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DITL 10/12/17 – Fun & cheap holiday

Good morning 😍

8.53 and I’m still on the bed. Uploading pictures to my online shop. Wanted to take the children to swim but the pool is under repair. Wanted to clean up the new house, nobody is taking care of the boys at home. Let’s see where today goes 🤔

10.12 laundry is done. Washed, hang, fold, iron. As usual, I do my work while watching and listening to YouTube. I have my own favorite YouTuber. I’ll share them in another blog. They’re my motivation, my inspiration, my self improvement guru.

Now I’m getting ready to take the boys for some sport. Badminton!

11.17 I’m stuck. Look at those huge trucks. Squeezing in this small road 😫

11.40 we’re finally here. Now they have the whole court for themselves. Biasanya cuma main di ruang tamu kepentok tembok, meja, kursi, plafon 😂

The girl in green shirt is my high school friend, Esna. Surprisingly, she’s a good Badminton coach 😀

1.09 nunggu Tante Esna bikinin minum 😋 That lil girl is Esna’s daughter, Zi.

Our fun and cheap holiday 😉

It’s been years since my last badminton play, Esna was making me run here and there, so I’m feeling it now in my body 😨 I don’t think I have the energy to drive back home 😰 Faktor U juga kayanya 😬

1.56 at home. Shower. Nap.

2.17 boys are in bed. I’m dehydrating. It’s my 4th glass. I was sweating and it’s hot our there. Like extremely hot 😰

3.25 I got my shower, change my bed sheet, clean up my 2 floors and apparently after that hot hot sunny day earlier, the sky is getting darker and the rain is going to pour down in minutes. Belinda is my weather girl, you could tell what the weather would be by looking at her attitude.

She’s begging to come inside the house to hide under the stairs. She hates thunder 😅

4.05 Abe is awake and making his own kind of sandwich while I’m having peanut butter toast and cold green tea.

4.25 time for coffee and computer works

5.46 computer off. It’s time for the boys to change their bed sheets.

6.10 dinner with chicken. I don’t know what its called. Mom cook. Boys are eating and watching Space Dog on Disney. And I’m gonna clean up their room.

7.29 we’re just hanging out. The boys are having brotherhood moment, playing games together. And I’m having my me time, watching YouTube. Sambil ngerasain otot cenat cenut hahahaha.

9.05 boys are in bed and I had my moment of ketiduran hahahaha. Lumayan 30 menit. I dozed off while watching YouTube 😂 Now I’m ready for my computer works while having my hot sweet tea.

12.05 computer off. I’ve done so many computer works today. Especially those which been piled up for so long, its finally done. Abe’s registration form for SMP is done and some paperworks that I’ve been postponing are also done.

Oh ya, I promised to tell you how’s the olive soap right? So, I’ve tried the cinnamon. Bau nya sih biasa aja, harum apa ya? Yang pasti gak ada bau2 cinnamon nya. Mungkin ada, tapi tipis banget, hampir gak kecium. Rasanya ke kulit setelah bilas tuh, keset gitu, gak licin. Coba buat muka juga, sama. Tadi abis pake sabun nya, gak dipake in cream muka, mau tau efek nya. Awalnya muka jadi kering gitu, sampe clekit2 *tau lah ya maksudnya hahahaha. Karena punya kulit berminyak, tetep aja mengkilat, tapi tetep ada rasa kering nya. Baru pake sekali sih, jadi gak bisa ngomong banyak. I’ll keep using it then I’ll tell you again in a couple weeks. Deal?

It says “the secret of the Greek goddess” 😆 Yaaaaaaaa siapa tahu abis pake sabun ini, jadi cuantik kayak goddess beneran 😆

12.18 I’m gonna get to bed. Watch my YouTube and sleep.

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See you when I wake up



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