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No Church = Sins

I was on my way to pick up Abe from tutor when a friend of mine stopped me and ask me a question… “Where have you been? I don’t see you at church anymore. You don’t go to church now?”

My honest reply was “No”. She looked at me and said “You don’t go to church… I wonder how many sins you’ve committed.”

I was shocked by her response 😕. Since when no church = sins. I asked her… “Does it means that if I go to church, I don’t have sins? Wow… You guys must’ve been saints now, since you go to church almost everyday and do some church services”.

Then she said… “I mean, you have to be reminded to stay away from sins. Church does that.” I replied… “I do get reminded every morning by Joel Osteen (I watch his sermons on YouTube) and we (me and my children) read Bible every night before sleep. I read the Bible and I listen to sermons, isn’t that what church does?”.

I’m not saying that my way of being a Christian is somewhat ‘right’, but I haven’t find a church in Indonesia that I’m comfortable with. What’s the point of going to church, sit and listen to the priest while I’m busy trying to understand his ‘biblical’ words? When I have to be told to say “Amen” to every single sentences the whole hour of sermons. When every Sunday I have to be reminded to give more money to gain more blessings from God. Since when that you’re poor because you don’t give big portion of your money to the church? When every Sunday I have to listen to the priest talk about another priest from another church. When I have to listen to the man so called God’s words on earth talk about exorcism, every freaking Sunday.

Why should I go to church where I don’t find God? Obligation? Appearance? Status? Image? No! I don’t believe God wants to be praised like that.

I honor Him by not finding fake hippocratic money minded so called priest as my guidance. I praised Him by not hurting other people. I don’t wear a Christian mask every where I go to whomever I meet, I am a Christian by action from the heart that Christ tells me in the Bible. I mean, come on! Why do people have to be so shallow minded? And so judgemental 😑

I do intend to send my boys to church school or Sunday school. I just haven’t figure out how I’m going to do that since Sunday school here is very unpleasant for my boys. They feel like being forced to be a Christian. Forced to learn the songs. Forced to listen to the boring Sunday school teacher. Or get punished. Hmmm… That’s not ideal to get children to know how loving God is, right?

I find Joel Osteen gives me the positive spirit when I have to face my demons. My everyday life enemies. I need encouraging people in my life so that I don’t get discouraged by the people/circumstances around me. I find my church with Joel Osteen ministry. They’re in America and I’m in Indonesia. It’s a church right? So, I go to church in America every morning! How cool is that??? 😂

Well actually, she’s not the only one who thinks like that. I got a lot of comments on me not going to church here and there. But, like my son said… “Mom, you have a church at home. Cool!”



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