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DITL 15/12/16 – Cemungut!

8.53 good morning 😘

Mom is screaming at the kids 🙄 Every morning she gets upset, yelling and screaming. I know why… Coz I got up late. Not as early as she is. She must be thinking that I used her. She’s busy in the morning with cooking and all, while I’m enjoying my late morning in bed.

Wish she knows… I have to do computer works till 1-2 am, I need my sleep, so I can do house chores later. Send Abe to tutor and do another cleaning at the new house. If I don’t manage myself, who will?

I mean if she doesn’t have time to do it or doesn’t want to do it (whatever she was doing) then don’t. I’ll do it. My way. Means I’ll eventually do it. It doesn’t have to do right now right there. I mean, we’re all in this together. We help each other. No one is a boss to others. We’re all adults who knows our responsibilities. We just have to suck it all up. Do our works and live our life together peacefully. If that make sense.

But I get it. I totally get it. Coz I was like her. I behaved like her. I would do my chores but with all the nagging… All the way 😌 This is why I needed to do something to my OCD. So we don’t have 2 OCDs in the house. Total disaster if we do 😨

Pictures uploaded to the BBM group. Now… Laundry! 😌

Get set… Go!

9.34 no go 😫 Again I have this problem

The start button is not working… Again 😭 I can’t call a technician right now, budget problem 😢

9.49 it works!!! Yeeeaaaay 👏

My 7 years old Modena is exhausted 😧

12.41 boys are having their nap. I cleaned both floors. Just finished my 5 loads of laundry. Laundry are folded. I’m gonna have my shower now.

1.38 having my lunch while watching CSI S15 on AXN

That’s my lunch. Nothing’s fancy. Just to fill out my stomach so that I don’t pass out doing what I have to do 😁

2.05 finished lunch, dishes washed and put out. Like always I don’t have time to watch the entire movie. Literary, no time 🙄

I’m gonna tackle this mess before I wake them up to send Abe for tutor.

2.26 the desk is clear out. Gonna file those test results and gonna take the box to the new house. It’s Al’s school books

Boys are up. Gonna load the car with boxes and ready to roll! 😄

4.26 kid’s closet is pretty done.

I can reload my clothes and hubby into these suitcases. It was loaded with kid’s clothes.

Now it’s time to pickup Abe from tutor 😅

5.41 we reach home and now I’m heating up a cake in a pan. Cake with hot tea would be a treat 😄

6.14 kid’s dinner. Fried chicken and meatball soup 😋

8.01 these guys ready to move house 😅 The rest of kid’s clothes, books, stationary, bed sheets, towels, clothes for donations, etc.

I am focusing on the kid’s room 1st. Coz I want them to have a place to rest once we really move house.

This is my plan in order : Kid’s room, bathroom, kitchen, living room, command center/office/computer desk, play room/reading corner, oma’s room, master bedroom.

Cemungut!!! 😄👏

10.01 just finished my shower after watching debat cagub di Kompas TV. Sekarang mau kerokin hubby sambil nonton The Other on IN TV. Old movie but still brings me chills whenever I watch it.

10.51 just finished kerokin my hubby. Continue watching 😎

12.36 hubby udah dinner. Ikutan nyemil tempe mendoan 😋 Time to sleep. So tired 😌 Besok full force beberes Rumah baru 😮

See you guys later and thank you for joining me today 🙏



An ordinary mom trying to do my bit of everything in the best way I could

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