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Poor People Mindset

I’m 38 years old and not saying that I am rich rich, in terms of money. But I set my mind to be rich. 

Am I that obsessed with money? Well… Aren’t you? Why wouldn’t we be obsessed with money? You are reading this with money to buy your phone or computer, you need to buy internet, you need to buy glasses if you wear one, just to read a blog you need so much money. What I’m saying is, we need money and whether you want to admit it or hide it, we are obsessed with money. 

If you’re a mom like me, you know how its like to not ‘having money’ to fulfill your children’s needs. I feel that I never have enough money for them, no matter what I do and did. So yes, I’m obsessed with money, or is it about the children? Gosh… How complicated life is 😰  

Now what differentiate poor and rich mindset? Simple. Poor is integrated with negativity. Rich is integrated with positivity. Even though both terms are not always stay positive or negative. Who would volunteraly​ being poor? Some people would (most are for religious reasons), but most wouldn’t. Most people will work extremely hard to be rich. At least having the power to buy whatever they want, at any stage of life they are. 

Well… Rich is not about being loaded with money. And poor is not always about having no money. So what is it I’m talking about? 
What I’m trying to say is to be poor is easy. Nobody wants to be poor but their mindset leads them to poverty. What mindset? 

1. Cockiness. They are so cocky to think that money will come by themselves coz they’re smart. They don’t need to go do anything about it, thinking that people will come find them and give a big project with huge amount of money coz they’re​ so freaking smart. 

Even geniuses still have to go to school, studying, doing exams, etc. For what? To achieve their goals. And trust me, it ended with money matters and they work hard for it. Geniuses. Yes, they work hard. 

2. Stubbornness. They know that they need to change some of their ‘attitude’ but noooooooooooo….. “I’m good!” I’m doing great!” “I am what I am!” 

We are created to grow. Physically​, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, anything to do with our existence needs to grow. One part of growing is to change. Grow means to change from small to big, fruitless to harvest, bad to good, children to adult, and so on. 

If you’re too​ stubborn to grow, what’s the point of living? To be a baby your whole life? 

3. Selfishness. Thinking nothing but them. What makes ME happy? What gives ME pleasure? What’s in it for ME? ME ME ME!!! 

Selfish people will be the loneliest people in the world and they earned it, coz they’ve been with themselves. Ignoring what other people’s needs. They’re doing whatever suits them whatever it brings other people into. 

I wanna sleep when others are working. I wanna eat all, I don’t care if you eat at all. I wanna do this and not that, even though ‘that’ is what they need to do other than ‘this’. I wanna watch TV all day. I want this, I want that, bla bla bla… ME!!! 

4. Narcissist. Narcissistic people are the righteous people. They’re always right. They never do wrong. They’re the best. Are they? 

This type of people always look for other’s mistakes. Never been in the mirror and look at themselves. Other’s flaws will be their biggest attention while they’re ignoring theirs. They’re always on fight mode. Fighting whatever situation that is uncomfortable for them, coz they’re the perfect ones. 

We are human. We have flaws. All of us. It’s the matter of accepting that flaws and the willingness to change. Letting go the bad and letting​ in the good. 

5. Ungrateful. Not recognizing the blessings that God gives, lead us to be a grumpy-sad-ungrateful person. Setting your mind to stay poor coz you can’t find any richness in your life. 

Always find your blessings everyday in your life will make you rich. You don’t have cables, be grateful that you still can watch local channels in your TV that you own. Find beauty in the ashes. You’ll be rich. 

I’m in my 38 years old, been watching all kinds of people not knowing how to live their lives. Don’t have self discipline. Lost in their maze of troubles. Getting up confused, not knowing what to do today. Stressing out on other’s mistakes rather than fixing theirs. Expecting others to do their job when they themselves are having lazy days. Thinking that they’re a victim and sit crying for help, rather than getting up and do something to make it better. Waiting for others to do something for them rather than doing it themselves. Too proud to learn from others. 

No wonder they’re poor… They have a poor mindset. 



An ordinary mom trying to do my bit of everything in the best way I could

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