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WITL 2017 #6

I don’t know what is going wrong with my WordPress now, seems like I keep losing my drafts 😫

I had my Sunday and Monday blog, now they’re gone… Only the images are still in the gallery 😭

I’m very sorry, I’m just gonna insert all the images coz I can’t recall all of those moments… Bear with me 😢

What’s on Sunday 5/2/17 – Monday 6/2/17

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

7.08pm, the kids are still having ‘lazy’ moments. Abe just got home from tutor, Al done with preparing tomorrow’s school books and I just got home from my meeting. The house is a mess.

I won’t take another picture of my kitchen and backyard, coz hubby is still on piping project 😰

I don’t cook. I haven’t do laundry. I haven’t clean the house. I’m tired but I need to get all done 😓 Maybe I’ll feel better after shower… I’ll do that.

10.27pm, no shower… Waiting on the spinning washing machine 😌

11.34 done hanging the clothes to dry. Now I’m on my bed leaving the house in chaos 😓

I am not gonna worrying about those mess coz there will be tomorrow 😁 My eyes are closing 😴

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

It is 1.42. I’m waiting for the boys at school. And it’s going to rain 😫 I did 2 loads of laundry, dust the house, clean windows and mirrors, clean the kitchen, and declutter. Then when I’m home, I just need to sweep and mop the floor.

I think I’m gonna work on my cleaning routines again. Coz I found that mopping the floor at night after the kids asleep is not giving me any good. Yes the house will be clean and spotless when the kids get up in the morning, but then I don’t get enough sleep and I can’t even sit and watch TV 😓 And it’s been days that I did my last computer works, after all the cleaning, I’ll be exhausted and just wanted to get to bed. I need to get this routines fixed 🤔

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Hubby is done doing the water pipes and I cleaned the house last night, so today I have more free time. Oh my gosh… The best day is when you have clean house so you don’t have to do much.

I don’t do laundry today coz my clothes hanger are still full from yesterday’s laundry. I’ll do laundry tomorrow. I have my cooking done and we’re gonna pick up the boys from school and head to my aunty’s house at Sentul.

Here’s my niece Jill… So pretty 😍

We have lil angel for the night 😍 Abel (my niece) is staying at our house. I’m having moments of having another female in the house 😁

And I bought milk for our smoothies and the boys likes to have the chocolate milk for snack

I got it in cheaper price compare to buying at the supermarket, coz I bought it from the Bogor sole agent. And they deliver! Awesome! 👌

Why do I buy this brand? Coz it’s what almost every restaurant use in their menus. They got ice cream, yoghurt, frozen veggies, cheese, etc, you name it… They have it. Whatever you eat from a restaurant in Indonesia, mostly using this Diamond brand. What’s funny is… It’s not the most popular brand in the supermarket but people don’t mind having them in a restaurant. Or maybe it’s the lack of information. I don’t know 🤔

Friday, 10 February 2017

Crazy cold brrrr 😨

Raining non stop for 2 days. Didn’t even have to on the air-conditioning nor fan tonight and the water is like ice water 😨

Need to get this laundry folded

9.47pm Abel is picked up by my cousin, kids are sent to bed by hubby and I’m on bed. Mom is busy cooking for Cap Goh Meh for tomorrow. Making Lontong something 🤔. I’ll get you pictures of it 😁

Here’s our dinner

Sardines in tomato sauce. You should make it by yourself. It’s very easy to make with very minimum ingredients. 

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Headache 😰

It’s pouring rain outside and I don’t feel well this morning. Had my Bodrex and now in bed, resting. I’m gonna send the kids for a nap then I hope I’ll feel better to do some works.

6.41pm and I’m done cleaning the house, the kids changed their bed sheets, done their homework, everybody got their dinner, kitchen is clean. I’m going to do my zone cleaning and shower. So happy that I have accomplished all at this hour 😄 I’m gonna have my movie night 🤘

1.10am no movie night 😶 I laid on my bed trying to watch some YouTube channels and somewhat my brain were planning something else 🙄 So I ended up with this…

I purged and organized my papers. And it took me 2 hours looking through every page 😪

Then I headed to kitchen and cleaned up. Now it’s clean and shine. Ready to go for tomorrow.

Now I’m going to have my sleep. Thank you for coming along with me this whole week. See you next week 😍😘



An ordinary mom trying to do my bit of everything in the best way I could

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