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Long Gone Hospitality

This is what we’ve been hearing over and over again in church almost every Sunday. Indonesia has been in the crisis of togetherness as a nation. 

Been smashed by dirty politicians using our differences as a war tools. Different religions and races has been living together in this beautiful rich country for centuries and yet these are the main reasons we’re ‘hating’ each others. 

Some people are so full of hatred, yelling on wars, being so judgmental, screaming on each other’s faces asking for domination, acting as God. 

Indonesian was once the country of hospitality. When we’re all smiley faces. Once upon a time. 

This is why I stopped Facebook, TV news, reading papers, anything to do with negativity. I’m trying to keep my peace in this broken nation full of evilness. I’m gonna stick to what God wants us to do. His direct command, to love, to bless, to be kind, and pray for those who persecute me. 

Being a Christian is not something to showed off about, act good and do what God wants us to do, to always love each other even when we’re hurt, what truly being a Christian is. 

My dear friends, let’s show them our love. Be God’s blessings in this nation. We don’t have to fight, this is not a war, this is exactly the right time to pour our love, pour it all out, to whoever they are. Coz we are all families. 

We’re all nothing compares to God Almighty, the creator of this universe, who breathed on us so we can live. It’s time to be the light that shines the darkness around us. It’s time to be God’s children 🙏



An ordinary mom trying to do my bit of everything in the best way I could

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