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Facebook Banned


Are you like me, fed up by all the negative posts and harsh comments on Facebook? Too much. Started to eating me inside. I got upset and offended by posts that (I assumed) related to me. Especially now, when religion and race got all mixed up with politics. And I hate politics. So I’m not gonna touch it… Like at all!

I was having so much fun with Facebook. I got in touch with all my friends so far away, that’s very rare for us to be physically meet. I got to know their activities, their stories, their children, and chat with them in a same time. I can spend a lot of time looking at their posts (ooops :p ). Fun!

Now, every time I scroll down my Facebook, all I can see are hatred/provocative posts. My Facebook friend list are real friends and families. Real person that’s my (literally) real friends and real families. I don’t invite or approve anyone that’s not a friend/family of mine in my Facebook. So, you can see how it makes me sad that my friends are talking bad about my religion and my race (what’s my race?) even though they’re not specifically mention my name.

Then it consumes me. I started disliking and assuming bad about them. How they’re my friends if they talks bad about my religion and my race? Isn’t that being two faced? I let all bad thoughts inside me, permitting bad words into my brain, and I started sinking. I sink to their pool of hate. Blending together with their anger. Feeling outrages and started to hate them. Wanting so bad to hurts them back. So they know exactly how I feel when they do that to me.

Am I being a better person if I do that? Will I still have hundreds of friends by doing that? Am I reflecting Christianity? NO! Do I want to be a better person? Do I want to be surrounded by friends? Do I want to be someone that God created me to be? YES!

So, I choose love. I choose peace. I choose to be someone that will not waste my time scrolling on Facebook. I choose to live with friends. I don’t care if they hate my religion nor my race, as long as I choose to love them. Why am I so chicken to not deals with them? I already lose them as a (sincere) friend anyway… I will be an adult and choose my battle. Not every battle worth the fight. Leave those battles to God. Let God do the judging.

I will content myself with inner peace. Dig deep, anchor my roots to goodness and not let anything happens in the surface disturbs me. I can’t control what they want to posts on Facebook. But I can control myself not to read them. I can’t control their mindset about anything. But I can control mine.

Peace out!



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