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The Money! 

Dave Ramsey is on my offline list of YouTube videos. Need to keep reminding myself that I need to be smart with money. I don’t believe in buying something with no cash. I didn’t have credit cards till I was married, now still don’t own credit cards. Husband does. Always have disagreement with him whenever ‘we’ swiped that card. And I always a frugal in nature. 

I do buy some good expensive stuffs but I use it for years and it worth the money. I’m​ the type of person that can have zero spend for days. That’s why I’m trying to apply it at home for my family. I will stock up on food and snacks so I don’t have to go to a supermarket very often. I do my grocery shopping every 2 weeks and use them all till my fridge and pantry is empty then I’ll go shopping again. The problem with going shopping too often is, I will run out of budget very quickly. Like I need to buy sugar, go to Indomaret, I walk home with sugar and 6 other random things I thought I needed too… It’s not 😑 

Often, we become reasonable with money when we don’t have money. We are forced to live frugally because we really don’t have any money to spend. We count every penny, trying so hard to hold onto the lil money we have, leaving the lifestyle we used to have​, homemade every treat, and the list of frugal living is getting longer and longer. 

Because of the sacrifices we make when we’re broke, once we have money… We tend to be greedy. Our brain is telling us that we now have money to spend. And the old lifestyle of spending is making its way back into our lives. Thinking that we deserve it. It’s a reward for being so ‘poor’ for quite some time. We deserve to eat to a restaurant and spend hundreds. We deserve to go the movies and spend hundreds. We deserve to buy expensive clothes that we forget the piles of clothes we have at home, rarely used. 

My brain works along Dave Ramsey. I’m so happy that I found him. He gets me. Or to be exact… I get him. Coz everything he said, I am all in. People who knows me might be thinking that I’m a hypocrite. I don’t do what I preach. Well… When you’re married, you’re no longer one. You have 2 brains, 2 personalities, 2 cultures, 2 hearts. The fact that you’re able to harmonize it into one is amazing. We don’t have the same ‘miracle’ so stop judging. 

Be smart with money. 8 tips for living frugal that I personally do… 

1. Make a grocery list and meal planning. Check your fridge and pantry before you go shopping, so you don’t buy what you already have. Then meal plan with what you already have in the fridge and pantry, and shop only for what you don’t have according to your meal planning. 

2. Write down your shopping list and hold on to it till your shopping schedule is up. Don’t go running to a grocery store just to buy 1 item coz you’ll end up home with 5-10 more items and runs out of budget with no money left for next week. 

3. Buy good quality items that you REALLY like and will USE it. Sometimes we buy some things out of someone’s else’s opinion or because we saw it on Pinterest and it looks so good. We bought it and it turns out that we don’t look good on it. What to do? Keep it and buy another and another and another and so on. Indonesia is unlike USA that have their 30 days guarantee where you can turn back your purchase if you don’t like it. So, we’re stuck with our purchase and piling all in our house. And again, Indonesian are unlike American who’ll go to thrift stores to buy items. Here, you either keep it or donate it. 

Why good quality items? Aren’t they expensive? Of course their expensive. Because… They only use good quality materials with qualified resources to produce their products. Isn’t against our frugal living rules? No. Let’s see that you buy a Levi’s pair of jeans that cost you $200. The jeans will still in good shape and looks for a very long time that you don’t need to buy a new pair coz your old one is worn out. I only have 3 pairs of jeans. And they’ve been worn for so many years. The longest is 11 years and they’re still good. Let’s do the math. $200 : 11 years = $18 a year. If you buy $18 pair of low quality jeans, I’m not sure it will last you a year. So… Buy good quality items, use it, don’t buy another till its broken to pieces and no longer useful. 

4. Download or rent a movie rather​ than watching it at the theater. The tickets are often affordable but the following items are somewhat expensive. Popcorn, coke, fries, etc. Then when you come of the the theater, it’s time for dinner. You’re at the mall so why don’t have dinner at the mall? Then you spend hundreds on dinner. A movie can cost you hundreds. Really 😌 

5. DIY. I’m not a crafty person so I don’t DIY crafts. My husband does. He did our kitchen, closet, bench, lamp, etc. But I do get myself creative in the kitchen. My boys love to eat at a restaurant. They love the look of the foods and the plating. So, I try, so hard (coz I’m not a good cook either) to imitate their food into my cooking​. I Pinterest the recipe and plate them as good as possible. The boys are usually very happy with my creation. So… Make as many DIY to save tons of money but still treating your family. 

6. Buy insurance. If you’re like me. Saving money at the a bank is not my thing. Very difficult for me to keep some money in an account and not use it. I always end up drying out the account and no savings. I bought 2 education insurance for my boys. And I’m ‘forced’ to save for their education. Now, I have my boys’ education secured. And the 2nd insurance I have is our family health insurance. It’s also important. We only have BPJS (government health insurance program), very cheap but it’s enough for us. Make sure you choose the right insurance company that instead of keeping you save, it’s taking all of your money saying that stocks are bad that you lost your investment. Gosh! How I hate insurance agency talking rubbish to a prospect 😤 Please… Don’t fall into their crap. If you want to know what insurance company I buy, please leave your email address at the comment below and I’ll email you the info. Note: I’m not an insurance agency 😂 

7. Pay cash! Always pay cash on your purchases. If you don’t have the cash, that means you don’t have the money to buy it. Often we buy something that we don’t actually need just because we have a credit card to swipe for 0% interest. That seems to excite everybody. 

You have $20 to buy a ‘$20’ sunglasses but then you saw an expensive brand that’ll cost you $70. You don’t have $70. You only have $20. No big deal. Swipe the credit card, pay for 12 months with no interest. I’m telling you… It’s a debt. For a sunglasses, you’re tied up to a year of debt. 

8. Don’t​ carry too much cash.  People said that I have a bad habit of not having cash with me. Yes, I don’t normally have cash with me. Why? Because… No matter how much I carry around, I’m feeling richer, that I want to buy everything I see 😫 

Have enough cash with you. Make it like an allowance money. Budget yourself. Have a weekly cash. Enough for you to buy food, transport, etc but aside from bills. 

And make it realistic. I’m guilty of it. I wanted to be frugal so badly that I budget myself very low and I screwed the whole system. I ended up having so many minuses and felt like a big looser, like a big spender, yet I’m not. 

Budgeting is not supposed to screw you up, it’s supposed to help you manage your money. So help yourself… Budget yourself with realistic numbers so that you can accomplish your goals without being discouraged. 

I hope you enjoy this post and find it motivating, inspiring, and helpful. Money is not everything yet everything needs money. Just make sure that you don’t get to be slaved by it. 

Thank you for joining me and I’ll see you in another post. 

Love y’all 💞



An ordinary mom trying to do my bit of everything in the best way I could

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