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PARENTHOOD – 29/10/16

Being parents is a full time job with full responsibility. We need to fulfill their needs, mind, body and soul. We need to perform good examples. We need to provide positive language, positive attitude, positive food, positive explanation, positive thinking, positive knowledge, positive life.

Perfection? No. We are not obligated to be perfect. Coz none of us is. But I believe, with positivity, our life will be as what God created us to be. God didn’t create us with negativity. God created us with only the best ingredients, for the best purpose, and put us in a best position in life amongst all other creations.

So why do we have to downgrade ourselves with negativity? We think negative about others, we act negative towards everything, we speak negative hurtful words, we fill ourselves with negativity and you’ll have a negative life.

Nothing ever good according to you. No one is ever good in your eyes. No matter how blessed your life is, no matter what others good deeds towards you, you can’t see them. For me that’s a tiring life, coz we’ll be busy finding others mistakes to fulfill our negativity satisfaction. Sad.

Do we want that kind of tiring life for our children? No, I don’t.



An ordinary mom trying to do my bit of everything in the best way I could

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