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12 years of renting houses. Move from town to town, looking for a better future. 12 years of praying. 12 years of ups and downs. 

Didn’t see it coming, suddenly we’re looking at properties, had no money in hand, had no idea how much was our budget. Looking at small properties, to the smallest, to postponing, to hunt again, coming back and forth. 

In a month, God provided us a land 5x larger than our previous apartment. Cash. 

We’re expected to find another rented house, smaller than the previous, cheaper. 

Now, a month before our rented house overdued, we already moved to our OWN house. 12 years turn into 1 month miracle. 

We’re now having our downs again, I know it’s for our own fault. But my faith is going to be my accelerant, turning our years of downs into a flash time of miracle. 

It’s easy to get stuck in the negatives, sabotaging our blessings, for all the failures happening in our lives. This is when our faith is supposed to be carried to the highest way possible, coz God has already sending our answered prayers, and it’s up to us, to accelerate it or to tied them up. 

Stay in faith, keep thanking God for what we have and what’s coming, keep the positive attitude, live in expentacy, speaking word of faith & victory. 

The day will come that your head will swim and everywhere you look, blessings! πŸ™ 



An ordinary mom trying to do my bit of everything in the best way I could

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