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Weekly Grocery Haul & Meal Plan – 1/10/16


I’m gonna take you to the journey of my weekly grocery & meal plan. I do meal planning every Friday evening. I do shopping at 2 or 3 different places every week, coz each place has its own specialty. I buy fish, ground beef, ground chicken, beef, nuggets, carton milks, snacks, toiletries, detergent, etc on Saturday/Sunday at Superindo. I buy chicken at traditional market,  coz its fresh, I only buy alive chicken (the chicken were alive and when I pay, then only the chicken were dead – I kinda make it sound like I’m a murderer @.@). And the other place is my tukang sayur near the boys’ school on Monday, I only buy vegetables and spices here.

Before I meal plan, I check my freezer and the fridge. If I have an empty freezer and fridge, then I meal plan from zero. If I still have some meats and vegetables, I meal plan from what’s left in the freezer and the fridge. This week, I still have chicken breast, ground beef, cabbage, carrot, french bean, broccoli, baby corn (?), tempe, and bags of nuggets. So I meal plan from there. Here is my meal planning for the week of 3/10 – 9/10.


From there, we can see that I only need to buy very little meats and vegetables and use the rest of the weekly budget to buy something else on sale that week. That’s why we should plan our meal. So we can control our weekly meal budget. I do weekly meal budget and meal shopping, so I always have fresh food in my freezer and fridge and for me to be able to control my budget. I used to do monthly grocery shopping, and I found myself tend to spend more than the budget we have (lapar mata). And I used to not meal planning and again I tend to spend more coz when I don’t have a plan, I just grab anything that I see, thinking that I was gonna cook this and that. And most of the time, it was all left alone at the corner of my fridge and rot. What a waste 😦

So, here are my grocery shopping this morning at Superindo.


Chicken fillet is for chicken stick on Saturday. Ikan kembung is for ikan goreng on Friday and it was on sale (I save 6.675). So let’s talk about everything else.


I change each person’s toothbrush once a month and toothpaste usually empty by the end of the month. So its time to buy toothbrushes and toothpastes. I was getting 6 toothbrushes in 2 packets and 2 big tube of toothpastes (we have 2 bathrooms) for a total of almost 70k, and its with the Pepsodent toothpaste on sale.Then I looked down at the bottom shelf, they have Formula toothpaste on sale with free toothbrush. I counted at my phone calculator (always have on hand when I do shopping), 5 toothbrushes (coz we’re a family of 5) and the 5 toothpastes for a total of 48.450. And since it was on sale, I save 9.700. See how much I save?


I don’t have cooking oil in my shopping list since I still have 2 bags of these in my pantry (different brand). But it was on sale. And I still have some spare in my budget. So why not? I save 11k for these.


We use sugar a lot. We make tea, coffee, pudding, jelly, cooking, baking, etc. So I buy sugar every other week sometimes early. I save 900 for this.


Macaroni for Sunday. Its the cheapest (8.590) and its a good quality from a trusted brand. I use a box for 1 recipe.


I usually buy Sari Roti but they didn’t have those. I buy roti tawar kupas every week. The boys like to have them for tuna sandwich or just with jam. Its 13k.


We don’t drink this coffee every day. I make Nescafe + cream + Tropicana Slim sugar. Hubby make black (Lombok) coffee + Tropicana Slim sugar. But I do have it on stock for guest and sometimes for our coffee variety. It was on sale, so I bought it. I save 6.200 for both packets of 10. You see… We tend to think that bigger packets are always cheaper than the smaller one. And it doesn’t. In this case, a packet of 20 is almost 28k (no disc). A packet of 10 is 13k x 2 = 26k. 2k save + it was on sale, save 6k = I save 8k. Always have your calculator on hand ladies 😀


I still have 2 smaller bags in my storage. I bought those on sale at Indomaret last week, buy 2 get 1 free. But again… Its on sale. I save 15.200 for both bags of 1.6kg/ea.


I only buy this if its on sale. If not, I don’t buy and I don’t use it. Its kinda of my kalo ada dipake kalo gak ada ya udah. Its not essential. I save 1.490.


We use eggs a lot. I buy 2kg every other week, sometimes every week. Depends on my mood of baking 😀 But we do eat egg almost every day. If there’s an agen telur near you. Buy from them, cheaper. If not, then buy from a supermarket. Supermarket is always cheaper than traditional market or tukang sayur. I bought it from agen telur near my house for 18.500/kg and it was 19.800/kg at Superindo. I always wash my eggs before I store them in the fridge.


I rarely use specific brand for my skin care. Actually, I rarely use specific brand for anything. If I need to buy, I will find one on sale. But yeah I do choose the brand (you know what I mean). I save 13.650 for this.

Those are my grocery haul part 1. I save total of 64.815. Includes the shopping bag coupons for 300. I always bring my shopping bag whenever I go shopping to Superindo. They will give you certain amount of disc if you bring your own shopping bag. If I don’t bring my shopping bag, I’ll use about 4-5 plastic bags x 200 = 800-1.000. You can always ask for a box for free, but sometimes its impossible to carry when you go on a motorbike. So, always bring your shopping bag. It saves you money and you’re helping the environment 🙂

On Monday, I’ll just have to buy potatoes (Wednesday), sayur lodeh (Thursday), kelapa santan (Thursday), sawi ijo (Saturday), and sawi putih (Saturday). Why am I buying vegetables so soon? I wash all the vegetables I buy for the week, I cut them the way I wanted to cook them (meal prep), I put them in plastic containers, and I store them in the fridge. They can stay fresh for 2 weeks. I will share my fridge and freezer organization on a different blog 🙂

I still have some spare of my weekly meal budget 😀 I plan to buy mango and honey. So… I hope you get the idea of my weekly meal planning and budgeting. I hope it inspire you and motivate you. If you like it, give it a star and follow my blog so you don’t miss all the fun 😀

With love!



An ordinary mom trying to do my bit of everything in the best way I could

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