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I Control Me!

I made a stupid honest question to someone​ on social media, think of nothing but an honest curiosity. What makes it stupid? Coz that person misunderstood me and saying things that was out of my intention at all.

I was stupid that then I made another comment by trying to explain and proof my point.

I was stupid thinking that, that person would’ve answered it in a simple way coz I didn’t expect to be given a detail step by step tutoring, sources, etc, that didn’t even cross my mind. We don’t even live in the same continent. That a simple, I do this and this, would’ve answered my question. Oh… I know EXACTLY what working hard is.

I was stupid that I let it gotten into me. Poisoned me. I got upset, disappointed, sad for being wrongly accused, and gotten very short tempered. My kids got it from me. Busting my ass cleaning the house, trying to spend the negative energy on my OCD. Cleaning is therapeutic. The good thing, the house is spotless. The bad thing, my spirit is darkened. I let it stole my joy.

I should’ve known better that I don’t get to control what people think and say about me. That I can only rule my spirit. That I don’t get determined by people. That my roots go down deep in God so whatever comes on the surface doesn’t moved​ me and changed​ me into someone that I don’t even like. That I should keep my peace and not bothered by the negatives pointed on me. That I shouldn’t proof anything to anyone of who I am, for God is my only vindicator, who knows me and I trust God with all I am.

Quit living on the surface, go down deeper, let go, don’t let what’s not going your way steal your joy, be steadfast, keep honoring God, and stay peaceful 😃



An ordinary mom trying to do my bit of everything in the best way I could

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