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Product Review – Unilever Pure It Marvella 


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Today, I’m gonna review Unilever Pure It Marvella. It’s an advance UV water purifier system. 

I bought it about 3 years ago at Carefour Cibinong City Mall​. It was a new product of Unilever Pure It, on display, and on promo price. Its normal price was IDR2.5m and I paid for IDR2.250m with free installation fee. 5m water pipe was included in the installation. I should pay if I use more. 

This Marvella needs electricity to work. It has 4L of water tank. It has indicators to let you know what’s going​ on. 

I’m ​not gonna talk about mechanical thingy and technicality​. I’m just gonna share my experience using it for 3 years. So… Ask me anything about it in the comment below and I’ll answer to my knowledge. Coz I don’t use anybody else’s reviews, I’m not sponsored, it’s honestly my review, and it belongs​ to me only. If you’re​ using it and have a different experience, you could also comment below, we could exchange some information. And if you’re looking for a water purifier, you should find as many information as you can get, and your decision is purely yours. 

Okay… Let’s continue. When I bought it, I got 2 weeks guarantee from Carefour and a year from Unilever. Before the technician install it, they ran a water tests. To see if our water source is applicable for the unit. And we passed the test. We were informed that if our water doesn’t reach their standards, we will get full refund and they’ll take back the unit. It’s​ fair enough 👌

So the guy installed it. 2 weeks gone by. Everything seemed good. We used to buy about 20-25 gallons of Aqua for our drinks and cooking, a month. It’s a lot. So, we were hoping that it’ll save our money. The water is tasteless, odorless, and we didn’t have any health issues after consuming it for 2 weeks. It all seemed well. We were quite happy. 

About 3-4 weeks of using it, the purification indicators were red. It’s not supposed to happen in short periods. We called the customer service, the next day the same guy that installed it came, and he said that the UV purifier was broken, he will change it for free. Wait! No way! You can’t expect me to agree with that! 

I called the customer service again, while the technician was still there. I asked him to wait. The customer service informed me, that they’ll change the UV purifier and I don’t have to pay for anything. I said, no! I insisted that they give me a brand new unit. I’m not okay with buying a unit for not even a month and already have to change a spare part. I want a new one! A brand new unit! And they gave me 👏😍😘

So guys… Whenever you buy a new products, whatever they are, keep the receipt. Keep them! Know your rights and demand on it. We have our rights as a customer. As long as you’re​ right, asked for justice 😉 

I’m happy with their service, happy with the water, happy that I could save some money on water consumption. Then after about 4 months, the ‘change GKK’ indicator was red. I need to change my GKK. GKK is Germ Kill Kit. I was informed that GKK could perform 3.500L before it should be changed. So wow… I used 3.500L in 4 months 😵 We definitely is a huge water consumers 😂 

I called the customer service, they informed me that I should pay IDR400k for the GKK. Okay… So IDR 100k for a month. I used 20-25gallons x IDR15k = IDR300-375k per month for Aqua. That’s a ton of money saved right? I’m good 👌

For 3 years, I’ve changed the GKK for 4 times. 1 time of changing the UV. Oh man… I forgot the price of the UV 😕 I’ll update it once I remember or if I have to change mine. Last time I changed my GKK was on December 2016, it’s IDR600k. IDR550k for the unit and IDR50k for the technician. You could give more tips for the technician or not, it’s up to you. Just for you know, the GKK price is includes the technician fee. 

Oh… When I moved house, I called the technician to come and moved it for us. We could’ve moved it ourselves, but I don’t want to be responsible for anything broken in the process, so we call the guy. Moving fee was IDR100k, he’s fee was included, he changed the water pipe and did another water test. The result was that the water in my new house is better than my previous rented house 👌

So… This is a good investment. I recommend this for your water purifier. Make sure you keep the receipt and know your rights. 

Any questions? I’d love to answer 😍



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