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Nothing’s immortal.

Nothing’s permanent.

Everything is temporary.

We all know that very well.

What we don’t know is… When things are changing. Turn everything around​, upside down.

I once enjoying my life, my work, my friends… Then suddenly, they’re all gone.

I once living a good life, good meals, good clothes… Then suddenly, I can’t afford them. 

I once holding a baby… Then suddenly, I see them outgrow me. 

I will never know when things are changing. I sure know nothing about what’s coming. I don’t control the future. I’m vulnerable. I’m temporary. 

This brings me to start living my life surrender to God. Grateful for what I have, not dwelling on the past, and humble for whatever comes in the future. 

My happiness can turns tragedy in a second. My sadness can turns comical in a blink. My past is gone. My future is in God’s hands. My present is precious. 

Live the moment for it’s temporary. 



An ordinary mom trying to do my bit of everything in the best way I could

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