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Unconditional Trust


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I just finished my Bible and devotion morning. Joel Osteen talked about unconditional trust. Often we trust God only when things are going our way. Then we have hard times believe in God when things going down the hill. We pray and pray and pray, God didn’t answer our prayers. 

Same things happen to me. We were having the crash. We no longer afford living in Jakarta. The school was expensive, the lifestyle was expensive, the apartment was expensive, everything was no longer bearable. I prayed​ and prayed and prayed… No answers for months that we’re no longer have any choice but to sold the apartment. 

Then we moved here, Cibinong. It’s a big city but not as ‘glorious’ as Jakarta. Jakarta people call it ‘village’. We’ve been so long living the Jakarta lifestyle so it’s a bit (tiny bit) hard on the kids, at 1st. We built our business, rented a house for 2 years. Things aren’t as smooth as we wanted too. The crash often followed by the heat. And it’s flaming hot in our family. 

As when the house was almost due. The business was closing down. The money was running out. We were clueless. We didn’t know what to do. Nothing seemed to work in our favor. 

Then… The miracle happened. Hubby’s business was shooting to the sky. We started to look for our 1st house. And the journey was quite hard. With the limited fund, we were trying to find the best. The thing was that we’re trying so hard to pay cash. We’re​ out of debt at that point so we’re not gonna add a new debt. And we found the location that we wanted, started to build our 1st house, and everything seemed so great. As the house was completed, the rented house was not even due, and we moved 3 months before it’s due. Even though the house project was not as stress free journey, but it was a miracle. A miracle we’ve never thought would’ve happened in such a short time. 

Then when we thought we’re fine. We’re not. Hubby’s business started to go down the hill. Again. The crash is hitting us. Again. Things are difficult. Again. We’re in debt. Again. 

Today, Joel Osteen kinda bring me back traveling to the roller coaster journey we’ve been through. I’m not gonna talk about my husband or my kids. I’m just reflecting to myself. My journey. My faith. 

And I’ve been having faith since the 1st crash and the before crash and the present crash. I’ve been trying my best to stay on positive mind, positive attitude, positive heart. I was believing, I am believing, and will believe that God is in control. Everything happened, what’s now happening and will happen is not a coincidence. I believe that God has much better plans for me. For us. I just need to trust God, unconditionally. This too shall pass. 

I pray for you, for me, for us to stop worrying about anything that’s not going your way, coz even we have closed doors… Believe that God has another much better doors waiting for us. Keep believing, stay faithful, offer thanks to whatever happens in out lives, keep honoring God. We will see that our lives begins to transform. Not our way but God’s way. 

God bless us 🙏😇



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