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Stop being so judgmental…

Been watching Joel’s sermons for years. Just recently I’m Bible journaling, still with Joel’s sermons. I don’t see anything wrong with his sermons. All I hear is God’s greatness. How we live by His mercy. That God controls the universe. Nothing’s wrong with those statements right? 

Then I see many videos and articles, condemning him. Millions of subscribers, viewers, readers, all are into negativity. I even got a statement from someone I know, that he’s not a priest, he’s just a motivator. 

I mean… C’mon people! Why do we have to try so hard finding other’s flaws? Why do we have to be so judgemental? I find him encouraging, motivating, comforting, helping me through my problems, reminding me that God is in control. I need to surrender, have faith and grateful. I get positivity from his sermon, if you don’t, move on, find what suits you, but don’t judge. 

We all have our preferences. When it’s different, doesn’t mean that I’m right and your wrong, or the opposite. Life is a choice. Choose whatever comforts you, be the light in someone’s darkness, share the comfort you’ve received from God, so those in needs can also find their comforts. As long as we praise the Lord, we’re all loved 😇 



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