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Indonesia Panicked Syndrome

I don’t talk politics but I do talk humanity. 

I don’t talk religion but I do talk God.

I don’t talk sins but I do talk love.

I don’t talk words but I do talk actions​. 

I don’t talk but I do feel. 

What is wrong with Indonesia? Nothing. 

What is wrong with Indonesian? Panicked. 

Panicked for being attacked. 

Their comfort zone. Their mind. Their home. Their family. Their religion. Their self esteem. Their pride. Their money. Their career. Their ego. Their friend. Their brain. Their heart​. Their GOD. Their… Their… Their… 

When you’re so full of yourself, where’s God in you? 

When you’re so full of hatred, where’s God in you?

When you’re so full of judgement, where’s God in you?

What is God? Who is God? 

Certainly not me. Not you. Not them. 

Maybe God has panicked attack right now? Seeing so many of His ‘clones’. 



An ordinary mom trying to do my bit of everything in the best way I could

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