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How are you all?

Thank you for stopping by for you who are new here and welcome back to you my blog family 🙂

How’s new year so far?

I’m so grateful that you’re visiting my blog and I’m happy to announce that “I moved house!!!”

Yes! I am now moved from http://www.dessysdays.wordpress.com to HERE!

I would like to welcome you into my new house coz I post new contents there… Very good contents that I’m sure that will motivate and inspire you more in the new year 2018.

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I won’t be posting new contents here anymore, so please visit and subscribe to my new website.

Thank you so much for your kind love and attention, I appreciate every single one of you, and would love to have you there 🙂

New Year. New Goals. New House. New Excitements.



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The cycle 

There will be time for flowers to bloom. 

There will be time for them to fall. 

And the cycle will continues as long as they live. 

There’s a cycle for us living things on earth. 

We move in a circle of life. 

Some makes you nauseas, some makes you giggle, some makes you overwhelm. 

We are what our action is. 

People can’t see your root yet they judge your tree. 

Our choices set the cycle. 

How do you want your cycle would be? 

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I have this conversation with the moms at the kid’s school. Not even a 5 minutes conversation but it brought me deep.

We were talking about how stiff the teachers are. They’re so stuck in the text book. So whatever the kid’s answers it has to be the exact words with the text books. Text book is their life guidance. Outside of that… Wrong! 

They were talking so passionately on how wrong that is. That education shouldn’t be stuck with the text books coz life doesn’t defined by some text books. I agree with them. Tooooootally! 


Since I got the impression of they’re having the same vision as I do, I started to tell them about Al’s science exam. There’s one asking the kids to mention 3 plastic products in the bathroom. Al was mentioning Gayung (we Indonesian use some kind of a small bucket to bath, majority of Indonesian bath not shower).

Tooth brush and glass. 

The teacher didn’t give a full score coz apparently glass isn’t in the text book. I messaged the teacher and I took a picture of the kid’s bathroom sink that we always have a glass for each kids for them to brush their teeth. The teacher then give a full score. 

It happens a lot in education in Indonesia. How many times do we take bath in a day? Text book says, 2 times a day. My kids bath 3 times a day. Before school (morning), after school, before bed (evening). How about that? 

And the moms started to talk about Indonesian standard, how things are non negotiable coz we’re Indonesian. When it’s 2 times and it should be 2. And so on and so on. 

Apparently I was wrong thinking that they have the same vision as me. So, they still think text book is mandatory, but when it comes to their kids they should bend it a little but not to other kids. Oh well… 

Yes there’s a standard for everything. But some things or some people don’t go by standard. Text book is a standard or I would say the minimum standard. As long as it doesn’t go below standard or come off far way the lane, I would expect that it should be okay. If the teachers don’t understand the answer then ask the kids and let them explain the reason why they give such answers. Except for math of course, this can also be bend by some geniuses. Not me. So I’m not gonna talk about it.

This is why Indonesian are so ‘slow’ in a way of mental development. We don’t get to reason out with the teachers and have our own answers, our own logics, our own minds. We have to memorize the text books and stick to it, spending hours of hours trying to put those words into our brain without understanding the meaning. Without really knowing what the subject is. 

This is why, after school, we Indonesian tend to follow the line. The same line as of millions of other Indonesian. We are not used to go outside the line. To think outside the box. We don’t get to understand that there are millions of other opportunities outside the line, outside the ordinary, outside the box. Coz we are taught to stay in the box. Where people from other countries are crawling up, eager to reach the top  and take the leap to see what’s on the other side. Living the challenge. 

Indonesian are so scared to let their mind do wonders coz they’re so afraid of being ‘wrong’, to be the outcast. We are taught to stay and aware of our ‘weaknesses’ and do nothing about it, coz that’s what the society expect you to do. Coz that’s what Indonesian do. 

I’m not talking about rebellion. I’m talking about breaking through. 

Indonesian students are so afraid to ask or say an opinion to the teachers if they don’t understand or wanted to express their thought toward something they were learning about. Coz that’s not normal. When you ask, you will look like an idiot. When you try to express a thought, you will be considered rude. There are no two way conversations in the class. 

Look at the most famous man breaking through the ordinary. Shakespeare, Bill Gates, Bach, Picasso, Steve Jobs, Stephen Hawking, etc. They are all breaking the standards. 

And me? I’m Indonesian. I am what I’m talking about. I am soooooooo guilty of not giving my kids to express their thought coz I will take that as a rebellion. They should do what I say, exactly how I wanted them to do, and they shouldn’t say a word. I am fully aware of the molding in my mental and I’m working very hard on it. 

It’s not what I want my kids to be so I need to set myself as an example. They need a model. They need someone to teach them how to break through. How to lead and not follow. To encourage them to face the challenge instead of running away from it. I want them to crawl out. I want them to wonder away from our ‘standard’. 

It is hard. I know. I’ve lived it. How I broke everything my family set me to be. How I run towards the challenge. Coz I set myself above the standard. Aside from what my situation is right now, I stepped outside the box, and it was the best decision of life. 

What you are is what you choose to be. So if you’re in a state of something ‘bad’ it’s purely because of your ‘bad’ decisions. For you to know, it is not permanent. Start making better decisions and you will see that things are going your way. Nothing is too late. 

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DAY 2 – Food Budget Challenge 

DAY 2 – 13 November 2017

It is now day 2 and I’m shopping. I went to wet market to buy my fish and chicken. 

3kg of chicken for IDR98K – $7.23 and 3 kg of fish for IDR78K – $5.75

Not gonna show you what’s inside though. They’re pretty gross 😷

I usually buy my produce from a street shop near the kid’s school but today I went with my guts to buy at the wet market. 

And I was making a good decision coz I only paid IDR63K – $4.65 for all of those produce. If I bought from the street shop, I know I would’ve spent at least $10. Crazy what this hard situation teach you. It teaches you to go beyond your comfort zone. To push you to do the extraordinary. 

I know that I don’t have anymore budget for fruit but I have to stock on fruits coz my kids need fruits. So I bought a papaya for IDR15K – $1.11.

And my rice box is empty 😥 I thought I could’ve more money to spend on something else but then I need to stock on rice. Indonesian don’t eat without rice. So ya, I bought 10kg of rice and I have an amazing aunt that give me an extra 10kg for free. Thank you aunty… God bless you 😇

10kg will feed us for about a week and thanks to aunty we will have enough supply for about 2 weeks ✌ And the rice will stretch for more days coz my cousin just gave us dog food. My dog also eat rice but since now we have dog food. We will have enough supply of rice 😁. I’m so grateful for families that always support and help me in hard times. 

Today I fry fish and make spinach soup with corn.

I only have enough fish for hub and the kids. I don’t normally eat the fish or the chicken. If I’m lucky, the kids will have some leftovers for me. They usually still have something left for me to eat. Or I’ll just eat rice and whatever veggies I cook that day. 

Well… This is for today. We’ll see what I cook tomorrow. I’m thinking of buying eggs with the money left in the budget. 

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You’re an embarrassment!

“You’re an embarrassment!”

Have you ever heard that pointed at you? Me. A million times. Being an Indonesian, I need to look ‘perfect’. I don’t talk about my difficulties, my sadness, my problems, my insecurities, my honesty. As long as they’re bad, I’m not allowed to talk about it. That triggered me to suicide long time ago. 

I need to look good all the time so I won’t be an embarrassment. I need to put on weight or people will think that my parents don’t feed me enough. I need to put on good clothes or people will think that my parents can’t afford to buy me clothes. I need to be like this or like that, so I don’t embarrass my family. 

I like to share. My happiness or even my sorrow. People have no problem with you sharing your new car, your big house, your new expensive phone, as long as it makes you look good. Maybe that’s why most of the people spend more money to look good when they’re actually is broke. 

But then they’ll look at you like **** (whatever) when you share that you’re broke. They started to talk about you. How you’re such an embarrassment for telling people about your problems. Being honest is now an embarrassment. I see. 

I know that some my (Indonesian) friends are stalking on my Instagram account. They have their pride for not following my account but yet they stalk on me. Hello there! 

I am now challenging myself on a very little budget on food this month. And I’m sharing my journey with the world. And I know they’re now talking about me. Am I an embarrassment? I don’t think so. 

Why the heck do I want to share my embarrassing life? You know what… I’m not the only one who’s struggling financially. If at least I can help 1 person anywhere in the world, to tell them that they’re not fighting alone, that they have to keep the spirit high and not being defeated by they’re lacking, I’m happy. 

Sometimes feeling lonely can really bring you down. It actually not as bad as they thought if they can talk to someone else that can give them a better view of any chaos they are in right now. Sometimes we need someone else to tell us that we are okay. That there’s hope in anything. 

This is what I am into with whatever I am sharing with you now. Not to embarrass anybody. Not to embarrass my family. Not embarrass myself. This is me telling you, that we can work it out. That our situation right now is not permanent. This is just another level of our life that we have to get through. And we have to get through so that we know there’s a brighter future ahead of us. We can’t stop here. We have to move on with whatever left in us. 

Me having so little money to feed my kids may have made you grateful coz you’re having more than me. It makes you feel good that you’re not bad at all. Or maybe you’re like me, so let’s walk the journey together. Let’s make it work. 

If then me or you have some extra money to add on the budget, that’s great. That’s the proof of God’s promise that He will provide. And we can share the good news to the world. That God is a loving Father that WILL NOT leave His children abandoned. God can give you anything you need. Let alone your daily meal. 

So am I an embarrassment? I think not. You may have a different say about me but I’m sharing God’s greatness to the world that even in my lacking, God is loving me. God is taking care of me. That I am doing this as me presenting my gratitude to Him for providing my needs. 

And He will provide you too. 

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Day 1 – November Food Budget Challenge 

It is day 1! 12 November 2017
I open my fridge and here’s what I got. 

1kg of potatoes, carrots, chicken breast bone (yes only bone. I have about 5 breast bones in the freezer), mushrooms, chili padi. 

And 4 pieces of anchovy (ikan asin dendeng). 

So let’s see what I turn these into.

Chicken soup. 

Sauteed mushrooms with chili padi and lots of garlic.

Potato frittata. I use our last 2 eggs for this.

So, today zero spend. 

It’s Sunday and it’s my stay at home day. The house is in chaos coz I’m still not in my best self. This flu is killing me. It hurts my head, my ears, and my gum. 

Today I’m gonna stay at home, cleaning, and prep for Monday. 

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November Challenge – IDR400K food budget for a family of 5 

This is how much I have to work on for food this month until the next paycheck (God knows when). IDR400k ($30) for a family of 5. 

Wanna follow my ‘magical’ journey? 

And yes, I didn’t buy any food from the 1st of November. We just eat what we have left in the fridge and today we only have 2 eggs left. 

What do I provide my family with this little money? 

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Jeez… I even get excited with this (weirdo) and my brain is like a roller coaster trying to figure this out. My head hurts from catching a cold, got my pill, and can’t even sleep coz my brain refuse to stop rolling. Oh… And I have no budget left for households items 😥

Will I stay with the IDR400K budget or I’ll have extra money coming in? God knows. 

Shall we start? 

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What to budget when you hardly have an income?

It’s my question for so long. Years. 

When we’re making money, budgeting was out of mind out of sight. When we’re broke, I wanted to start budgeting. Well, I always wanted to start budgeting and always failed. 

Now, what to budget when I hardly have an income? Hmmm… 

When you make so little money, suddenly those bills are so painful. When you make so little money, those little money just went by and then what’s the point of budgeting?

I’ve tried envelopes cash system. I’ve tried no spend week. I’ve tried budgeting for tithing and savings. I’ve tried following Dave Ramsey baby steps. I’ve tried cutting here and there. I’ve tried many tries with very little money. And it’s haaaaaaaaaaaaaard! 

I don’t know when my paycheck is coming in. I don’t know the amount of it when it’s eventually coming in. And when it comes, my bills are all overdue and my fridge is empty. So when it’s payday, it’s also paying day. On top of it, things happen and suddenly everything seems to be broken and needed to be fixed. 

Some months I’m able to budget for tithing but it’ll end up with buying food. Some months I’m able to save but not for long coz something needs some extra money. Some months I don’t even have any money left to budget for food. 

What’s the point of budgeting??? 

Well… I know I have very little money to work on and it’s a headache to work with. But with budgeting I am the boss. I tell my money where to go. I write down every bills I have to pay (again all overdue, well at least I paid), I pay the most urgent bills (the kids school tuition) and electricity. And I work with the leftovers, of course for food. My kids need to eat. Everything else comes later. 

Later means I have to work my ass off to earn some extra money. Literally forcing my brain and body to work extra. 

So, little money or big money, you need to budget. Write down everything. I use paper and excel on my phone. Try your best to post everything in the budget. Pay your priority bills and food, the minimum. Everything else, work harder. Do your part and God will provide. 

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Is extended warranty really worthed?

Almost every electronic that I own bought from an Electronic Solution or Electronic City. Pricing is a little higher than a small electronic shop, outside the mall, I mean like the shop we can find across the street. But I find it comfortable to buy from the mall, safer if I should say. 

I don’t feel like they’re going to cheat on me. I know where to go when I have something to ask or if anything wrong with my purchase. I’m pretty sure I got the electronic from the original company or factory. 

I know that I could’ve bought some randomly ‘failed’ products but again, I know where to go when that happen. But when you purchase from the street shop, I know they’re not gonna care and just pingpong us here and there. 

And more amazing things from buying it at the mall is they have extended warranty. It’s not a must from them. They’ll offer us everything we purchase from them. The amount is dependingon your purchase. But it’s pretty cheap. It’s like IDR400k for 4 years of extended warranty. Amazing. And I always buy the extended warranty.  Always.

And now this happens to us. 

We bought 3 Sharp Plasmacluster AC from a street shop coz my hub wanted to find a cheaper price. We bought on July 2016 and since our new house wasn’t ready yet, we installed them on December 2016. 

Now it’s November 2017 and one AC in the boy’s room is screwed. I think it got struck by a lightening. It was one stormy day and my youngest saw a weird lights on the AC. I tried to plugged out the cable and plugged in again, not working. 

So hub called the shop and said that their guy is going to look at it. He was hoping that the warranty is effective on December, the month that we installed it. But it doesn’t work that way. The warranty is effective on the date of purchase. So we’re out of warranty. Dang. 

Today the technician came and I have to pay more than IDR600k to get it fixed. Dang. Wish that we bought it from the mall and we won’t have this headache. 

So is extended warranty worthed? ABSOLUTELY.  

I have this good experience on the extended warranty. I bought a Toshiba TV from Electronic Solution and it was also struck by a lightening. I am not lightening bff. My TV is still broken after so many times got fixed. It’s a whole different story. But I don’t have to pay a dime for it to get fixed coz I paid for 4 years extended warranty. 

This AC. I have to wait for an extra money to get it fixed. Do you find it weird that whenever you’re broke there’s always something broken needs to be fixed? I find it depressing though. Well… Gotta keep the spirit high. 

Lesson learned. Always buy electronics from the mall and always buy the extended warranty. Always. 

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Stop screwing your life!

I can’t tolerate people who are so stubborn in screwing their life. I just can’t. 

I wanted to yell at their faces “Grow Up!!!” 

Grown up people knows how to act like one. They know that life is not gonna wait for them to have ‘the motivation’ so they can have a life. 

To live is not only about breathing. Please! 

What do you want in life? To be a successful entrepreneurs? To be a writer? To be a singer? To travel the world? You can be whatever you want to be as long as you stop screwing with your life. 

Sleeping in until noon is screwing. Watching YouTube all day is screwing. Staying up all night doing bullshits is screwing. On social media all day is screwing. Sitting on your couch all day is screwing. Pitying yourself for not being skillful enough to do something actually useful for you is screwing. Thinking that everybody is at fault for your failure is screwing. Waiting for someone to help you get your life is screwing. I can go on and on for pages. 

Knock it off! Your life is what you decide to DO! DO is the keyword here. Do something. Make something. Be something. 

You can find millions of other people actually achieved their goals and dreams. ONLINE. You have the phone, the internet, find them, learn from them. Make use to what you have to make you achieve yours. 

Doing something that you don’t want to do is not easy. You have to FORCE yourself to do it. But if you want to be what you wanted, force yourself to do it. I can’t say enough. 

My kids won’t stop playing games unless I force them to stop. I need to prep my kids to school and I force myself to get up at 4.30am every day. I hate ironing, but I force myself coz my kids need their uniforms. 

We can not function what we’re supposedly do if we don’t force ourselves. Control yourself in a way that you make yourself do what you need to do. Coz it’s easy to do what you like rather than what you need to. 

You like chocolate but you can’t have them coz you have to control your sugar. You like to go to the movies every weekend but you can’t coz you don’t have a budget for it. Self control is what grownups do. 

Stop screwing your life! Grow up!