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Nebu Time!


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I just posted what I give my children when they’re sick. And now I share with you, his nebu time. I don’t do this every time Al is having flu and cough, I only do this when I hear he has slime caught inside his lungs.

I bought this about 2 years ago, coz Al has allergy. He often caught himself flu and cough, especially during rainy season. I bought online from Lazada around 600k. It’s the OMRON NE-C28.

1 ampoule for 1 time use. I nebu Al 1-2 times a day, depends on how bad his condition is.

4ml for 1 time use.

20-30 drops for 1 time use.

It’s good to have my own nebulizer. I save money and time. I know how expensive it is to have your children for nebu therapy and how much time consuming it is. I’ve been there. So if you have children with allergies, you should invest in this. And to give you a safe feeling doing it alone by yourself at home, ask your doctor how much you should give your children each meds. I duplicate doctor’s prescription and lessen it, so I don’t give a full dosage. It works fine so far.

If you have the same experience or having a tough time with allergic children, leave a comment below and I’d love to share all I know. I know exactly how it feels (months dealing with the worst skin allergy and years dealing with weather/dust allergy) and if I can help you with the knowledge I gained so far, I’d be happy to do so.

Much love…



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