

Now let me show you what I bought and what I do with them 😄

Bought 1kg of fresh strawberries. It is way cheaper if I got it from the wet market. A 250g box of strawberries at the supermarket is about 40k. In the wet market, I paid 80k for 1kg. 

Washed and cut.

I portioned them and keep in the smoothie bin.

2kg of papaya. 

Washed, cut, portioned, keep in the fridge so we can snack at them. We like them cold 😍

7kg of 4 kinds of fishes. Washed and seasoned. I just need to thaw and cook 👌

4kg of chicken thighs and 2kg of chicken breast fillets. Washed and seasoned. 

Been on my feet for 6 hours straight, washed, prep all the fish and chicken, total of 13kg 😨 

My feet hurts and my hands are painfully​ cut from the fish 😰 But it doesn’t stop me from thanking Lord for the blessing. 

I wouldn’t be exhausted from going to the wet market and food preparing if He doesn’t bless me. My heart is full of gratitude 🙏



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