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Are you someone that is so lazy to eat fruit? Lazy to cut? Lazy to chew? I am. Yes. I am someone that is so lazy to eat fruits unless its ready to eat in front of me and if my hubby feed me hahahaha (kebangetan ya :D). I am someone that prefer juice than cut fruits (tinggal glek!).

Mau bikin smoothie setiap hari kok males nyiapinnya @.@ Harus cuci, kupas, potong, blender. Tiap hari harus begitu, males banget @.@ Makanya jadi jarang makan buah atw minum juice. So, daripada banyak alasan, banyak males nya, tapi pengen banget sehat and punya kulit bagus… I do these! And I hope it inspire and motivate you to regularly consume fruits and vegetables.

Every week, I put fruits and vegetables (organic vegetables for smoothies) in my weekly haul. Difficult for me to find organic vegetables for my smoothies near my house, so usually I’ll buy 2-3 fruits together to make smoothies. Then I’ll wash, peel, and cut them.


This week I got banana & dragon fruit. I cut 1 banana and half of dragon fruit for 1 portion of smoothie.


I make 2 portions of smoothies. Put each of them in a plastic bag ( I use regular food grade plastic bag coz Ziploc bags are expensive).


Store them in a kitchen bin and put them in the freezer. You can see HOW I ORGANIZE MY FREEZER. I still have a portion of mango and dragon fruit. I normally buy seasonal fruits. They’re cheaper and easy to find.


I have my smoothie every morning. I add a cup of oats to my smoothie + milk or homemade orange juice or any infused water I make that week. No ice added coz my fruits are all frozen.

Blend them together.


You have all of those vitamins and nutrition in a glass. Easy! No chewing. No washing and cutting fruits everyday. Do 1 time preparation for a week of healthy smoothies. Abe is more like me in terms of eating fruits. He prefers smoothie and juice, so he’ll get a glass a day, and I get a big mug a day. Al is a fruit eater like his dad. We’re not the same in preferences but we gotta sort things out to keep everyone’s need fulfilled right? 😀 Mama gotta do the thinking (as always) hohohoho

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An ordinary mom trying to do my bit of everything in the best way I could

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