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Sunday, 26 February 2017

The kids finally finished their chores which are not done through the week, so they were doing 6 days of work in 1 day 🙄 I made my point to them that they need to do the chores everyday. Not waiting for me to raise my voice first 😫

It’s not an easy task to ask the children to do chores, I need to keep reminding them again and again and again… I want them to understand the importance of working and helping. Whether its at home or working in an office.

Some say that boys don’t need to do home chores coz then they’ll have their wife to do it for them. No no no… I’m a wife and I need my man to help me. I want my man to understand how it’s not easy to take care of the kids and the house. So I want my boys to be the man that will love, understand, helpful and care about their future wife.

It’s hard work… True! For me and for them. But, once the habit is built, it’s then become a lifestyle rather than a burden. I’m hoping that my boys will have the husband material that every girl dreams of 😄

After chores, they enjoy their boy time 😎

It’s 9.25pm and I’m on the bed, trying to calm my day. I just got home from my aunt’s getting some things that I needed for the food stand on Tuesday. It’s was dark, raining, cold and I was with my Mio. I’m gonna have my hot tea, clean the kitchen and I guess need to head to bed, the flu is coming… I can feel it 🤒

Monday, 27 February 2017

7.30am good morning! My eyes are heavy asking me to go to bed and sleep. I can’t 😥 I have tons to do to prepare for the food stand tomorrow.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

I couldn’t blog for 2 days coz I was busy running errands and serving at the bazaar. Our stand was the most busiest stand. I thank God for that. I was washed out. Monday and Tuesday was crazy busy. I’m gonna try to give a brief summary for those 2 days.

Monday… Started my day as usual, sending my boys to school. After I sent Al I went to Indogrosir to buy the groceries we needed for the food stand. Then headed home. Pick up Al from school. Okay, let me map out my route on Monday.

School – home – school – Indogrosir – home – school – home – wet market – Carefour – home – school – home

I spent 12 hours running here and there. Trying to cope with everything. When I was finally end my journey of the day, I have to work on the meal prep for the food stand.

Esna was cleaning the potatoes.

These are what we have to prepare. It’s only half of what we actually got.

Esna went home around 8pm. And I continue to do the work and finished about 10. Hubby massage me and I slept through the night. Exhausted 😴

Tuesday… We headed to the school and once we set up our stove on the table and was frying our first potatoes, the kids are flooding our stand. Orders are keep coming that we couldn’t even set up everything properly. We were busting our ass for 5 hours straight with no sitting, no drinking, no eating, not even have time to chit chat. Can’t even take a wefie 🙄

We packed up at 2pm, went home, unpacked and working out on the finance. Thanks the Lord for the result of our sweats and all the body aching 😰 We earned quite a lot 👏

Today… I wish that I could sleep through the day but no. No time to feel the body pain, the headache and the gastritis I have today. I gotta to do what I gotta do. I send Abe to school, went to wet market to buy chicken and fish, back home then send Al to school, back home and catching up on 3 days laundry, sweeping, mopping, dusting. Gosh 😥

I’m dried out 😰

Thursday, 2 March 2017

I’m catching up with cleaning. I dust, sweep, mop the floor. The sun shines so bright that I could do 3 loads of laundry including my 3 comforters 👏
Then I got some computer works to do. I’m working on my client’s website and the developer finally done with the dummy. It is not what we have in mind. So, I gotta work extra on it, hoping that the developer will get the idea and build it as we wanted to. So much to do… Zero connection 😰 It’s raining everyday with storms so signals kinda sucks 😭

I still don’t feel good today. It got worst through out the day. The kids are on bed. I’m going to bed too 😴 Hopefully I’ll be better tomorrow.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Hubby sent the kids to school. I got my massage. Not feeling quite well after massage, wanted to go to bed and have a long sleep. But I decided to have my shower. After shower, I got a little better so I sweep the floor, declutter, run 2 loads of laundry, fold yesterday’s laundry and trying (so hard) to iron 😫

6.17pm I finally finished ironing. I spent over an hour just for ironing. My feet hurts and my back pain just got more painful 😥 I will never ever going to leave out laundry to iron for days. Ever. I ironed 2 weeks worth of laundry and it’s a bummer 😫

The sky is so red this evening. Rain and thunder everyday. Scary mother nature is on duty 😰

Saturday, 4 March 2017

10.57am we’re starting on our weekly chores. Changing bed sheets. Hoping that this hot day can dried out all my sheets and the laundry 😇

The boys are dusting Oma’s bed.

They’re having a bad weekend so they’re moody. No games for this weekend coz they’re all starting mid test on Monday. It’s a big deal for them… The games I mean 😁

I have tons to do today. Including this…

My fridge is a whole mess from the food stand the other day. All cramped together. No good. It gives me anxiety. Can’t even stand to open the fridge and look at them 😫 So need to work on that today.

7.48pm the kids are still awake. Watching TV and having dinner. Kitchen is half done cleaning. I gotta lay down a while, my back pain is acting out 😫

9.33pm the boys are in bed and I had my shower. Feels good. We were reading Bible as usual. And tonight’s verse is Romans 14:1-4.

And I got anxious. Coz we live in a country full of judgemental people. It suffocate us. The news are full with violence in the name of religion. I don’t get how religion is becoming more god than God itself. People screaming out judging other people in the name of God. What? How? Why? The struggle has been going on for years.



An ordinary mom trying to do my bit of everything in the best way I could

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