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After so long, now I’m back with my grocery haul. Since I’ve moved house, I don’t shop at Superindo again. I go to wet market, Asep a produce shop near the kids’ school, and Indogrosir (its like Costco in America).


4kg of chicken thighs, 1kg of chicken breast, total 5kg of fishes (tuna, red snapper, and others).


I’m gonna seasoned the tuna with seasoning flour and deep fried it. The kids love it. But they like it half cooked coz if its over cooked, it will harden the textures.


I store it in a Tupperware and keep it in the fridge for lunch today.


I also seasoned the chicken thighs with the same seasoning flour and also gonna deep fried it.


1kg of chicken thighs are seasoned with Indonesian fried chicken.

I packed them in clear plastic bag and gonna put it in the freezer.

I also seasoned 1kg of chicken fillet with the seasoning flour and gonna put it in the freezer.


Gonna freeze this chicken bones for my corn soup.


1kg of mackerel.


1kg of red snapper seasoned with Indonesian fried fish seasoning.


Stacked up all in the bin.


Put in the freezer. You can visit my HOW I ORGANIZE MY FREEZER.


Its my produce haul the next day from Asep produce shop. Sayur asem, bean sprout, 1kg tomatoes, 1kg potatoes, sweet corns, cabbage, sawi putih, chayote, and tempe.

Washed, cut, and seasoned the tempe to fried.

I finally get to clean and organize my fridge 😀

I also bought strawberries. Washed.

Cut the strawberries, put them in a clear plastic.

Store it together with my smoothies stocks. You might want to visit SMOOTHIE HACKS! and see what I do in making my smoothies.

Also stock up on bananas. Bananas is a must fruit in my house.


These are my food haul from Indogrosir.


These are sweetened condensed milk for Al. He likes to eat bread with these.


These are sweetened condensed milk for my four legs kids 🙂


This instant brownies is the easiest and the tastiest. The kids loves it. I just add 1 egg and mix all together and steam for 10-20 minutes. Done. Easy!


The kids loves pudding and jelly. So, I make a packet every week.


I use this kind of salt. Its cheap and no added seasoning. Some salts are not ‘real’. And yeah… I’m traditional 😀


My coffee. Can’t live without my coffee.


Healthy snacks. I’m not sure if Tim Tam is healthy, but its half price, so let’s just have some fun with chocolate 😀


My seasoning.


I need to stock up on tea. Coz I’m expecting some guesses this month.


Its my household needs.


These are my favorite liquid detergent for now. They’re cheaper and smells good.


I don’t have any favorite laundry softener. I think they’re all the same. I just need to choose the fragrances I want. I just go with whatever is on sale or the cheapest one.


Its one of my ‘weapon’ fighting the bad mosquitoes. I juts buy what’s cheap. Its the spiral type that you burn and it’ll last for a few hours. It says 10 hours or so. So far it does a good job, as long as you don’t put it too close with you.


These are also my favorite type to fight the mosquitoes. Its the electric type. It doesn’t last long. Only about 1 hour or so.

Well, that was all. I spent about 600k for all of it and it should last me about 2-3 weeks.

Thank you for joining me in my grocery haul. I’ll see you on the next haul.

Love ya’ll



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