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Been asking myself what’s the difference between views and visitors. Now I know 🤓 I’m still a student in WordPress blogging class 😁 

It’s a good feeling to know that people are visiting my blog and views some of my posts. Sometimes when we read something, the 1st page is kinda do the justice, it’s the page when you decide whether to read more or pass. I know that those numbers are tiny for you, but being recognized, knowing that people spend their precious time to read your blog, is HUGE for me. 

I am so grateful that God gives me this blessing to bless others. To share what has been going on in my life, in my thoughts, in my existence. To let them know, that they’re not alone. I am maybe not as good as you, and you make me an example to not be like me, to encourage you to do better. Or maybe I am someone that has the same situation with you, and you make me a friend to make you feel that actually you’re not alone in this mess. Or maybe you hate my writings and that make you laugh… At me 😁 Well… The least, I make you laugh right 😂 Or maybe I make you feel better, blessed, grateful, for the life you have. 

I could be anything for you. Good or bad. I’m happy that I am someone, for you 😃 

Thank you 😘



An ordinary mom trying to do my bit of everything in the best way I could

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