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Posted on September 5, 2016

1st blog!

Yup, it’s my 1st blog ever 😀 *hands down

Hi… My name is Dessy Lestari. I’m a mom of 2 boys, 11 & 7.5 yo. I would say that I’m a mompreneur. My brain is ticking all the time, finding a way of making money. Matre? Well, who doesn’t? Don’t I have a husband to provide? Yes, I do. But the fact that I need to earn money, for me is mandatory. I’m not the kind of girl that’s just waiting for money to be given. Why do I need to earn? To buy what I want. Not that I spend lavishly to buy this and that unnecessarily. The feeling that I get from paying my own needs is relieving and satisfying. I don’t like the idea of being dependent. And most of my income is for my kids, anyway. So yeah, I’m a mompreneur.

I would like to apologize if you find it irritating that I’m using English. Not that I’m sok kebarat2an or kebule2an, but I express myself better in English. I’m a Bachelor of English Literature from Dr. Soetomo University in Surabaya. Not because I have no other subject to choose, but because I love English. I was at kelas 1 SMP when I got my 1st English class and from that day on, I’ve had decided to take an English faculty for my College.

I started my 1st business when I was still working at an institute at Sunter, Jakarta. I was reading a tabloid and get to the ad page then zap just like that, I got the idea to sell something. Gak punya modal. Gak tahu apa yg mau dijual. I just knew that I had to put an ad at that tabloid, I will make money. So, I chose 1 particular item to sell, put an ad, and just like that, within days, I got a lot of orders. Trus modalnya brp? Modalnya cuma 100rban (lupa berapa persisnya) buat pasang iklan baris. Kulakan nya gmn? Kulakan nya pake duit buyer. Dulu belum ada FB dan sebangsanya, cuma pake SMS and telp, buyer harus transfer dulu, baru dikirim barangnya. Jadi, gak pake modal belanja. Kok bisa buyer percaya? I believe that if you started anything with a good intention, God will clear your path.

Then I moved to Surabaya in 2008 or 2009 (lupa :p), had to quit my job. Had my days around my children 24/7. Antar jemput sekolah. Nunggu di sekolah. Tadinya bawa novel buat baca2 sambil duduk nunggu, daripada bengong tar malah kesambet setan :p, tapi kok lama2 jadi bahan perguncingan emak2 disana. Dibilang sok jaim lah, sok kaya lah gak mau gaul, trus dibilang sok kebarat2an (ya gegara bacaannya novel berbahasa Inggris @.@). Akhirnya, daripada jadi gunjingan, gak enak juga kalo kuping gatel terus diomongin, gak bawa novel lagi dari rumah, ikutan ‘bergunjing’, ikutan ‘cuci mata’, dan kegiatan sosial lainnya :D. Trus gegara begaul itu, jadi tahu soal Facebook and BlackBerry. Yes, I’m an old school. I use what I have till it can’t be used anymore, alias rusak ancur gak bisa dibenerin lagi, terpaksa beli baru. Jadi lah, dibeliin BB sama hubby (thank you hubby :D). Nah, kalo yg lain BB nya buat ‘bergunjing’, saya malah (lagi2) mikir gimana caranya manfaatin BB ini supaya jadi duit. Buka2 FB dari hape, ada yg jualan baju. Zing… Dapat deh ide jualan baju online. Gak pake modal. Cuma modal BB, pulsa, sama modal nekat. Jadilah my 1st online shop KAWAIIBE SHOP in 2009. Yg cuma modal BB Gemini, lama2 terbungkuk2 tuh hape gegara gak kuat kebanyakan grup and foto2. Eh, dibeliin laptop sama hubby (makasih lagi ya hubby sayang :D), makin lancar deh bisnisnya hehehehe. Like my page

The latest is POSINI. I have experiences of buying things from USA. It’s all hassle. I have to have Credit card or PayPal. Then I have to understand how to order from the website. I have to have faith that the seller I’m buying from is a decent seller, jadi gak kena tipu. Buying things online from USA is puyeng. So, I have the idea of helping people on buying things from USA. I have a friend who lives there with her husband. And she’s willing to help me with this business. *love you Anne :). Let me help you to buy what you need, just like I needed help to buy what I need from USA.

Why am I blogging in this Posini site? Well, sekalian aja :D. Daripada harus buka blog baru. Toh nanti I’m gonna share everything I want to share with you, including fashion and beauty. So, sekali minum 2 gelas *kembung dong :p. I’m just starting to learn about making a blog, couldn’t do it without you Yon *muah. Everyday is a learning process. Nothing is instant. Mie instan aja masih harus direbus atw dituang air panas, trus masukin bumbu, tambah telor, tambah cabe, tambah sayur *jadi lapar *.*

Aaaaaand, now I’m having a new career as a Virtual Assistant. What? Yup, di Indo karir VA masih lom heboh, padahal emak2 di luar sana udah berpuluh2 tahun jadi VA. Making money sambil ngemong anak, sambil masak, sambil bersih2 rumah, never have to leave their home in earning an income. Keren kan? Saya juga pengen keren kayak gitu :p. So, I’m a VA now. I’ll talk more about it at the next blog.

Never stop learning. Always find away to improve yourself. Have faith. You can achieve whatever you want, as long as you don’t stop learning.

Please leave a comment on what you want me to talk about at my next blog. Thanx a bunch 🙂



An ordinary mom trying to do my bit of everything in the best way I could

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