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Product Review – Kapal Api Grande White Coffee


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I’m a coffee addict πŸ˜‰ I can’t function when I don’t have coffee. I take 2-3 cups a day. Morning, noon, and night when I do my computer works. I do sometimes takes tea at night, but mostly coffee 😁

I don’t take coffee with coarse powder in it (kopi tubruk). I’d love to have a coffee machine, but it has to be for later after we have the budget for it πŸ‘Œ One day… 

Since I take coffee like at all times. I’m gonna start reviewing one by one. Start with this… 

I don’t normally drink Kapal Api coffee, but since I kinda bored with what I have now (I’ll do reviews on them), I bought this to try. See if I like it and into my coffee bin. 

When we open the sachet… 

Let’s add the chocolate granules…

It’ll be like this… 

Let’s take a sip… 


Blah 😨

It’s blunt. Coffee less. I taste water and sugar. That’s all 😫

If you don’t fond of drinking coffee or just wanted a blunt one, you can have this. This should be okay. But, I don’t drink coffee that don’t have coffee in it. Well… It’s not my favorite 😌

Would I buy it again? NO! 



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