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Giant Haul 010417


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Now I’m gonna share my Giant haul to you. Giant is one of the supermarket in Indonesia just like Walmart. 

Here are all my buys… 

It’s been a while since the kids have their ice cream 😒 So, we give them a treat and let them pick some of their favorite. I thought they’re gonna be greedy and take dozens since it’s their 1st ice cream for like months, but no… They only pick these. Love my boys 😘 And the Durian ice cream is Al’s. He’s starting to like the taste of durian 😁 When we have spare money, I sure gonna buy him real durian. Good durian is quite pricey. 

This also Al’s favorite. 

We bought 10 bottles. They’re on sale for only 6k from the normal price of 8k. These are so good. We always have them in the fridge. Now, we can’t really afford to always stock on them. But when it’s on sale… I sure grab some of them 😁

The apple is Al’s choice. He said, “Mom, can I get some apples? I’ve missed them” My poor boy πŸ˜‘ Of course I get some from him. The orange is for Abe. I’m gonna have to juice them for him. He doesn’t take fruits and vegetables unless it’s liquid 😌 

Chips will always be in the cart whenever we go shopping. But the rule is, they only eat chips on Sunday. Al pick-up the tempura seaweed. Again, he missed it. I used to buy big bulk of roasted seaweed for him, but no more. We can’t really afford it, it’s quite pricey. 

I still have a roll of kitchen towel. But it’s on sale, so I grab a pack. 

Al picked these. Well, he picked the Kaya Spread and I picked the brand of the peanut butter. He love love love the Skippy Chunky Peanut Butter but it’s always expensive 😒 So, we’re gonna try this brand and hope he like it. 

Al also picked these. He loves grapes. I’m gonna freeze some of them for Abe’s smoothies. Can we make smoothies with dates? I should Google this. 

It’s been so so so very long since we have milk in the house. So hubby grab these. Abe love to make hot chocolate milk. 

Since I gave my Tresseme to mom, coz it gives my dandruff 😭 I picked these coz they’re on sale 😁 I save about 12k for both. Hope this works. 

I’m addicted to these. It’s cheap and it does the work. I can get toothpaste and toothbrush for a much cheaper price. We change toothbrush every month so it really is a save. 

Abe asked for this. Well… He’s a big boy now. He’s very self conscious especially with his appearance 😁 

It’s always been my night cream. Love it! I’ve tried some other brands but always comes​back to this. 

This is blewah. Hubby picked this and I suppose to make it to a fruit cold drink. I forgot to buy the syrup πŸ˜‘

Instant noodles stock up 😁

My feminine 😬 I literally use them both in 1 period. I sure use a lot of pads. 

Al has been asking me to buy this and I keep postponing. Now we have a little extra, so I finally can get it for him πŸ˜† He’s been a very patient boy 😘

Again and always in my shopping list. Mosquito spirals πŸ˜ͺ And I get a dish soap for every 2 packs. I bought 4 packs. 

Facial cotton for me and mom.

Hubby’s favorite.

Abe’s favorite.

Al’s favorite 😬

2kg of eggs. We eat slot of eggs. It’s washed and will be stored​ in the fridge. 

I didn’t know that we have this in our cart. I don’t use this. But mom does. I don’t buy different dish soaps for different purpose. I don’t spend money on those. I feel like, any dish soap works the same for any dish. I could be wrong, but yeah… I just don’t seem to see the difference. I even use dish soap to wash our hands in the sink. Never see the importance of buying hand soap πŸ€”

This is the boys body wash. I stick to this brand. I’ve tried other brands and comes​back to this. And their body wash should be an antibacterial kind. 

So… That’s it. This could last us about 1-2 months. Except for the snacks 😬 The snacks will be gone in like a week or even less. And I need to stock up again. 

Thank you for joining me. I really appreciate it, that you took the time to join me. I’ll see you again in my next haul and make sure to join my Week In The Life posts, live every Sunday πŸ˜† 

Love y’all 😘

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WITL #13

Sunday, 26 March 2017

9.37am we’re getting ready for the family gathering. I’m going to have my shower and gotta go to buy some things. 

Join me in my family gathering 

Monday, 27 March 2017

8.40am sent Abe to school. TO #2 day 1 for Abe. Now I’m getting ready to send Al to school. 

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

9.20am I didn’t blog much yesterday. Nothing interesting though. Now we’re getting ready to go to my cousin’s house with my uncle and aunt. My cousin will send them to their (uncle) son’s house in Jakarta. 

Today is holiday for Nyepi, Silent Day for Hindu. 

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

1.19am I just finished working on my online shop. 

We spent quite sometime at my cousin’s house. I always enjoy their company. Especially the boys 😁 

Reached home about 6pm. The kids had shower while I cooked them dinner. And clean my kitchen.

I wash my stove and the kitchen sink every night. I wipe down the wall, dining table, countertop, refrigerator, microwave, and kitchen cabinets with vinegar spray (vinegar, water, essential oil). Vinegar spray keeps the flies away. Since my kitchen is an open kitchen (located in the backyard), flies are easily attracted to my kitchen. Vinegar spray, clean kitchen, and empty garbage bin is a must in my night routine. 

I brought some muesli from my cousin’s and made my 1st overnight muesli. I store in a container and keep it in the fridge. 

We’ll see if I like them for breakfast. If I do, it definitely in my grocery shopping list πŸ˜„ I’ve been trying to start eating healthy food since I’m not young anymore 😁 

Finally make an After School To Do List for the boys.

I hope this works πŸ™ I’ve trying so hard not to raise my voice but the boys are sometimes very ignorance πŸ˜‘ So I’m gonna try this to do list πŸ˜„ Wish me luck πŸ€“

8.47am had my breakfast, having my coffee, 1 load of bed sheets is done. I’m gonna let it dry 1st then gonna run my 2nd load. I have laundry catch-up​ today. Hopefully it’ll be hot the entire day, so I’m able to wash all of them. 

Having my coffee and getting ready to pick up Abe from school. Al is studying for his tests today. Yesterday he didn’t study coz we’re out. So, he’s playing catch-up too. 

10.40am I don’t send Al to school πŸ˜‘ He lied to me that he doesn’t have homework. He just mentioned it last night before sleep. And he didn’t study for his tests. I woke him up early this morning for him to do his homework then study. He did 3 numbers out of 10 in 1 hour 😀 OMG! I am so so so annoyed 😀😀😀 He will finish his homework then study for tests by today! No TV for today, no Lego for today, and no games this weekend 😀 

You might not agree with me but I do what’s best for my kids. They must learn to be discipline and responsible. I will not be able to remind them forever. They must know what’s priority and what’s not. They must learn that everything has its own consequences. They must learn that mistakes should not be repeated. They must learn how to schedule themselves. They must appreciate time. They must know that school is not only about good grades. I’m more concern about their mentality rather than their grades. I know my boys are smart, but good brain without good mentality will lead you to bad judgment. I want them to know that life wouldn’t be easier as they grow. I have responsibility to prepare them for the future. And it’s hard 😒 

Thursday, 30 March 2017

8.41pm I’m exhausted. With the flu, I really don’t have any strength to do anything else 😴 

Sweep, mop, cook, 2 loads of laundry, fold clothes, clean the kitchen. I’m​hungry but don’t want to get out of bed 😴. 

Hubby made me noodle soup 😁 Steamy hot and I put a lot of chili 😘 Just what I needed πŸ€’ 

Friday, 31 March 2017

Luckily, Abe is schooling at 7.30am so I can get up a lil late. 

I’ve been craving for Saturday Bobor Daun Singkong and today is the revelation πŸŽ‰

With Tempe Goreng and sambal… OMG! Heaven! 😁

I opened up a new pack of tea and just noticed that it’s in an individual pack. I gotta check the price πŸ€”

And I couldn’t find it πŸ˜ͺ

9.44pm I did a load of laundry, sweep the floor, fold clothes. I was thinking to do ironing but I changed my mind, I thought of doing it tomorrow. And you know what? I have so many things to do tomorrow 😌

There’s no way I can iron and now it’s too late to do ironing 😫 Lesson learned, never procrastinate 😀 

Oh btw… I did my weekly spread 😁

I added​ tracker for smoothies, workout, and water. I keep forgetting to what’s good for me. I should really start to take care of myself πŸ˜” 

Saturday, 1 April 2017

9.59am waking up to a broken heart. But I refuse to dwell on my pain. I brushed​my teeth, drink a glass of water, make myself a cup of coffee, and prep my Bible journal. 

Now, my faith has been rejuvenated, God is going to turned my harm and use it to my advantage. Amen! I’m ready to jump into my to do list, which is a lot 😬 

5.26pm I finished all my to do list around 4pm and now we’re heading​ Giant Sentul. Hubby has been promising the kids to buy some snacks after they help me with the house works. And the light is out, so great timing to spend time at the mall πŸ˜‚

We have our dinner. 

Bakso Malang Goendoel and the kids are having CFC (fried chicken similar to KFC). Oh ya… It’s raining and cold, a hot meatball soup is perfect! 😁 

Al is getting a pack of bricks from CFC and as soon as finish his meal, he get on to it 😬

Look at my boy πŸ˜† So big now, I can’t even kiss him in public 😌

So the bricks is done 😁

So happy to see them like this πŸ˜†