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Once Again

Kids are so easily content. They live in their bubble. They’re easily diverted into something else when something has disappointed them. 

They enjoy what they have. No protests, no demanding screams, no accusing eyes. I’m so blessed to have them in my life. 

They teach me how to love, to forgive, to forget, to move on. I’m so jealous at how simple their minds are. 

Life is hard. Way harder when you have to deal with judgements and disappoinments. Your life will turned to hell once you let people hurt you. When you let them get to say all they want without considering your heart, flowing inside you, and all you can do is bear the pain, wordless. 

Once again, you become the victim and no lawyer to defend you, not even someone to stand by your side, listening, understanding. 

Once again, you have to be alone, deciding what to do, optioning the life and the death. Like it was never an option. 

Once again, you’re doubting if prayers do gets answered. The question asked whenever we’re at the edges of crumbling down. 

People hurts. It’s our nature to simply put ourselves first than others. It’s only about the measurements. Some are having a small cup, some are having an overdose overflowing selfishness. 

How are we going to live our lives full of egocentric individuals? Even we couldn’t control ourselves at some points. We hurts too. In a thousand different ways of hurting. In a countless different pains that we caused. 

Do we get to choose to stop living? I think we do. We’re just too scared of the consequences. The after life. No one has ever indulge me in the after life stories. 

I don’t know whether I want to live or die. I’m just so scared of the possibility of not being able to be present for the souls I left. I’m just so afraid of those scars I caused if I stay. 

I’m talking like I don’t believe in God. I do. I do believe that God is Almighty. God will bless me with all the strength I need to stay alive and grant me with all the peace I need to leave the world. 

But there’s a bridge between me and God. I’m stumbling down, walking limbs, broken bones, barely having my heart beats, trying so hard to across the bridge. 


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Many tries

Don’t see anything works

Nothing would ever fix this 

Take your pointing fingers 

Away from my face

Everything gets so difficult

You’re getting more difficult

Stomping feet showing off your pride

I swallow every drop of your poison

My heart beats and feel nothing

I now breathing ice 

Cold and numb

My lips open without words

I see you but I don’t feel you

My eyes are waiting for emptiness

As my heart is hollow

Togetherness is not our journey

I’m getting used to the loneliness

I don’t think I can ever laugh again

Thanks to you

I need to run

As fast as I can

Before I can die even more

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Skin disconnection was unbearable

A touch was a need

Words was never a necessity

Eyes kissing was a statement

Time was always a demand

Loyal yet betraying

Owning but not an owner

How a sin was more devoting 

How lust was a natural

Love was as easy as breathing

A Queen I was 

The precious to my King 

What was a reality become a fantasy

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The StruggleΒ 

Sometimes writing can be a struggle even if you love to write. I plan to write everyday, thinking that if I commit, I’ll be a good writer/blogger. But things happen. 

Me as a sahm/wahm, life can be a rollercoaster. Plus as a normal human being, I have problems, and that can be an inspiration or a disaster 😁 

One week, I wrote nothing for days, then I wrote 4 blogs in a day. I wasn’t thinking of scheduling those blogs, I just post all in 1 day. Then when I have the time to sit quitely in my computer, focusing only to my blog, I noticed it’s a ‘mistake’. 

If I post all 4 blogs in 1 day, only 1 blog would be noticeable, and I have inconsistent archive shown in my website. So, I went to my insight, look at the graphics, took notes on the most popular hours of my viewers, and start rescheduling my blogs. 

I now schedule my post on the same time (around a specific time) everyday. So now I don’t have to worry about posting a blog every single day, coz I already have blogs scheduled for the next few days. 

I can spend more time with my kids and focusing on other things. If you love to write and having the same struggle with me, it’s fine, we’re all struggling. 

Don’t stop writing, just move on, write whenever you have the inspiration, save it, schedule it, enjoy your life 😘

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You vs Life

Your life is how you manage everything. Life can be a bitch and only you can get to live the life you want. To handle the bitch or to hang around with the bitch. Your choice. 

You want to be successful. Then life shouldn’t be just sitting around, idling, chatting, watching TV all day, playing games, sleeping when everybody else are busting their assess, or other nonsense that can’t get you any near successful. 

You want to be a good parent. Then life shouldn’t be giving bad examples, being ignorant to what’s been going on with the kids, bad mouthing, mentally and physically abuse. 

You want to be respected. Then life shouldn’t be disrespectfully others, do whatever you please without considering others, underestimating, underappreciate, and belittling others. 

You want to be financially secure. Then life shouldn’t be splurging, buy unimportant things, buy expensive things, not saving, using water and electricity irresponsibly, don’t calculate, too proud to thrift.

You want to live peacefully in a beautiful, clean, organize house. Then life shouldn’t be cluttering, don’t put anything back to where it belongs, recklessly trashing, throwing everything to wherever you like and hoping magically the house appears nice, clean, and organize even though you’re being irresponsibly sloppy. 

You want to be loved. Then life shouldn’t be hurtful words, disrespectful, ignorance, bossy, underestimate, underappreciate, narcissistic, loveless. 

What you want to be must get along with how you live your life. It has to be in the same path. It has to walk together. Hand in hand.

How you live your life always gets back to you. Do good and you’ll live good. Do bad and you’ll live badly. This is how the universe works. 

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DIY Dehumidifier – Failed?


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I’ve been trying to try this hack. Been Googling, YouTube, and on Pinterest. Found some hacks and finally decided to try on this one.

Since I’ve moved to this house, I’ve been dealing with extreme humidity. In my room. Only. Especially in my walking closet. How? I don’t know πŸ™„

I’ve been finding my clothes and bags covered with fungus 😭 So I bought these dehumidifiers. All for my walking closet πŸ˜ͺ

Oh… I put one in the kid’s room, just to keep their room humid free. Even though they have no problem at all with humidity. You know… Moms do extraordinary things for their kids πŸ˜‰ *excuses excuses

As you can see, full of water in less than 3 months.

Now I’m gonna wash them all clean, without soap.

It’s now empty.

I’m using this block salts for cooking and​ I’m gonna use it now as a dehumidifier.

Mashed one block.

Pour into the container.

I pour in 4 blocks of salts into the containers and I addΒ activated charcoalΒ to all of them.

Put the lid on and done.

I’m gonna give you an update after a week and see if it works. You can try it now with me too and we informed each other. Sounds good? πŸ˜‰

Thank you for joining me 😘 I’ll see you next week with an update πŸ‘Œ

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Be Careful Of This Word

You’ll never know what you put yourself into. It’s a strong word. Only for the strong. 

Life is about commitment. Some people struggle with it. Some people enjoy it. Some people lost in it. 

How about you?

Commitment goes along way with responsibilities. When you commit, you’re responsible. No wonder some people run away from it. Some can’t even wait to be committed then painfully regret it. Some commit and don’t care, what a jerk. 

To commit means to put yourself all out there. To be present. To care. To stay. To love. To put it first than yourself. To give all of you. Maybe not all, but most you for something/someone other than you. 

It’s a scary word for the weak. 

It’s not for cowards. 

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Thrifting – Clean With Me – Kitchen Aid Toaster


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A week ago I thrift a toaster. I’ve been wanting a toaster for a very long time. I love butter toast. With a lot of butter. Yum πŸ˜‹

So I bought this toaster from my cousin. In this condition πŸ˜…

Such a dishonor to the toaster right πŸ˜‚ I am determined to clean it as if it’s new. I used vacuum and butter brush to clean the burner. And I used damp cloth with baking soda to clean the grease. Then I finished with cleaning all the surface with my vinegar water spray.

The finish product…

Shine and clean as new 😍

You don’t have to spend a lot to get what you need. Thrifting can save you tons of money. Make sure that its in a good condition and works (for electrical products). Clean them thoroughly, make them shine as new, you wouldn’t even remember that you thrift 😍

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How To Stay Away From Negativity

I was showing a person a video about a DIY home project. It was pretty easy, doable, cheap, and we have most of the materials on hand. I was pretty excited. Then that person made a comment, “Of course it turned out good, they used ‘that’!”. I was stunned at how shallow that person’s mind was. How negative! ‘That’ thing was a tiny little thing compare to the whole idea. We could do the project even without ‘that’.

That comment is a negative highlight of that person’s personality. Or… An inferiority. Either way, it’s negative. A negative person will always try to find anything to talk themselves out of something. They will find themselves incapable of doing anything they don’t want (avoid) to do.

Here are some of the things I do to avoid myself from negativity:

  1. Turn an obstacle into a challenge. Whenever I find myself trapped in a difficult situation, I challenge myself to get out of there. I can be very persistent. I will try to turn things around in my head, make a plan (most of the time, I don’t even have any plan), take action. That’s why I do a lot of ‘first’. I will go with my guts and all I have, to make myself out of difficulties. It’s not a matter of a good brain, it’s a matter of willingness. I’m a strong believer that anything can be learned, as long as you have the willingness to learn.
  2. Don’t set NO as a default answer. I have a hard time saying no as an answer. I know sometimes it will disadvantage me, but it’s necessary when I need something to work out. I had my first job at a bank coz I said YES. I had my first job as a Sales & Marketing coz I said YES. Then it led me to my first job at a 5* hotel coz I said YES. I had my first job as a Secretary coz I said YES. I had my first client as a Virtual Assistant coz I said YES. I did my first website designing coz I said YES. I did my first writing contribution coz I said YES. I had a lot of ‘first’, as I mentioned. I don’t let my limitations determine my destiny.
  3. Achievement recognition. It is okay to tell your story. It is okay to recognize your achievements. It is okay to share your success. As long as you’re using it to boost your confident, not to put others down. You need to remind yourself that you CAN do it. Never talk yourself down. There’s nothing you can not do. You have been doing great and you will do more greatness.
  4. Shut up! If you can’t say any good things, you better shut your mouth. What’s worst in negativity other than to hurt others by your words? Being critical is important, but being nice is crucial. You can’t get any positive outcome from a negative mouth. An adult controls their mouth.
  5. Turn off bad news. Watch what you bring into your mind. Stay away from bad news. This world is already broken, you can’t fix it and make the world a better place if you yourself is broken. Heal yourself then heal others. Read motivational books, listen to sermons (if you’re a religion person), watch inspirational movies, find success stories, etc. Bring in positivism to your mind so you will have positive outcome.
  6. Don’t assume. Stop being such a mind reader. You don’t know everything. You don’t know someone’s story. You don’t live their life. When someone want to visit you, don’t assume that they wanted something from you. Maybe they just want to connect. When some family offer you an opportunity, don’t assume that they’re trying to step on your ego. You would’ve missed your lifetime success if you reject the offer over some pride. When some friends ask you to dinner, don’t assume that they just want you to take the bill. Maybe they just want to hang out with you, to know you better, to be your friend, so your not so lonely.
  7. Set reasonable goals. Goals are important. You can’t live your life like a mindless zombie. Waking up in the morning not knowing what to do coz you don’t have a goal. You need to set a purpose, make a plan. What are the things you’re trying to achieve? Nothing is impossible, yet you need to be reasonable. Once you set your goals too high, when you don’t get the result you wanted, you can get discouraged, and it will set you down. If it’s reasonable, most likely you will success. You will have more confident to set another goal. Do it slowly, take baby steps, learn as much as you can.
  8. Let go! People can hurt us. People can cheat on us. People can be evil. It’s not something you can fix. It’s not your job to punish them. It’s useless to dwell on it. If you keep carrying the pain, it will burden your steps, you will be walking limbs, take you slower to your destination. Your mind will start taking unnecessary precautions. Stopping you from moving forward, too afraid you’ll get hurt again, always see the bad side of everybody. All you can do is learn from it, let go, move forward.
  9. You’re not God. You’re imperfect. You have flaws. Take it easy with your mind. Don’t let it go wild. Always see the brighter side of everything. Start taking notes of your gratitude. Don’t praise yourself too high that you can’t see other’s goodness.
  10. God owns everything. No matter what you have or don’t have, it all belongs to God. God can give you everything, yet He can take everything. Stay humble. Keep honoring God.

I see negative people live in such a tiring life. Always burden their mind with ‘what if’. Taking unnecessary precautions. Giving unimportant comments. Sabotaging their mind. Take off all of your pride, learn from others, listens, and I promise you will have a peaceful life.


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Stationary Supplies – School Haul – Back To School


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Today I’m gonna share what I bought for the kid’s school stationary supplies. I bought it at a traditional stationary store coz it’s cheaper. If I bought it from a bookstore in a mall, I would have spent more. 

These are what I got. 

I don’t need to buy books coz the kids still have used books with empty pages. Lots of them. So we’re gonna reuse them. 

2 packs of loose leaf binder papers for my mom binder and Abe’s tutor binder. It is 9k/pack.

10 tubes of glue for the kids arts and crafts. 43.500/10pcs. 

Book covers. I have boys. You know how reckless they are. So I need to protect the books from tearing apart before the school year has finished πŸ˜…. The chocolate cover is for Al, 1.500/roll of 10 sheets. The plastic roll is 7k. The big plastic cover is 7k/10sheets. The small plastic cover is 6k/10sheets. 

Abe used to be using Joyko Pino Gel Pen, but they don’t have them again. So, I switch to this. Better quality in the same price of 26k/box of 12pcs. I bought 2 boxes. 

Pencils for Al. He’s in 3rd grade, still using pencils. It is 8k/box of 12pcs. This brand quality is okay compare to other brand that are way more expensive than this, some are in a price of 35k/box 😨 But the kids are gonna sharpen it over and over again (well, my kids do. They don’t like blunt edge), they’ll spend a lot of pencils in a semester. And I’m not spending more money for pencils.

Glue sticks for arts and crafts. It is 21k/12pcs. 

Pencil cases. The kids are having so many things in their pencil cases. Scissor, pen, pencil, eraser, etc. They need a not too big case, but still can accommodate their need. It is 6k/case. 

I still have lots of erasers, so we’re gonna use them. Save money from reusing what can be reuse and check your supplies so you don’t buy the same things πŸ˜‰

I hope this can inspire you in preparing the kid’s school supplies. Time goes by, without you noticing it, it’s time to be back to school and you haven’t prepare 😨 You’ll definitely end up paying more, coz all the discounts are gone πŸ˜”