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DITL 16/12/16 – Mess Mess Mess

10.11 just got home from the school getting children’s reports. Great job boys! Abe’s GPA is 91. Al’s GPA is 90. I’m a proud mom 😄

Belinda is not feeling well today 😢 Maybe bcoz of her pregnancy. Her 5th pregnancy within 2.5 years she live with us. I don’t know how many pregnancies she had before staying with us. So many times I’ve been trying to get her sterilized, but something always came up 😭

10.56 having this mess

The mess move to here

And here

11.27 hungry…

12.43 kids are napping. And I need to take this

This morning, I jumped out of bed coz I TOTALLY lost track of the date, that I have to go to school to take the boy’s reports! Like literary jumped out of bed, straight to shower, than head to school. My gastric just acting out… I was feeling it on the way to school coz I didn’t even had a glass of water, now it’s getting worst, can’t even walk properly… Ouch 😨

1.20 finished cleaning up the 1st floor gotta move to 2nd floor and do laundry. This is exactly why I hate 2 storey house. It’s an exhausting daily cleaning process. I don’t have anymore headache cleaning up at the new house. We don’t have 2nd floor! Yeeeaaaay 👏👏👏

And I already prepare my cleaning schedule… With no maid, hopefully I can manage to have a clean and organized home. I’m so excited!!!

3.02 finished cleaning up the floors. Done 1 load of laundry. Now waiting for another load of kitchen cloths. Selonjoran dulu, sambil nonton YouTube, pinggang berasa banget 😌

3.54 I dozed off on my bed and Abe woke me up to ask if he can play the tab (like please boy 😑), try to sleep again then my mom called… Now I have headache 😫

I asked Abe to hang the kitchen cloths out of the washing machine coz my head was just too painful to get out of bed and here’s what he did…

All crumpled up together 🙄 I don’t know when I’ll get them dried 😫

4.36 I’m gonna take 1 of these guys

5.38 I’m feeling a lot better. Coz honestly, I’m hopeless when I have a headache. I better take the children to have their haircut. It’s way pass their schedule. I usually have their haircut on the 1st of each month. Today is 16th 😯

5.58 waiting for a haircut. Al is posing 😁

6.10 haircut moment 😆

8.41 kids are in bed. We were having movie night. Watching Storks. Its a hilarious movie. We laughed so hard the entire movie 😂

I’m gonna have shower. Coz my eyes are closing down. Whenever I feel like always sleepy, that means I don’t feel well or exhausted. Usually I need 1-2 days just resting in bed, sleeping whole day, than the next morning I’ll be up and about. Like I needed to recharge my battery 😁

9.27 showered, fed the dogs, made my coffee, gonna start computer works. My desk looks embarrassing 😅

Its real life 😁

1.35 computer off. I need my sleep. Need extra power tomorrow, gonna have a big cleaning at the new house. Cemungut!  😆

Thank you for joining me today. See you soon…



An ordinary mom trying to do my bit of everything in the best way I could

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