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What do I give my children when they’re sick?


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Al (my youngest son) is having flu and cough, also he’s slightly warm. I thought I’ll share with you all the meds I give my boys when they’re sick.

I’m not a doctor minded person. I don’t easily go to doctors. My children are usually just having flu and cough, so I just give them over-the-counter meds. Doctors are the least person I want to see regularly in my life 😂. In a year, I probably went once to doctors or sometimes not at all.

Yesterday, Al was coughing but nothing seems serious, so he went to school and had his English test. After school, he started coughing so bad in the car, so I gave him lunch, meds, and he took a nap.

This morning, Al went to our room early morning and snugged into our bed. I felt him a little warm. When the sun came up, I asked him to sit in the sun (berjemur) as he always do whenever he’s caught in flu and cough. 30 minutes on each side, front and back, then I’ll pad his back several times.

Sitting can be boring, so he’ll be watching his favorite show on YouTube and wear (my) sunglasses.

This is to boost his immune. I give 10ml.

This is for cough and flu.I used to gave him OBH Anak, but since my youngest is 8yo (tomorrow Al turns 8 👏) I switch to this. I give 7.5ml.

This is for his sore throat. Cough often follows by sore throat, that’s why he’s a bit warm. I just give him half teaspoon.

This is for his fever. I give him 7.5ml.

I give 1 spoon daily only when I think they need multivitamin, such as when they’re having a lot of activities or not feeling well.

I use the same meds for Abe. I’ve been using the same meds for several years now. I find them suitable for my children and they works perfect. Takes only 2-3 days for them to get better and healthy.

If my children gets fever, I don’t jump immediately to find a doctor. I’ll give Tempra and watch their temperature for 3 days, if it stays the same or gets worst then I’ll go to get their blood test in the 3rd day, then I’ll see a doctor with the blood test results. With 2 children, I already find that going to the lab 1st will save your time, so my children will get the best treatment immediately, rather than going back and forth between doctor – lab – doctor and I waste hours for waiting.

Hope you find it useful and get some reference from this. Of course, every child react differently towards certain meds. I strongly urge you to monitor your children during medication and immediately find a doctor to get the right treatment. Moms knows what’s best for their children.

Wish we all are healthy and have a great weekend 😘

Much love…



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