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Life is about choices

You can choose good over bad.

You can choose bad over good.

You can choose patience over temper.

You can choose temper over patience.

You can choose wealth over poor.

You can choose poor over wealth. 

You can choose whatever, whoever, wherever you want to be. 

I don’t control you. He doesn’t control you. She doesn’t control you. They don’t control you. You. Only you have the power to be who you want to be. 

So… Don’t expect others to be what you wanted them to be. Don’t control others to be who you want them to be. Don’t blame others for whatever is wrong with you. You are responsible for who you are. You. 

You may come from a poor family. You may be surrounded by an addict. People around you are smokers. You didn’t get the right direction to being an adult. You didn’t get the education you deserve. You were abused. You have a wonderful parents. You have a wonderful family. You’re​ rich. You’re well educated. 

In whatever circumstances or any mental issues you have, you get to choose. You are capable of choosing right or choosing wrong. You are God’s creation that was created in such ways to receive greatness and be great. All you need to do is choose. 

I’m not a biblical person. I don’t read Bible everyday. I don’t go to church every Sunday. I am not a religious person. But I believe that God has given me the power to choose. And I take full responsibility of my choices. I don’t go around blaming everyone when my choices turn bad. I don’t hurt people just because I make bad choices. I just have to realize that I made mistakes. I made bad choices. I have to make it right. 

Sometimes we think too high about ourselves that we think low about others. Sometimes we’re just too focus on ourselves that we don’t see others. Sometimes other’s mistakes are too precious to pass that ours are forgotten. Sometimes we thought that the world owe us. Sometimes you just need to look in the mirror and see yourself. Look at you. How have you been? Have you choose right? 

Choose carefully. Yet we’re allowed to make mistakes. Just don’t keep doing what you know is wrong. If you want a different results, choose better. Recognize, understand your weakness, know your strength. Be the best version of yourself. Not the beast version. 

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Parenting 007Β 

Having my hot tea, working on my Blackberry, and looking at my lil boy having his crackers while drawing. I didn’t send him to school today πŸ˜‘

Long story short, he is not being responsible on his schooling. For us parents, our kid’s school is important. We are willing to do literally everything to give them the best education, for his future sake. On whatever budget we are, the best is your best. But when the kids doesn’t consider school as important as we think, then the whole point of ‘the best’ is useless. 

I don’t care much about good grades. I don’t think much about school rankings. I do care about my kid’s mentality. I take responsibility for what I educate my kids in preparing them for the future. If they don’t know how to be responsible, discipline, and honest… It’s my fault for leaving them clueless and unprepared. 

Responsibilities mostly hard to do, yet it’s a must. Discipline lets them care about time. Honesty is the core essence of being human. 

I sleep 2-4 hours a day, yet I have to get up early coz I have responsibility to get my kids to school. Do I want to sleep more? Of course! But I don’t. Do the kids want to play games everyday for hours? Of course! But they have responsibilities to do homework, studying, do home chores, etc. I need to prepare them for what’s coming as they grow. I need to teach them that life isn’t about themselves. 

There are so many things to do before they get to what they wanted to be. They need to work for it. They need to know, that I don’t always there for them. There will be time that I can no longer be with them, tell them what to do, reminding them, and rescue them. As much as I wanted to, it’s impossible πŸ˜” 

My dear gema… I need to be your mother. You may see me as a monster for now, but you’ll see much later… That I love you so much to let you walk the wrong path. I don’t see myself as an angel but I will try my very best to prepare you to be the person that the people look up to. To be someone that shines and brightened everything around you. To be the living proof of God’s greatness. 

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Family Gathering 26 March 2017


Welcome back! Join me in my family gathering. Hit the ‘follow’ button if you haven’t, I’d love to have you join my blog family 😘 

My uncle and aunt came to visit from Malaysia. They wanted to meet all of the family together. It’s been years that they have met. 

So we arrange a family lunch in my house since my house is nearby most of the families. 

Let me take you join all the fun! πŸ˜„


My kitchen was a total mess πŸ˜‚

We have steamboat.

Tom Yam. Prawns, squids, chicken.

Semur jengkol. My aunt Engkim Etty cooked for us. 

Pork Satay. 

Bai Kut Teh.

Refreshment corner. I don’t have any decor yet. But this should do for now 😁

Table #1 – Bai Kut Teh, rice, Fried Rice, Pork Satay, Peyek Kacang, Fried Noodle. 

Table #2 – Tom Yam, Fried Chicken, Semur Jengkol, Steamboat.

Table #3 – fruit salad, Salak, sunflower Seeds. 

We have all the fun with all of these fun families 😁

We had a blast. We had a great family gathering. We had great food. And we have you join our family… I’m​ so blessed. 

I’ll see you again on our next gathering πŸ˜„

Love y’all 😘

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WITL #12

Sunday, 19 March 2017

6.02pm Abe’s friend went back home. Boys night is over, the boys are studying, back to reality 😁 

I changed bed sheets, coz yesterday I didn’t do it. Sweep​ the floor. I did 2 loads of laundry. Sunday is towels and shower curtains laundry schedule.

That’s a load. The 2nd load was the clothes. 

12.10am I wanted to do my VA works but the signals suck 😀 So instead, I make my 1st ever planner spread 😁

No fancy planner. It’s just a big notebook I already have at home. I didn’t even print the stickers on the sticker paper, I print them using A4 paper, manually cut, I mapped out my ‘stickers’ then I glued them 😁 

I print all my stickers from Jessica Brown in her blog myplannerenvy. You should visit her blog. She’s very talented and planner addict. She’s my inspiration to start planning. Do you like my spread? πŸ˜… 

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

12.21am I just switched off my computer. VA works done for now. I’m exhausted. Today I’ve been very productive though πŸ‘ 

I went grocery shopping. Done my meal prep. Please visit my post on today’s grocery haul and meal prep. 

Done my laundry, clothes folded, dusted, sweep, mopped. Gosh… I’m so tired. And also so annoyed by my phone. I can’t even install Photo Grid now coz my memory is full 😀 I need iPhone 7+ 😒 

I’m gonna get some sleep now. So tired 😰 

7.34pm I haven’t done pretty much any of the chores πŸ˜‘ I went to Advan Service Center to fix Abe’s tablet, for the 6th times in 1 year next month 😰. After it get fixed I must sell the tablet, for how much? I wouldn’t dare guessing πŸ™„ 

Then I went to Indogrosir. I will post my grocery haul. Gosh, I haven’t even post yesterday’s grocery haul and meal prep 😫 I need my Photogrid 😭 

I spent about 1.30 hours in there 😱 I bought a lot of snacks. The boys likes snacking. I need to stock up on snack. 

I came back home, sit down for a while then off again to pickup the boys from school. Home for 20 minutes and off again to send Abe to tutor. Home again, start my laundry and setting the groceries for pictures, hang the laundry in the hanging racks and suddenly it’s time to pickup Abe from tutoring. How time flies 😭 

Now I had my shower, laying down on my bed while the boys are eating dinner and watching Pirates of the Carribean. Yeah… We’re not civilized people, we eat and watch TV 😁 

And I have this… 

I fell off from a chair when helping hubby doing some electrical issues 😭 I’m sure it’ll look worst tomorrow πŸ˜“ 

I’m tired. My leg hurts. My eyes burned. I have an upset stomach. But I need to catch up with my online shop business, fold my laundry, cleaning the kitchen, pickup the house, so many things to do when I listed out like that 😭 

We’ll see… 

11.20pm my house is still not picked up. The clothes are still on the reading bed, unfolded. But I made it clear that I need to clean up the kitchen. OMG! My kitchen was a disaster 😱 While I was washing the dishes, turns out that my uncle and aunt from Malaysia is coming over tonight, glad that I made my effort to at least have a clean and shiny kitchen 😁 

And I’m in pain right now. Like real pain. The result of me fell down this afternoon is not only the bruise on my knee but apparently it affect my stomach and everything inside. I’m feeling like my inner stomach is crashing me. I can’t even walk properly and now I can’t even lay down comfortably. It’s painful 😰 

My eyes are heavy. My brain is heady. But my body is in so much pain… I’m gonna need some pain killer 😭 

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

So happen that I feel better in the morning so I can send Abe to school as usual. And same chores. 

My uncle comes to visit from Malaysia. And we’re having other families visiting us to meet my uncle. It’s been quite some time for my uncle to see other families. 

We’re having family gathering on Sunday. So I expect to have about 50 people in my house. So happy. So merry πŸ˜€ I love family gatherings πŸ€— 

Thursday, 23 March 2017

8.47am I’m about to take my uncle visiting some families. I’ll be busy chauffeuring today πŸ˜„ 

Oh… I fixed my car. It’s the dynamo. Now, I’m going to fix my AC. I hope I just need to add the freon and nothing worst or I’m gonna have to pay more πŸ˜“ 

1.46pm I fixed the car AC. It’s the something I can’t remember 😁. And gladly it’s cheap πŸ˜‡ 

10.33pm dust, sweep, mop, laundry, no shower. Just came back from send-pickup my aunt and uncle from visiting families. It’s a cold cold weather, I’m so tired and desperately need a good deep sleep 😴 

Friday, 24 March 2017

10.19am I’m at a clinic taking my uncle to see a doctor. He doesn’t feel well. I did my laundry, did a bit of VA works, still need some folding to do and online shop works. 

Saturday, 25 March 2017

5.57pm been busy all day. Sent Abe to tutor. Took my uncle to wet market, grocery shopping for tomorrow’s family gathering. 

Had 2 pills of paracetamol for my breakfast. My headache been killing me. Had a quick nap. Did laundry, sweeping, folding, ironing. Now, I’m gonna scrub my bathroom and shower. Tonight I’ll be busy cooking for tomorrow. 

Oh… Let me show you my grown up boy 😊

He asked me to take a picture of him for his BBM profile 😁 Of course to impress his girl friends in BBM contacts, so mom is trying her best to be a photographer, I even took dozens of pictures from every angle possible before he ended up picking this picture as his profile πŸ˜‚ 

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Welcome back! And if you’re new, please hit the “follow” button, I’d love to have you join my blog family πŸ™‚

After so long, now I’m back with my grocery haul. Since I’ve moved house, I don’t shop at Superindo again. I go to wet market, Asep a produce shop near the kids’ school, and Indogrosir (its like Costco in America).


4kg of chicken thighs, 1kg of chicken breast, total 5kg of fishes (tuna, red snapper, and others).


I’m gonna seasoned the tuna with seasoning flour and deep fried it. The kids love it. But they like it half cooked coz if its over cooked, it will harden the textures.


I store it in a Tupperware and keep it in the fridge for lunch today.


I also seasoned the chicken thighs with the same seasoning flour and also gonna deep fried it.


1kg of chicken thighs are seasoned with Indonesian fried chicken.

I packed them in clear plastic bag and gonna put it in the freezer.

I also seasoned 1kg of chicken fillet with the seasoning flour and gonna put it in the freezer.


Gonna freeze this chicken bones for my corn soup.


1kg of mackerel.


1kg of red snapper seasoned with Indonesian fried fish seasoning.


Stacked up all in the bin.


Put in the freezer. You can visit my HOW I ORGANIZE MY FREEZER.


Its my produce haul the next day from Asep produce shop. Sayur asem, bean sprout, 1kg tomatoes, 1kg potatoes, sweet corns, cabbage, sawi putih, chayote, and tempe.

Washed, cut, and seasoned the tempe to fried.

I finally get to clean and organize my fridge πŸ˜€

I also bought strawberries. Washed.

Cut the strawberries, put them in a clear plastic.

Store it together with my smoothies stocks. You might want to visit SMOOTHIE HACKS! and see what I do in making my smoothies.

Also stock up on bananas. Bananas is a must fruit in my house.


These are my food haul from Indogrosir.


These are sweetened condensed milk for Al. He likes to eat bread with these.


These are sweetened condensed milk for my four legs kids πŸ™‚


This instant brownies is the easiest and the tastiest. The kids loves it. I just add 1 egg and mix all together and steam for 10-20 minutes. Done. Easy!


The kids loves pudding and jelly. So, I make a packet every week.


I use this kind of salt. Its cheap and no added seasoning. Some salts are not ‘real’. And yeah… I’m traditional πŸ˜€


My coffee. Can’t live without my coffee.


Healthy snacks. I’m not sure if Tim Tam is healthy, but its half price, so let’s just have some fun with chocolate πŸ˜€


My seasoning.


I need to stock up on tea. Coz I’m expecting some guesses this month.


Its my household needs.


These are my favorite liquid detergent for now. They’re cheaper and smells good.


I don’t have any favorite laundry softener. I think they’re all the same. I just need to choose the fragrances I want. I just go with whatever is on sale or the cheapest one.


Its one of my ‘weapon’ fighting the bad mosquitoes. I juts buy what’s cheap. Its the spiral type that you burn and it’ll last for a few hours. It says 10 hours or so. So far it does a good job, as long as you don’t put it too close with you.


These are also my favorite type to fight the mosquitoes. Its the electric type. It doesn’t last long. Only about 1 hour or so.

Well, that was all. I spent about 600k for all of it and it should last me about 2-3 weeks.

Thank you for joining me in my grocery haul. I’ll see you on the next haul.

Love ya’ll

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2017 Wishlist


Welcome back! If you’re new, please hit the’follow’ button. I’d love to have you join my blog family πŸ’ž

This post is created for having myself accountable to accomplish my goals. And I’d like to take you along. Let’s accomplish our goals together. Hand in hand reaching the life we’ve wanted. Let’s inspires and motivates each others.

We’re all have our limitations. Including me. But I’m the kind of person who always wanted to be better and having my dreams came true would be the best feeling ever. I’m not talking about being greedy and not grateful for the life I have right now. But aren’t we all wanted something to make you happy? Goals, purpose, prays, whatever you call it. We all need to grows. Once we stop dreaming, life gets dull isn’t it?

So, this is not about being ungrateful or unrealistic. This is about having dreams come true! So let’s reach our dreams together! πŸ˜„

I’m gonna make it an open post. I’ll keep adding my wishlist, you bet 😁. And posting on my Instagram. Join me, tag me in your wishlist post on Instagram with hashtag #2017wishlistwithdessy Let’s do this!

1. iPhone 7 plus

I want the gold one 😁 I would’ve chosen rosegold if they have one πŸ˜„ I want to have a massive internal memory phone so I don’t need to uninstall and reinstall any app just to update an app. I want to have as many app as I need in my phone.

2. Robotics vacuum cleaner

So nice having clean floors without being busy sweeping and mopping all day 😍

3. Stove oven

I like cooking and trying recipes. I’ve always wanted to bake.

4. Dishwasher

It would be nice to have a smooth hands. I’m allergic to dish soap. So my hands are never been smooth. My fingers are very dry and overtime it’ll cracked. I mean, it’s like the skin got overly dry and cracked. It’s seriously painful πŸ˜₯.


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WITL #11

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

2.05am yup… I’m still up. Sunday – Monday couldn’t blog coz I wasn’t able to use the computer and my phone’s memory is too full to even update a single app πŸ˜ͺ

Well… I just finished working on my blog. Now, it’s official that it’s my personal blog with my own URL Let me know what you think about the design. I started around 9pm, designing my blog then moved my contents from old site to my new site. I know that my posts are now random but I worked on categories, so you can find my posts faster by looking at the categories.

I know that I still need to work on it. But now I really need to get some sleep. Need to get up at 6 to send Abe to school. Today is his 2nd day of Try Out 1.

Btw, I cut my own hair (using kitchen scissor) on Sunday 😁

10.40am I have done most of my morning routines… I’m impressed at myself πŸ˜‚

4.27pm finding myself making chocolate cake

Been craving for chocolate cake but I can’t spend for a cake πŸ˜“ So I shop my house. Mix this and that… Tadaaaaa!!! The kids love it. It’s actually the 1st time that they find my baking is decently eatable πŸ˜‚

6.14pm the boys are doing homework while I’ll have my shower

9.50pm trying to stay awake 😴

I’m fighting to open my eyes and the internet just won’t work. The connections is soooooooo bad. So I’m on my bed now, can’t even type properly 😴 I’ll see you tomorrow

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

1.26pm 1 load of laundry done, cooking done (still have rendang slow cooking on the stove), Abe is home (today is his last TO so he’s home early), I’m going to pick up Al from school and today’s Ojek is done 😁.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

12.13am just turning off my computer after 6 hours of working with it πŸ€“. Gonna have my late dinner now, I’m starving πŸ˜‹

3.07pm done 2 loads of laundry and folded. The kids needs to put them away. I haven’t been very productive today. In fact, I’m very very sleepy 😴 Today is mopping day and I’ve been asking the boys to clean up the house, like dozen times but they’re still playing. Dragging and dragging and dragging 😀

Gosh… I need a very strong coffee β˜•β˜•β˜• Boys!!! Come on!!! Move!!! So I can move too πŸ˜ͺ Otherwise, I’ll end up taking a nap 😴

4.37pm just got up from my NAP 😁 Ya… I got my nap eventually. Couldn’t open my eyes when we’re watching Moana

I dozed off about 15-20 minutes? I’m not sure. Coz when I got up, Moana is still playing πŸ€”

I’m gonna have my coffee and start moving. The house needs some mopping πŸ‘

8.37pm the boys are in bed, the house is mopped, kitchen is cleaned, I had my shower, now putting on my girl boss suit πŸ€“

Happy that I had my nap. Only for a few minutes but it helps me survive the rest of the day.

Friday, 17 March 2017

12.25am just turned off my computer. Need to get some sleep. Need to leave early for meeting up with a client.

7.50am getting ready for my meeting. I have to publish this now, when it’s supposed to be published on Sunday πŸ˜ͺ I need to install Grab app (going by Grab to the meeting), in order to do that, I have to uninstall 3 apps including WordPress πŸ˜“ If I uninstall WordPress now without publishing my drafts, they’ll be gone. Like gone gone. Erased. Deleted. Happened to me several times and it sucks. So, I’m gonna publish it now then I’ll add up after I finish Grab-ing.

See you again later 😘

So I’ve had my experiences with Grab. I ordered at 9am. Waiting… Then the guy message me that he’s already at the gate. I ran out and no one was there. Apparently, Grab didn’t get my pickup point right. It showed someone else’s house πŸ˜“ The guy was upset and cancelled on me. Gosh πŸ™„

Then I ordered again. Waiting… Then the new guy message me that he’s lost. Long short story, he reached my house after about 20 minutes. My journey begins with him nagging about the tire got punctured because he ran off a big rock when he was looking for my house. He didn’t stop talking about it. How the car is brand new, 2 weeks old and now the tire is broken. Then he started calling here and there, talking about the punctured tire, in his dialect. While he was driving! 😫

For a while in the highway, it was a peaceful journey. Then we reached the traffic. He suggested that we enter the highway again. I looked around, everywhere was jam packed. I said no. What’s the point entering the highway? Then after a few hundred meters, the highway was emptying and we stuck. He started nagging again. Blaming me for not listening to him. All the way. Can he be more rude? 😀

We’re reaching. Only a few hundred meters away from my client’s house. I always got lost here. So many turnings and all looks the same. My Google maps kept loosing its signals, we kinda moving in circles (coz everything looks the same). He’s started to get irritated and very impatient. Well hello… You’re supposed to take me to my destination, it’s not my job to navigate you, use your GPS man! Note… He was always switching off his GPS and I told him where to turn 😫

To make my journey even worst. There’s another order coming in and he took it. While I was still sitting in the car and not being delivered to where I paid him for. He started calling the new passenger. Then he’s gotten more upset coz I haven’t found my address. Oh my goodness 😒 I was angry, upset, sad, I don’t know… Just so frustrating sitting there. I wanted to just jump out and leave him. But my client is waiting for me and expect me to work. I wasn’t gonna showed up sweating for walking hundreds meters away in my heels 😰

Then finally, I reached my destination. Anyhow, I gave him tips. I don’t know why I did that, after all the drama. But yeah… I did 😢 I gave him 1 star though πŸ‘Ž

I ordered my Grab to go home. It was a nice and peaceful journey. The guy was nice, pleasant, respectful. We had a nice chit chat all the way home. I gave him a good tips and rate him with 5 stars πŸ‘Œ.

See… I’m a reasonable lady 😁

Oh I forgot to mention that Abe’s friend is staying over. They’re having boy’s nights. Playing games and watching movies all day long. I let them. I’m trying to loosen up a bit. Giving them a reward after having so many hours of tutoring and so many exams.

7.17pm my aunt is here. With my cousin and nieces. I have a full house now πŸ˜„ I love when people come to visit. I don’t know. Having people around me kinda makes me feel joy. You know, being an SAHM really makes me numb sometimes. With all the routines and schedules and all the working. Chit chatting lighten up my mood πŸ˜†

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Mamabe Mac & Cheese Recipe


Welcome back! Don’t forget to hit the’follow’ button so you don’t miss all the fun and I’d love you to join my blog family πŸ’ž

I’m back here with my recipe. Most of my recipes are here and there scrambling things kinda recipes. I shop my house, mix some things up and we got a treat πŸ˜€ No fancy ingredients and no fancy appliances. 

Okay… I’m gonna jump right in πŸ˜‰

It was Friday and I didn’t cook something special for my kiddos, just some fried fish with no side dishes. No snacks in the pantry nor the fridge. So I was thinking what could I do to make this weekend a bit special for them πŸ€” 

I open my pantry ( a cabinet I called as my pantry) and found some ingredients, gather them… 

Half cooked the macaroni 

Add 4 eggs, Bolognese sauce, pepper, salt. Mix it all together.

Cover the pan with margarine and pour in the mix to the pan

Sprinkle singles cheese on top. You can use whatever cheese you have. I only have singles, so I use singles πŸ˜‰

Like this πŸ˜‹

Put in the steamer and cook for about 10-15 minutes. My boys don’t like them baked coz it’ll dried the top layer, they prefer that I steam them. 

Tadaaaaa… A weekend treat for my kiddos 😎

Note : leave the pan in steamer for 5 minutes after you turn off the stove. It’ll absorb all the liquid so you won’t have mushy Mac & Cheese.

I hope it inspires and motivates you to be productive with what you have. Don’t wait for a perfect ingredients or appliances to treat your family. Look for anything around the kitchen, gather them and your mommy instinct will work instantly. Especially when you need to live frugally like me, any dust can turn to diamond (per say) πŸ˜‰ 

I shop my house. Zero spend. Happy tummy. Smiley faces. What else would a mom wants? 😍😘

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Mamabe Chocolate Cake Recipe


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I’ve been craving for chocolate cake. Like soooooooo long. But I have to push it aside coz right now, every cent counts. I’ve been trying to ignore it then I just can’t stand anymore. I need to have a chocolate cake!!! 

I just came back from sending Abe to tutor. Open my fridge and pantry. Look here and there. Gather all I (think) need. Coz frankly… I’m not a good Baker. I followed a recipe, trying to be exact with every single step. But everytime I tried to be as obedient, everytime I failed πŸ’” 

So… I’m just going with my guts here. Took some pictures, if it’s ok then I’ll post a recipe. If it failed then I don’t post πŸ˜‚ 

I shop my house…

All purpose flour, eggs, margarine, sugar, vanilla extract, chocolate. I don’t know the exact measurements but I’ll try to share πŸ˜„

Bain-marie the chocolate and margarine. About 100gr each. 

Butter the ramekins and dust with flour.

Beat 4tbs sugar and eggs till it well mixed.

Add 1tsp vanilla and 2tbs flour. Mix it together. 

Pour in melting chocolate lil by lil to the eggs mixture. 

Pour into the ramekins. Don’t get to full coz it’ll raise.

Bake it for 5-7 minutes if you want a melted chocolate lava cake version or bake for 10 minutes if you want a cake version. Both are delicious 😘 

I have strawberries in the fridge and I still have the melting chocolate in the pan, so I made a strawberry fondue-ish πŸ˜‚

I hope you can make it your own and the best part is… You get to share with your family. My kids looooooove it. It’s been so long that they don’t get a sweet treat. Al finished off 2 cakes, I share 1 cake with hubby and I keep 1 for Abe when he gets home. 4 cakes, zero spending, happy tummy, smiley faces… What else would a mom wants? πŸ˜„πŸ˜˜

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Posted on September 5, 2016

1st blog!

Yup, it’s my 1st blog ever πŸ˜€ *hands down

Hi… My name is Dessy Lestari. I’m a mom of 2 boys, 11 & 7.5 yo. I would say that I’m a mompreneur. My brain is ticking all the time, finding a way of making money. Matre? Well, who doesn’t? Don’t I have a husband to provide? Yes, I do. But the fact that I need to earn money, for me is mandatory. I’m not the kind of girl that’s just waiting for money to be given. Why do I need to earn? To buy what I want. Not that I spend lavishly to buy this and that unnecessarily. The feeling that I get from paying my own needs is relieving and satisfying. I don’t like the idea of being dependent. And most of my income is for my kids, anyway. So yeah, I’m a mompreneur.

I would like to apologize if you find it irritating that I’m using English. Not that I’m sok kebarat2an or kebule2an, but I express myself better in English. I’m a Bachelor of English Literature from Dr. Soetomo University in Surabaya. Not because I have no other subject to choose, but because I love English. I was at kelas 1 SMP when I got my 1st English class and from that day on, I’ve had decided to take an English faculty for my College.

I started my 1st business when I was still working at an institute at Sunter, Jakarta. I was reading a tabloid and get to the ad page then zap just like that, I got the idea to sell something. Gak punya modal. Gak tahu apa yg mau dijual. I just knew that I had to put an ad at that tabloid, I will make money. So, I chose 1 particular item to sell, put an ad, and just like that, within days, I got a lot of orders. Trus modalnya brp? Modalnya cuma 100rban (lupa berapa persisnya) buat pasang iklan baris. Kulakan nya gmn? Kulakan nya pake duit buyer. Dulu belum ada FB dan sebangsanya, cuma pake SMS and telp, buyer harus transfer dulu, baru dikirim barangnya. Jadi, gak pake modal belanja. Kok bisa buyer percaya? I believe that if you started anything with a good intention, God will clear your path.

Then I moved to Surabaya in 2008 or 2009 (lupa :p), had to quit my job. Had my days around my children 24/7. Antar jemput sekolah. Nunggu di sekolah. Tadinya bawa novel buat baca2 sambil duduk nunggu, daripada bengong tar malah kesambet setan :p, tapi kok lama2 jadi bahan perguncingan emak2 disana. Dibilang sok jaim lah, sok kaya lah gak mau gaul, trus dibilang sok kebarat2an (ya gegara bacaannya novel berbahasa Inggris @.@). Akhirnya, daripada jadi gunjingan, gak enak juga kalo kuping gatel terus diomongin, gak bawa novel lagi dari rumah, ikutan β€˜bergunjing’, ikutan β€˜cuci mata’, dan kegiatan sosial lainnya :D. Trus gegara begaul itu, jadi tahu soal Facebook and BlackBerry. Yes, I’m anΒ old school. I use what I have till it can’t be used anymore, alias rusak ancur gak bisa dibenerin lagi, terpaksa beli baru. Jadi lah, dibeliin BB sama hubby (thank you hubby :D). Nah, kalo yg lain BB nya buat β€˜bergunjing’, saya malah (lagi2) mikir gimana caranya manfaatin BB ini supaya jadi duit. Buka2 FB dari hape, ada yg jualan baju. Zing… Dapat deh ide jualan baju online. Gak pake modal. Cuma modal BB, pulsa, sama modal nekat. Jadilah my 1st online shop KAWAIIBE SHOP in 2009. Yg cuma modal BB Gemini, lama2 terbungkuk2 tuh hape gegara gak kuat kebanyakan grup and foto2. Eh, dibeliin laptop sama hubby (makasih lagi ya hubby sayang :D), makin lancar deh bisnisnya hehehehe. Like my pageΒ

The latest is POSINI. I have experiences of buying things from USA. It’s all hassle. I have to have Credit card or PayPal. Then I have to understand how to order from the website. I have to have faith that the seller I’m buying from is a decent seller, jadi gak kena tipu. Buying things online from USA is puyeng. So, I have the idea of helping people on buying things from USA. I have a friend who lives there with her husband. And she’s willing to help me with this business. *love you Anne :). Let me help you to buy what you need, just like I needed help to buy what I need from USA.

Why am I blogging in this Posini site? Well, sekalian aja :D. Daripada harus buka blog baru. Toh nanti I’m gonna share everything I want to share with you, including fashion and beauty. So, sekali minum 2 gelas *kembung dong :p. I’m just starting to learn about making a blog, couldn’t do it without you Yon *muah. Everyday is a learning process. Nothing is instant. Mie instan aja masih harus direbus atw dituang air panas, trus masukin bumbu, tambah telor, tambah cabe, tambah sayur *jadi lapar *.*

Aaaaaand, now I’m having a new career as a Virtual Assistant. What? Yup, di Indo karir VA masih lom heboh, padahal emak2 di luar sana udah berpuluh2 tahun jadi VA. Making money sambil ngemong anak, sambil masak, sambil bersih2 rumah, never have to leave their home in earning an income. Keren kan? Saya juga pengen keren kayak gitu :p. So, I’m a VA now. I’ll talk more about it at the next blog.

Never stop learning. Always find away to improve yourself. Have faith. You can achieve whatever you want, as long as you don’t stop learning.

Please leave a comment on what you want me to talk about at my next blog. Thanx a bunch πŸ™‚