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Have you ever feel that you’re in a continuously test nowadays? Every time you open your mouth and spell out what’s in your mind, giving ideas, giving out thoughts, giving comments, it turns to a negative situation. Ever wonder why?

I still don’t get why people are so easily saying hurtful words to other people? Is heartless can become human nature to somebody?

It is easy to blame others for whatever happening to you. It is hard to look in the mirror and see your flaws. But it’s there. We all have flaws. It’s better to accept the flaws and work on it, trying to be a better person, rather than hurting people around you just to make you feel good for poking other’s face.

Sometimes we are too naive to keep opening our mouth when we know that it will turn bad on us, coz we thought that they’ve changed. Like a boomerang. You just have to wait till it come and slap you in the face. Than for the hundreds times, you regret that you were so stupid for opening your mouth back then. You wish that you were just shut it. For the sake of your mental health, just shut it!

I learn for so many years to control my mouth. Not to let my anger and emotion take the best out of me. Trying to keep my ideas, my thoughts, my comments just to myself. I just want to live a peaceful life. I don’t like confrontation. I hate arguing, especially to a narcissist. Some people are not opens up to differences. Some people can’t accept that others may have some brain too. Some people are too focus on themselves and forgetting that we exist in their life. But its not easy. Not at all.

When you’re a chatty person like me. Shutting it, is hard. I’m a Gemini… If you’re into horoscope, you’ll know how Gemini is 😀 We have a fun personality, we like to laugh, we love hanging out, we welcomes anybody into our circle of friends, we are all love, we never runs out of topics to talk about, we can talk and talk and talk for hours… IF we are with the right people. So if a Gemini is sitting quite beside you, to be sure something is definitely wrong.

I am still learning to shut it or not shut it.



An ordinary mom trying to do my bit of everything in the best way I could

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